Quick Protection Spells for Empaths [Easy-to-Follow]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Today I want to dive into a topic very dear to my heart: protection spells for empaths. Being an empathetic person often creates a negative vortex and toxic emotions that are very hard to deal with.

So, I decided to help those of you who, like me, often struggle to deal with this important, precious part of themselves, a part that needs to be listened and protected because, believe it or not, empathy is a gift!


  • Protection spells for empaths can protect highly sensitive people from any negative attacks and energy-draining situations.
  • These spells will protect them from feeling overwhelmed and drained while instead making them feel comfortable with their emotions.

Empathy is a gift!

Empathy is an indispensable part of emotional intelligence, something very precious to connect with others and to tune into with our intuition. There is a lot of misconception about this topic, but it must be understood that healthy, useful, and constructive empathy arises from someone who is able to manage their emotions, who enjoys strong self-esteem, who knows how to set limits and who is also able to accompany others in an emotional and cognitive journey.

I really think you should cherish this ability and consider it as a gift as you have the chance to connect with others and with the entire universe in a unique, deeper way. The only thing is that you should protect yourself from is draining energy in order to keep negativity, toxicity, and pain away while still exploring this ability.

How can I protect myself?

Casting protection spells for empaths, of course! Thanks to magic, you still have the chance to live this part of yourself while keeping useless, toxic, draining energy away.

Casting a protection spell for empaths isn’t always hard but you should cast it with the right timing. It’s better to cast a similar spell when you really feel a sense of overwhelm and of heaviness when you feel you are not yourself anymore when you can sense darkness and suffering coming over and this prevents you from living your normal life; that’s the right time to cast a protection spell for empaths.

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My favorite protection spells for empaths

Mirror spell for empaths

This is an effective protection spell accessible to anyone.

This ritual serves to create an “alter ego”, a false projection of oneself in order to deceive and deflect negative energies, spirits, and forces that can damage you intentionally and unknowingly.

All you need is a mirror; the ideal would be a witch mirror or black mirror. You can do this by painting the bottom of a portrait holder black or by applying a black sheet or piece of cloth.

Black is used to absorbing energies. If a black mirror is not available or if it makes you uncomfortable, opt for a common mirror. A rounded mirror is preferable to take advantage of the protection and the shape of the circle.

black mirror
By: TheDarklady

Get black or dark cloth to cover and store the mirror.

Make sure to cast the spell on moonlit nights. First, start by immersing the mirror in a solution of water and salt for a few hours. If you have lunar water, all the better.

Separately, prepare a fluid with water and crystal; if you want you can add a protective herb of your choice, such as rosemary or lavender. If you have decided to also use an herb, then you will have to add alcohol to the potion, as a preservative.

Now, take the mirror out of the water with the reflective surface facing downwards and cover it immediately. It is important that the mirror does not capture reflections from people or animals. To dry and clean it, put your hand under the cloth that covers the mirror.

When you feel ready, darken the room or wait for night. In the dark, uncover the mirror so that you are the first to look upon it. Two candles can be lit as a light source, provided they are out of range, to avoid reflections.

As you observe your reflection, spread some of the potion (the one with the crystal) Look in the mirror in all serenity, smiling, and without negative thoughts. Let the mirror absorb your reflection for as long as necessary to evaporate the potion.


If you have time, you can repeat this step several times: the more you do it, the better.

When you are done, spread the cloth over the mirror again, while your image is present on it. Keep the mirror safe and make sure it is not exposed to other reflections.

Repeat this every night for at least seven nights, without washing the mirror with salt.

A sufficient psychic trace will remain in the mirror. Renew at each lunation, repeating the washing with salt in running water to charge the negative energies absorbed.

If the mirror breaks, it is a sign that it has diverted (absorbed) strong negative influences for too long until it cannot stand others. The negative energies or the occult forces have been deceived and lured towards the psychic trace, towards the reflection, remaining entangled in the magnetic force of the mirror.

Take advantage of this time of “confusion” to put magic protections in place. Get rid of the remains of the magic mirror.

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Quick and beginner-friendly spells for empaths in different situations

A spell to counteract a negative moment

Grease a green candle with olive oil then sprinkle it with powdered cinnamon and golden glitter.

Light it during the new moon or full moon and let it completely consume itself without blowing it out.

An energy spell to face the day

Take the Major Arcana card, pass it in the fumes of cinnamon incense, grease it with a drop of sandalwood oil, and carry it with you by wrapping it in a red cotton cloth.

A spell if feel exhausted

Fill a bowl with natural mineral water and add three drops of lemon oil and eight of the Centaury Bach flower.

Put the bowl in front of a golden or brown candle while you fill a bath, then pour the potion and immerse yourself.

Focus your attention on the golden strength of lemon and Bach flower mixing with your aura and strengthening it; visualize your will as if it were a seed that opens and strengthens its roots until it becomes a sprout.

Now focus the energies from the potion taking care of you. Repeat this Magic Rite until you feel strengthened and regenerated.

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A spell for protection when feeling drained

Place your photo in the center of three white candles and surround it all with white flowers.

Light the candles, accompanying them with incense in beans. Visualize the circle of light of the three candles as it purifies you and protects you from all negativity.

When the incense is used up, blow out the candles and leave the flowers in a meadow.

In the following days, light the candles again for a few minutes until they are completely consumed.

A full moon protection ritual when empathy gets overwhelming

On a new or full moon Saturday, stand in front of a mirror.

Light a large white candle dedicated to the Goddess and a rose for you, burn a sweet or aromatic incense (vanilla, rose, or vetiver), dissolve a pinch of salt in a not too large container of water, and add a drop of essential oil of rose or vetiver.

Dip your hands in the water and pass them along your aura starting from your head down to your feet while saying the following words:

“Oh Goddess, bless my body, my mind, and my soul.”

Put your hands on your chest, right on your left, and say:

“Cleanse my heart and make me strong and courageous. So it is and so it will be.”

Blow out the candles that you will use in the next rituals but let the incense burn.

If possible, throw the water onto open ground.

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I don’t want to cast a spell. Can you help me?

Sure! Remember that I can help you anytime with my spell casting service! I will professionally cast the spell for you to protect yourself and to help you get your balance and energy back again quickly and effectively!

Tina Caro

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