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Evil Eye

Evil Eye Bracelet on Left or Right Wrist – How to Wear It?

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Written by: Tina Caro

Wearing an evil eye bracelet is an easy, stylish, and powerful way to keep bad energy away. Maybe you already know or don’t know how you wear it can make a huge difference! But does it have to be on the left, or is it the right wrist? Let’s find out!


The choice of wearing an Evil Eye bracelet on the left or right wrist is a matter of personal preference and cultural beliefs.

In many cultures, the left wrist is favored for its association with receiving energies and protection from external negativity.

Conversely, the right wrist is chosen by some, as it is linked to giving and actively warding off negative energies.

Ultimately, there are no strict rules, and individuals may choose the wrist that aligns with their personal beliefs and comfort.

What is an evil eye bracelet?

The eye that is usually depicted in the center of the hand of Fatima in many jewelry pieces is called the evil eye, or the eye of Mashallah, and is an amulet against the evil eye that serves to invoke the protection of God and to protect from disease.

In Morocco, people set up their own homes to ward off negativity. Nazar Boncuk in Turkish is a very traditional object in Turkey; it is a blue glass pearl used as a talisman to protect one from the evil eye.

my evil eye amulet on a table

Throughout the history of humanity, in every culture and in every religious faith, the figure of the eye is conceived as a talisman that drives away evil. Traditionally, Nazar pearls are made of blue glass, with white, yellow, and then blue circles again in the center.

However today, there are different types and colors of Nazar Boncuk that are also used for decorative reasons. Usually, pearls against the evil eye have the shape of a human eye, since according to tradition it is the window that opens to the world and the eye is considered to be the first starting point of good or bad thoughts.

It is for this reason that blue stones have been used to protect themselves from evil eyes, which, according to popular belief, have the power to absorb these negative looks. Imagine this in a bracelet and you would have a beautiful but yet powerful item to protect yourself from negativity.

Should I wear an evil eye bracelet on my left or right wrist?

You must wear it on the left wrist if you need protection over your emotional or personal life, like your relationships, your feelings, and similar aspect of your life. You must wear it on the right if you need protection over material things like work, career, money, and projects. Why? Because the left side of our body is the one linked to our emotions as it’s the side of our heart.

evil eye bracelet

The right side is related to the brain, the analytical part of ourselves, the side that is all about productivity, business, work, plans, etc. I firmly believe it is so important to follow this easy tip as it’s the best way to prevent the evil eye from messing with you and with certain areas of your life.

Symbolic MeaningLeft WristRight Wrist
Receiving EnergySymbolizes receiving energies or influencesSymbolizes giving or projecting energies
IntuitionAssociated with intuitive and receptive qualitiesAssociated with action and assertiveness
Personal ProtectionSome believe wearing on the left wrist provides personal protectionSome believe wearing on the right wrist offers external protection
Table 1: Symbolic Meanings of Left and Right

Some people think it doesn’t matter how you wear an evil eye bracelet, but I have to say I disagree! I experienced some things that made me realize wearing the bracelet the right way was essential for dealing with the evil eye!

Let me share some examples for you based on my personal experience:

As I told you before, I had this one friend that every time she asked me about my family, my husband and I, and similar stuff, things got weird; fights, arguments, stress, and negativity arose, so I really think she sent some very negative energy my way.

Being all focused on my personal emotional life, I started wearing an evil eye bracelet on my left wrist. Years ago, when I was instead of dealing with some financial struggles after my grandfather’s death, I started wearing an evil eye bracelet on my right wrist.

Why a bracelet?

A bracelet has strong symbolism and it comes from ancient eras. The symbolic meaning of the bracelet dates back to antiquity: the first forms of bracelets date back to the Bronze Age, made of various materials that constituted simple circles.

In ancient Egypt, ornaments for the arms were worn from 5000 BC. Their symbolic meaning was mainly religious and spiritual and made with stone, bones, or wood.

In ancient Rome (likely from Etruscan origins), bracelets called armillae were worn by soldiers on the left arm to signify military meaning and value. The patricians preferred the right hand over the right arm. The women wore reptile-shaped bracelets above the elbow.

An armill or armilla

In Hellenistic, Assyrian, and ancient Greece, bracelets featured an open circle decorated at the ends with a pair of animal heads (lion or goat).

From the Middle Ages to today

In medieval times, the values of Christianity replaced the use of the bracelet as an object to improve physical appearance with values such as humility, poverty, and decorum. During the Renaissance, the use of ornaments on the arms was favored by the return of sleeveless clothes, which the Middle Ages had eliminated from habit.


Wrist accessories are currently used in South America to protect against the evil eye; in some Indian regions, the number of bracelets worn correlates with the woman’s marital status.

Today, bracelets are worn by men and women mainly as clothing accessories but retain a deep symbolic meaning. So basically, a bracelet is a great tool to protect yourself from the evil eye for traditionally rooted beliefs and culture.

Turkish CultureEvil Eye bracelet is traditionally worn on the left wrist for protection against the Evil Eye
Greek CultureEvil Eye bracelet can be worn on either wrist, but some believe it is more common to wear it on the left wrist
Middle Eastern CultureEvil Eye bracelet is often worn on the right wrist for protection against the Evil Eye
Table 2: Cultural Beliefs and Traditions

Imagine wearing something as powerful as an evil eye bracelet on your wrist, basically created for this specific purpose!

The symbolism behind an evil eye bracelet

The fact that it represents a circle indicates an endless force, endless energy, and union. In this case, an evil eye bracelet would mean protection is at work, flowing with endless energy.

What if an evil eye bracelet breaks?

If your evil eye bracelet breaks, it means it worked just fine and you were right, negativity was sent your way, but because of its powers and magickal properties, the bracelet was able to manage them, gathering all the evil looks at the center of its eye and that’s the reason why it broke!

For the record, most of my evil eye jewelry pieces broke over the years!

Tina Caro

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