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Can a Pendulum Predict the Future? [& Step-By-Step Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

As you might know, the pendulum is something very dear to me as my mom used it all the time, especially to find lost items! Today I want to dive into pendulums and discuss if it can predict the future.

Let’s dive in!

What is a pendulum?

The pendulum has always been an object surrounded by an aura of charm and mystery. Its use spans the centuries and the sciences so much so that illustrious personalities of the caliber of Galileo Galilei and Jean Foucault made it a fundamental tool to endorse their theories of physics.

The oscillatory movement of the pendulum has been exploited by people from all eras for numerous purposes, including the invention of a particular type of clock to techniques for inducing hypnosis, the scientific demonstration of the earth’s rotation, and divination.

In short, the pendulum is an ancient and truly versatile object that exercises, through the regularity of its motion, a particular seduction for the observer. The only requirement that a pendulum must have in order to be defined as such is to be made up of a wire and an object, of any shape and size, fixed to one of the two ends.

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How does it work?

As has been said, the use of the pendulum lends itself to be applied to the most diverse fields and sectors, from science to magic. Let’s now discover a field that is unexplored by many and is really interesting and curious, namely that of radiesthesia.

1Practice regular meditation or grounding techniques to enhance intuition.
2Clear your mind of distractions before starting a pendulum session.
3Ask clear, specific questions to receive accurate answers.
4Trust your intuition and initial instinct when interpreting responses.
5Keep a record of your pendulum readings to track accuracy and patterns.
Table 1: Tips for Accurate Pendulum Readings

Let’s start with the basics: what is it?

Radiesthesia is an ancient technique that makes the pendulum an instrument to get to know oneself deeply. Through it, one gets in touch with one’s own subconscious and new discoveries can be made about one’s life and about aspects of oneself that were unknown until then.

Radiesthesia was used in the past for the prediction of the future and for divination purposes, but it was also used to locate objects of various kinds in the ground. The idea behind this research was that the object to be found emitted collectible waves of resonance thanks to the use of the pendulum.

Radiesthesia is based on the idea that each object gives off energy and vibrations and that these can be perceived and sometimes influenced by particular and powerful objects such as the pendulum.

Choosing the right one

Regardless of the pendulum that is used, the effect will always be the same; however, in the esoteric field, it is believed that each object has its own particular energy and therefore influences man based on the material it is made of.

Therefore, choosing from a wide range of materials including wood, crystals, or stones is important if you use these objects knowing what kind of energy each material can bring to you and your life. For example, if you work with the pendulum mostly because of love, use rose quartz! And so on!

Can a pendulum predict the future?

Yes, but keep in mind that you have the power to change your future while working on your present. A pendulum, as with any other divination tool like tarot cards and scrying, is a tool that shows you what can happen if you don’t take action and change your current life. But you are still in charge, you still can make the future and create your own vision!

Besides asking questions to the pendulum to learn about the future or the present, there are other uses.

My favorite way of using it? To find something I lost.

With the pendulum in hand, concentrate on the object you are searching for and wait for the swing. Get in a corner, wait for the swing; when the two straight lines meet, it will tell you where the hidden object is located.

You can then find objects outside the home. The pendulum will indicate the direction with the linear movements, while the elliptical rotation will indicate the distance; the more turns it makes, the further away the object you are looking for is.

And here’s a guide

Strictly speaking on how to predict the future, all you need is a simple pendulum; the rest (candles, incense, tables, and dials) are additional tools, useful but not essential in daily practice, unless, of course, you are resorting to radiesthesia and to the pendulum at a professional level.

In this case, certain tools become indispensable.

The pendulum, taken individually, without the operator, cannot do anything. If you suspend it on an inanimate object it will remain still, but when an object, only as big as the head of a pin, comes into contact with the human hand, it becomes “alive” and capable of great things.

Basically, a pendulum in contact with the operator’s hand, holding the chain or the cord between the thumb and forefinger, can do one of these things:

  1. stay still,
  2. rotate or swing,
  3. turn clockwise,
  4. turn counterclockwise,
  5. under certain conditions, move according to an ellipse.

Everyone can use the pendulum, but not everyone will get the same results.

To see if you are brought to this discipline you can perform a simple test.

Stand up, face east, and relax. Place your left hand on the solar plexus, with your palm inward and your fingers closed.

Hold the pendulum suspended with your right hand, using the entire length of the chain so that it is in front of the center of the left hand and about 8 inches (20 centimeters) away: the pendulum will begin to turn clockwise.

Ask a question about the future, focusing on visualizing the thing you want to ask.

This is so important! In case you cannot focus, meditate on it, and then get back to the practice.

Each movement of the pendulum corresponds to an answer:

  • clockwise swing means YES
  • counterclockwise swing means NO
  • oscillation transversal to the body means NO
  • oscillation that moves away and approaches the body means YES
  • diagonal swing with respect to the body indicates UNCERTAIN

In case something bad shows up or you are not happy with the result, don’t freak out. Give it a second try when you are relaxed and more focused.

If the answers you get are not the ones you wanted to hear, don’t get frustrated but try to work on how to change that result!

The theory behind this process

This type of investigation comes out of the objective and positive perceptions of science and is mainly dedicated to diagnoses that transcend the exquisitely practical and material plane.

Mediumistic investigations and spirit communications are part of this branch. The esoteric uses tools and elements from religion and magic. In certain contexts, it has a strong physic connotation; that is, it is used in an oracular and divinatory way.

An oracle and divination are two different things.

The first is based on the revelation of a god or spirit by revealing its wills and messages. Divination, on the other hand, intends to reveal unknown things about the future or the present regardless of exquisitely religious or spiritual discourse.

Investigations concerning the use of rituals or magical procedures and the possible results are also part of esoteric radiesthesia.

The pendulum is an instrument capable of amplifying the vibrations emanating from everything around us.

Vibrations emanating from objects, for example, but also from disembodied entities such as our guide spirits. The applications of this practice are not only mediumistic: the main ones concern the medical field or the discovery of objects; and from this point of view, this practice, called radiesthesia (sensitivity to radiation), is currently accredited and being studied.

The mechanism of functioning, by which man can use this tool, has not yet been demonstrated, although there are several theories about it.

It is believed that the human-pendulum combination can amplify and decode the surrounding vibrations received by man through so-called ESP, or extrasensory perceptions, that each individual, to a greater or lesser extent, should possess.

It is common knowledge that the movement of the pendulum is induced by the human arm (in fact, if it is hung on an inert body it remains motionless); however, in use, the operator does not try to give it a movement but tries to maintain the maximum detachment, so that if we can talk about induction, it can only be unconscious induction.

It is not clear whether, in cases of communication with entities, the latter directly use the human arm, or if the movement of the human arm is induced at an unconscious level, that level in which, even in people less inclined to mediumship, they can establish contacts between entities and our soul.

This seems to be the most common thought, as it would be our subconscious that filters and lets in the desired information, by whatever or whoever it comes from.

In theory, everything would be possible: to learn the winning lottery numbers, to find telephone numbers and addresses (home and e-mail) of people we would like to reach for the most diverse reasons, and to learn about our future.

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However, it is good to know that the entities with which we come into contact in this practice, if they are good entities or guiding spirits (and we must always hope that this is the case), will want to verify the goodness of the reasons for each request.

Entities should never be contacted for information that could harm our neighbor or invade his or her private sphere against his or her will.

And remember: the results achieved in the use of the pendulum are proportional to the spiritual evolution achieved.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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