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Evil Eye Explained

What is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is when someone sends negative energies and vibes your way with a malevolent look. That negativity can have drastic effects on you, such as making you feel tired all the time or bringing you bad luck.

Where does the Evil Eye come from?

The evil eye originates from a place of negativity when energies and emotions like envy, jealousy, anger and hate take over a person’s mental state.

When looking at someone who generates these emotions in you, you share them, sending them in the form of negative energy that will latch onto your target, even if you don’t intend for this to happen.

How can I protect myself from the Evil Eye?

Staying positive is a must to protect yourself from evil eye. Wearing an evil eye necklace or bracelet can help as it channels and gathers all negativity into its core and works as a protective shield around you and your soul.

You can also use protection spells, protection prayers and other amulets like protection runes and sigils.

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Spells against Evil Eye:

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