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Evil Eye

Evil Eye Tattoo: Should You Get One & Is it Protective?

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Written by: Tina Caro

A tattoo, in itself, seeks to convey a message from the wearer to the observer. However, those who choose to get a tattoo often do so to commemorate an event, a person, a feeling, or even to exorcise an evil or a situation that caused them suffering.

There are also those who get tattoos as good omens for their future, and it’s in this context that the so-called four-leaf clover tattoo and lucky tattoos, in general, fit.

In reality, as you can probably guess, the category of lucky tattoos is highly subjective and personal. Often, a ‘lucky charm’ is associated with a specific person or event, represented through the tattoo design.

Other times, there are ‘universal’ lucky symbols, recognized as such by the community, such as esoteric symbols.

Is Getting an Evil Eye Tattoo Acceptable?

Yes, getting an evil eye tattoo is okay if it holds personal meaning or significance to you.

Tattoo choices are a matter of personal expression.

Ensure you’re comfortable with its meaning and symbolism before getting it inked.

Here, you can find everything you need to know about the Evil Eye.


An evil eye tattoo is a form of personal expression, but it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as evil eye jewelry.

While the tattoo may be decorative and symbolize luck, it lacks the ability to neutralize negative energy or serve as an active protective shield like jewelry does.

Therefore, if you’re seeking strong protection against negative energy, jewelry is a more effective choice than a tattoo.

Does Getting an Evil Eye Tattoo Protect You?

Actually, no. The evil eye tattoo can be seen as a symbol of luck and merely decorative. It doesn’t possess the same protective properties as a piece of jewelry.

How Strong Is the Protection Compared to Jewelry?

The protection offered by an evil eye tattoo is almost non-existent compared to jewelry.

Why? Because evil eye jewelry can neutralize negative energy and serve as a protective shield, breaking itself when filled with negative energy.

A tattoo cannot do this, so while it can serve as a lucky protective symbol, it won’t offer the same level of protection as jewelry.

If you get an evil eye tattoo to counteract negative energy around you, it won’t be effective in doing so.

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Tattoo PlacementDescription
ForearmVisible and easy to showcase.
WristA smaller design that can be discreet or bold.
BackOffers a larger canvas for intricate designs.
NeckA bold and symbolic choice if you prefer a visible tattoo.
RibcageA more discreet option for a personal tattoo.
Table: Placement Options for Evil Eye Tattoos

How Can You Make It Work Like Jewelry? Is That Possible?

If you want your evil eye tattoo to function as a form of protection, you can try activation magick. However, keep in mind that it will never be as effective as wearing evil eye jewelry.

Activation magick can be used to infuse your tattoo with magical energy, turning it into a talisman.

Still, it won’t protect you from negative energy and evil eye attacks to the same extent as a piece of evil eye jewelry would. With that said, let’s explore how to activate your evil eye tattoo.

Methods of Activating a Talisman

There are several methods for activating a talisman. According to esoteric tradition, one commonly used method involves harnessing the energies of the four natural elements (earth, air, water, fire). Here’s the procedure:

  1. Conduct this esoteric ceremony with three white ritual candles and sandalwood incense.
  2. Light the candles and incense, purifying the ritual space with the incense’s smoke.
  3. Create a protective magic circle by visualizing a white light surrounding you.
  4. Facing the East, pass the talisman over the incense while saying, “O ancient gods of the air and all creatures of the elements, and you spirits of the East, I ask you to infuse this talisman with the mystical energy of the air and your divine light.”
  5. Turn to the South, pass the talisman over the fire, and say, “O ancient gods of fire and all creatures of the elements, and you spirits of the South, I ask you to charge this talisman with the energy of the sacred flame and your divine light.”
  6. Facing the West, pour water over the talisman, saying, “Ancient Gods of the water and all creatures of the elements, and you spirits of the West, I ask you to charge this talisman with the vital energy of the source of life and your divine light.”
  7. Finally, turn to the North, pass the talisman over salt, and say, “Ancient Gods of the earth and all creatures of the elements, and you spirits of the North, I ask you to infuse this talisman with the living energy and your divine light.”
  8. Hold the talisman above your head and say “So be it” three times.

Another method involves activating a talisman through the power of thought:

  1. Concentrate intensely on the intention you wish to achieve through the talisman’s energy.
  2. Impart and concentrate your strong magical will within the talisman.
  3. Light some sandalwood incense and a white candle, pass the talisman through the incense fumes, and store it in a white silk bag.

Magical Maintenance for This Tattoo

Consider using a prayer as a form of magical maintenance for this tattoo.

You can create your own prayer or rely on our custom prayer service to have one specifically crafted for you and your current situation.

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