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Evil Eye

Evil Eye Anklet: On Which Ankle Should You Wear It

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Written by: Tina Caro

The evil eye is such a powerful symbol for you to wear! You can wear this charm on a necklace, a bracelet, but also as an anklet.

Read this article to learn more about evil eye anklets and which leg you should wear your evil eye anklet on.


The choice of which ankle to wear an Evil Eye anklet is influenced by cultural beliefs, personal preferences, and symbolic meanings.

In some cultures, specific traditions dictate the placement of protective jewelry, and it’s important to respect these customs.

For others, the decision may be based on personal comfort and aesthetics, choosing the ankle that feels right to them.

Additionally, some individuals consider the symbolic meaning of the left ankle as associated with receiving energy and the right ankle as related to giving energy, aligning their choice with their desired energy flow or intention.

What is an evil eye anklet?

An evil eye anklet is a piece of jewelry you can wear to protect yourself from evil eye attacks.

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Cultural beliefs and ankle placement

Cultural BackgroundBelief or Tradition
TurkishEvil Eye anklet should be worn on the left ankle for protection.
GreekEvil Eye anklet should be worn on the right ankle for defense.
Middle EasternEvil Eye anklet can be worn on either ankle for warding off evil.

Should I wear an evil eye anklet on my left or right ankle?

If you want the evil eye to protect you from emotional wounds, sentimental attacks, breakups, and more negativity from someone who wants to hurt you, you should wear the evil eye anklet on your left ankle.

Ankle PlacementSymbolic Interpretation
Left AnkleRepresents receiving and attracting protective energies against the Evil Eye.
Right AnkleSymbolizes proactive defense and blocking negative energies from the Evil Eye.
Either AnkleSignifies balanced energy and protection from the Evil Eye from all directions.
Table 2: Symbolic Meanings of Ankle Placement

If, on the contrary, you would like to keep the evil eye away from all things practical and more material like your business, your financial situation, or your life in general, you should wear it on your right ankle.

Why an anklet?

The anklet is a very popular piece of jewelry among women from all different parts of the world. It is made with a great variety of materials, from gold and silver to less precious metals and it can be enriched with precious stones and worked into different styles.

The origin of the name, as it is easy to guess, comes from the area of ​​the body where oriental belly dancers have worn this ornament since ancient times: the ankle. The anklet seems to appear first in the Middle East, where the local dancers wore this jewel to produce beautiful sounds during their dances.

This was made possible thanks to the fact that the anklet was equipped with small bells and rattles that produced a pleasant tinkle with the movement of the dance. In antiquity, almost all pieces of jewelry served to affirm a specific cultural, religious or symbolic meaning. For example, the color of a jewel could represent belonging to a specific tribe or adherence to a particular social role.

Today, the anklet has spread among many women from thousands of different communities and is now used largely independently from the world of dance and cultural meanings.

The predominant function of modern anklets is to give an extra touch of sensuality and femininity to the women who wear them. The aesthetic value of this ornament has also spread among some men who wear very colorful and eye-catching anklets, especially during the summer season when one more often has bare feet and legs.

Over the years, the purely aesthetic function has been joined by that of status symbol: if a woman wears the anklet on the left she is sentimentally committed while wearing it on the right ankle indicates an open sexual behavior free from constraints.

Ankle PlacementPersonal Intuition and Preference
Left AnkleSome individuals may feel a stronger connection or intuition to wear the anklet on this side.
Right AnkleOthers may resonate more with wearing the anklet on the right ankle based on their instincts.
Either AnkleSome may prefer to switch the anklet between ankles or choose either side based on the day.
Table 3: Personal Intuition and Preference

The symbolism behind an evil eye anklet

Legend tells that the Turks tried to move a large rock from the shore, but without success. It could not be broken down by any dynamite to make it easier to shift, no matter how hard they tried.

When all hope of moving the rock seemed lost, they used an unexpected weapon, a man known by all for his ability to cast the evil eye (Nazar). He managed to shatter the ginormous boulder with the power of words, under the astonished gaze of all.

The eye of Allah is a powerful amulet that protects the wearer from the evil eye and for this reason it is often a feature of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, or even furniture.

Why is an eye the symbol we use?

The eye represents a window into a person’s thoughts and the true nature of man and the outside world.

Those who harbor negative thoughts and envy towards another person manifest it with looks full of malevolence. This is what we call the “evil eye”.

An eye-shaped amulet, like the eye of Allah, especially when blue, neutralizes this flow of negative energy and bad luck.

The amulet is used, above all to protect children from the envy of others since, according to legend, a woman lost her child due to constant compliments on the child’s appearance. Even if done in good faith, compliments can be full of envy (even unconsciously).

The blue color of the Evil Eye is chosen specifically to ward off bad luck: it adds an extra layer of protection against the gaze of others on top of the symbol of the eye.

To understand why, it is necessary to look at the populations of the Aegean Sea, where very few people have blue eyes. For this reason it was believed to be a characteristic that went hand in hand with bad luck.

What if my evil eye anklet breaks?

If your evil eye anklet breaks, don’t freak out! It simply means it worked! It broke because it channeled and absorbed all the negative energy that other people sent to you over time in order to protect you. When it breaks, it’s time for you to replace it with a new one.

Tina Caro

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