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Evil Eye

Crafting Your Own Evil Eye Bracelet: Is It Advisable?


Written by: Tina Caro

Do you admire the evil eye bracelet and wish to create your own? Let’s explore whether it’s a good idea and how you can do it.

The Turkish eye, often referred to as the “Nazar,” is considered one of the most potent sacred objects by spiritual experts.

This stone, shaped like a blue eye, appears to gaze at anyone who observes it. The Turkish eye possesses significant spiritual power, but it’s crucial to note that its effectiveness relies on consecration and activation through a mystical and powerful ritual.

The purpose of the Turkish eye is to repel negative intentions when someone looks at you with ill will, shielding you from bad vibes and negative energies that may surround you.

Is Crafting Your Own Evil Eye Bracelet Recommended?

Honestly, creating an evil eye bracelet by yourself may not be as effective as receiving one as a gift from someone who cares about you.

Additionally, crafting such an amulet can be challenging without introducing your own energies, which might interfere with its magical properties.

However, if you’re eager to give it a try, feel free to do so!

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Crafting your own evil eye bracelet may not be as effective as receiving one as a gift from someone who cares about you, as the latter carries a deeper symbolic meaning.

Additionally, crafting such an amulet can be challenging without introducing your own energies, which might interfere with its magical properties.

Evil eye bracelets come in various colors, each with different meanings, such as dark blue for protection, black for strength, and red for passion.

Here’s The Step by Step Process

To make your own evil eye bracelet, you should start by obtaining the evil eye “stone” from an authentic store.

Ideally, consider purchasing it from a Greek or Turkish store. If that’s not possible, you can buy it from a store you like and then activate it through a prayer and a ritual.

Choosing the Right Color for You

While the classic evil eye bracelet is typically seen in dark blue, it’s essential to know that the Turkish eye comes in various colors, each with different meanings.

Here are some colors and their associated meanings:

  • Dark Blue: Associated with the sea, tranquility, positive energies, good luck, and protection against the evil eye. This is the standard color of Turkish eyes.
  • Black: Grants power and strength in achieving your goals, instilling confidence and admiration from those around you.
  • Red: Symbolizes blood and love, bringing energy, power, and passion to your endeavors, particularly in matters of love.
  • Light blue: Reflects the tranquility of the sky, promoting healing, good health, and truth, while also protecting against ill intentions.
  • Green: Symbolizes personal growth and a spiritual connection with nature, bringing happiness to daily life.
  • White: Represents purity and converts negative energy into positive energy, symbolizing the goodness within our souls.

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Steps to Make Your Own Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye BeadsSmall glass beads with the Evil Eye symbol.
Spacer BeadsBeads used to separate Evil Eye beads.
Stretch CordElastic cord for stringing beads together.
ClaspsOptional for adjustable bracelets.
ScissorsFor cutting cord and excess material.
Glue (Optional)To secure knots or clasps.
Table: Materials Needed for Making an Evil Eye Bracelet
Step 1: Prepare MaterialsGather Evil Eye beads, spacer beads, stretch cord, and scissors.
Step 2: Measure CordMeasure and cut the stretch cord to the desired bracelet length.
Step 3: Add Clasp (Optional)Attach a clasp to one end of the cord if making an adjustable bracelet.
Step 4: String BeadsString Evil Eye beads and spacer beads onto the cord in your desired pattern.
Step 5: Secure KnotTie a secure knot at the ends of the cord, trimming excess material.
Step 6: Glue Knot (Optional)Apply a small amount of glue to the knot for added security.
Step 7: Let Dry (Optional)Allow any glue to dry completely before wearing the bracelet.

Activating Your Amulet

To ensure the Turkish eye works effectively, it must be activated through a ritual involving specific spiritual elements.

Here are the steps for activating the Turkish eye:

  1. Submerge the amulet in a plate filled with rainwater and add sea salt.
  2. Dry the amulet using a natural fiber object used for purification.
  3. Allow the amulet to absorb spiritual energy by leaving it outside on a full moon night.
  4. Place essential candles to dispel any negative energies absorbed by the Turkish eye.
  5. Your Turkish eye will now be activated and consecrated, ready to protect you from the evil eye and negative vibes.

Prayer to Activate Your DIY Bracelet

Hold the amulet in your left hand and recite the following prayer:

To you who live in the shelter of the Most High

You who dwell under the shadow of the omnipotent

I will say to the lord:

My hope and strength,

My lord whom I trusted,

You will free me from the hunter’s snare

Of the destructive plague.

With your wings you will discover me

And under your wings I’ll be safe

Shield and da ha is your truth.

I will not fear the night terror.

My arrow that flies by day,

Nor pestilence that walks in darkness,

Nor immortality that in the middle of the day destroys.

A thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand.

But it will not come to you.

Certainly with your eyes you will see.

No evil will befall me, nor plague will touch my abode.

For he will command his angels near me,

May they await me on all roads.

So that your foot does not trip on stone.

You will tread on the lion and serpent.

Because he has put his love in me, I also will love;

He will summon me, and I will answer.

I will deliver him and glorify him.

And I will show him my salvation.

So be it

How to Maintain It

Ensure you keep your amulet clean, and if you ever feel that its energy is off, you can recharge and cleanse it.

It’s normal for an evil eye amulet to accumulate negative energies, as this is part of its mission.

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