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Purple Butterfly: Symbolism & Significance in Esotericism

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Written by: Tina Caro

Since ancient times, the butterfly has always been a symbol of mutation and rebirth. So let’s learn more about purple butterfly symbolism and meaning!


The Purple Butterfly, a symbol deeply connected with esotericism, holds a rich history in various mystical traditions worldwide, signifying transformation and spiritual growth.

Exploring the symbolism of the Purple Butterfly unveils its representation of metamorphosis and rebirth, offering practitioners of witchcraft a potent symbol for personal transformation and renewal.

Purple Butterfly serves as a powerful guide, encouraging individuals to embrace change, embrace their true selves, and embark on a path of self-discovery.

When a Purple Butterfly lands on someone, it is seen as a mystical encounter, symbolizing a unique connection to the spiritual world and a call to harness one’s innate magical abilities for personal and collective growth.

How is Purple Butterfly Connected with Esotericism?

According to an ancient Greece myth, Psyche was the most beautiful girl among three king’s daughters; she was represented with butterfly wings. In the Greek language “psyche” has a double meaning, it means both soul and butterfly.

These wonderful and mysterious creatures do not live to feed and grow old but live to love and conceive.

According to popular belief, their colors have been associated with different interpretations and symbolism.

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Purple Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

Usually, this butterfly is difficult to find – compared to red butterflies or yellow butterflies. One of its basic meaning is that a rich, prosperous, healthy and enlightened person is on the way to your life.

TransformationThe purple butterfly represents transformation and metamorphosis. It serves as a reminder of the constant change and growth we experience in life.
Spiritual GrowthIt symbolizes spiritual growth and the evolution of the soul. The purple butterfly encourages individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace their higher spiritual potential.
CreativityThe purple butterfly is associated with artistic expression and creativity. It inspires individuals to tap into their creative energy and explore new forms of self-expression.
MysticismIt signifies the realms of mysticism and magical experiences. The purple butterfly is often seen as a symbol of the mystical and ethereal realms, connecting us to the unseen forces of the universe.
IntuitionThe purple butterfly is connected to heightened intuition and psychic abilities. It encourages individuals to trust their inner wisdom and follow their intuition in making decisions.
Table 1: Symbolism of the Purple Butterfly

Spiritual Meaning of Purple Butterflies

purple butterfly

Purple butterfly means “divine intervention.” When you face many problems, it seems like everything is lost and you can’t find the right path, seeing a purple butterfly will encourage you that there is always a light on the road that will show you its good side.


They are not as common as the others, so there are not many myths or legends regarding these beautiful butterflies. However, they still have rich meaning in the symbolism.

  1. Violet has always been the color of royalty and wealth. Seeing one can indicate that an important person may soon appear in your life.
  2. Additionally, violet is a color that is strongly connected with spirituality. Seeing one also has a deep personal meaning that can only be understood by those who see it.
  3. If someone sees a purple butterfly, they must look deep inside them to understand the meaning of that encounter. Often, seeing a purple butterfly can indicate that the person has dug into spiritual matters or is on the path to enlightenment.
  4. Another related meaning is that the person who sees the butterfly will soon reach awareness for a particular aspect of their life they want to reach.
  5. Paying close attention to all the dreams or visions that occur around the time when this butterfly is around can reveal powerful insights.
  6. When you see one, it can remind someone to be patient and keep their faith.
  7. It also encourages us to have courage and self-confidence. If a person is sad or sick, a purple butterfly may indicate that the healing will soon take place.
  8. If you feel “stuck” or lost on your journey, the sighting of a purple butterfly may mean that a sudden turn or transformation is about to occur.
  9. It is said that if you see a purple butterfly on a child’s cradle, this child’s mother went through a huge emotional pain.

Once again, these butterflies are very rare to find. It is no coincidence that meeting such a colorful one means that soon if it’s not already present, a particularly powerful or very rich person with enlightened mind will arrive on our path and will positively affect our destiny.

This positive change is often a result of a miraculous divine intervention to free us from a big problem that we have been carrying with us for some time.

Purple butterflies have always been mystically linked to our lives, but in addition to being a symbol, they are also a specimen that always reflects a lot of subtlety for what different cultures have admired them.

However, if we are looking deeper into their mystical significance, we can reveal that they are always associated with prosperity.

So if you can see one of them or even dream, it is because you are about to have some encounter with a person who will bring prosperity in your life.

As they are tightly associated with changes, thanks to certain divine intervention in our lives, you should be aware that coming across a purple butterfly is not by chance. On the contrary, this is predefined by the divine forces that converge in your favor, to place you on the right path to prosperity and abundance in your life.

The Great Mother has often been represented as a purple butterfly, a flying goddess, unreachable and changeable.

In some images of the Garden of Eden, the soul of Adam is symbolized by a butterfly, or drawn with butterfly wings. In portraits of the Virgin and her son, the presence of the butterflies symbolizes the souls of the dead, while in the agnostic representations the Angel of death is represented with a winged foot that jumps on a butterfly.

garden of eden
Garden of Eden

These lovely creatures teach us to transform our lives intelligently, creating a reality in which we feel comfortable, as well as offering us appropriate situations, to make our desires possible.

The process of coming up with a new idea to its realization can be represented through the butterfly’s transformation process.

Initially, the butterfly represents the birth of the idea. The larval stage refers to a phase in which it is necessary to decide whether the desire should be realized or not. The cocoon phase teaches us to look into our soul and tie this idea to our inner being. Finally, the butterfly’s birth is a new reality, the final stage of transformation in which we can share our joy with others.

The four stages of transformation take place consistently throughout our lives. The strength of the butterfly helps us to establish order in our lives, to give weight to the decisions, and to realize what we believe.

What if a purple butterfly appears in your dreams?

Dreaming about butterflies is generally interpreted with luck. It is an indication that something positive is about to happen or that there will be some positive change.

This idea of ​​change is very significant in these dreams; it’s showing precisely the transformation from worm to butterfly. It is showing the evolution for the better – the appearance of beautiful wings full of color that give freedom to these beautiful creatures.

When dreaming of a purple butterfly it means some divine powers are watching over us. If these rare species are identified in our dreams, a powerful omen has come into our lives.

It also implies divine intervention. When life gets too hard or you face a very important issue – including health issues – identifying this butterfly can be a harbinger of releasing your burden.

Despite the pleasant meanings of joy and peace, butterflies do not always appear as bearers of good news. Pay attention to some specific meanings in different contexts.

What if a purple butterfly lands on you? What does it mean?

When we find ourselves inside our resting place and a purple butterfly visits us, the path to harmony and tranquility will be opened inside our home. It also involves a divine intervention that will help us eliminate a heavy burden.

Nothing happens by mere coincidence. Whenever a purple butterfly approaches us, we must know that this is loaded with a very high level of spirituality. They, according to beliefs, bode well when they visit us.

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