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Evil Eye

Using the Black Evil Eye to Your Advantage: Here’s How

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Written by: Tina Caro

There are a variety of colors of the Turkish eye. Blue symbolizes the truth, being used for the evil eye. Red is another common color for this symbol because it represents the force of love, being the eye of passion and desire. But what does the black evil eye mean?

With this article, we will learn more about this amulet, how to use it, why it is so powerful, and how it can protect us.


The Black Evil Eye holds a unique and powerful symbolism related to protection and warding off negative energies.

It signifies a strong barrier against envy, ill intentions, and negative forces.

Black’s mystical and magical associations contribute to the amulet’s perceived potency, making it a symbol of esoteric protection.

Additionally, the Black Evil Eye is believed to absorb and dissipate negativity, serving as a shield against harm directed towards the wearer.

The black evil eye meaning

The black evil eye is a powerful amulet that can give you the virtue of power and strength over everything you set your mind to. It fills you with glory and confidence so everyone around you admires your self-assurance. Thus, it represents power, being characterized by possessing the force of seriousness. Like any other, the black Turkish eye is used to protect against bad luck. In addition, it is used to combat the evil eye, bad mood, bad temper, or other energies malicious people produce.

The black evil eye is also known as Nazar to protect against envy and the evil eye. The colorless nature of the amulet is associated with the abyss and darkness.

In this sense, the amulet represents the force of power. Its black color makes it powerful, being used to repel negative thoughts and bad energies. However, people often use it to fight sadness and melancholy.

How to wear it?

It can be used as a striking talisman. Use the left hand to protect against the evil eye, as this is where the heart is located. Thus, it will help the negative forces of the person causing harm to be quickly distracted.

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Where do I place it?

The use of an amulet will depend on what you want to protect. Many hang it in the entrances of houses to divert bad energies; others in their businesses to take care of the economy; as earrings or pendants to divert negative glances or where they feel it is necessary.

Some more information about the black evil eye

These are some important things you should know before using the black evil eye as an amulet or talisman:

  • It is usually made by hand in the shape of a water droplet.
  • The evil eye is often made up of many circles to catch the gaze of others.
  • An amulet conveys seriousness, symbolizing inner power and strength.
  • To protect the house from bad energies from malicious people, it is recommended to hang it on the front door. Thus, the gazes of malicious people are diverted towards it.
  • Turkish black eye (or any other eye color) can be used for whatever you want. You must bless it before use though, or it will have no power.
  • Another of the main characteristics of the evil eye is the symbolism of the eye itself. The eye is used as it is the best way to catch the eye and divert the gaze of people with malicious intent.
  • In esotericism, it is used to eliminate negative energies. Like negativity, sadness and heaviness are also eliminated by the black evil eye.

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Where to get one?

You can get one online but you should ensure the item has been handmade in Greece or Turkey so you know it was made with the right intentions. If you can, buy it when on a trip to these places so you can let your intuition guide your choice of an amulet. Otherwise, you can find a local shop selling original amulets.

Other colors

  • Dark blue: this color is associated with the sea, tranquility, positive energies, good luck, and protection for people against the evil eye. It is the standard color for Turkish eyes.
  • Red: red evil eye represents blood and love, allows you to surround yourself with a lot of energy, power, helps in love, and makes you put passion into everything you propose to accomplish.
  • Light blue: light blue evil eye represents the tranquility of heaven and gives you healing and a lot of health in your life, it also tells us about the truth and protects from all bad intentions.
  • Green: one of the most important colors, since it symbolizes personal growth and spiritual connection with nature and gives us happiness in our day-to-day life.
  • White: this color gives us neatness, represents the external light that is everywhere, has the great virtue of converting negative energy into positive energy and symbolizes the goodness of our souls.

How will it help me?

It protects its wearers from negative energies that could make us feel like we are not strong enough to get what we want in life. If someone makes us feel like we are less than our actual worth and unable to stay focused and accomplish what we want, the black evil eye can help us out.

How to activate it?

This is a very common question from people buying their first evil eye amulets. According to spiritual experts, it is one of the most powerful sacred objects of all time. Its activation is a careful process because of the power that it holds.

It should be noted that this stone serves only when it is consecrated and activated, this requires a mystical and powerful ritual.

For it to work, it must be activated, and a ritual must be done with certain spiritual elements. Here are the steps for activating your evil eye:

  1. First, submerge the amulet in a dish with rainwater and then add sea salt.
  2. Then dry the amulet with a special cloth or object that is made of natural fibers that are used for purification.
  3. It has to be overloaded with spiritual energy. This is achieved by leaving it outside on the night of a full moon.
  4. Place essential candles around your evil eye to repel the negative energies that the evil eye absorbed during its long energy exposure.
  5. Now it is consecrated and activated for use.

What if it breaks?

It means that your self-confidence and your inner energy suffered the attack of the evil eye and rejected it, disintegrating. Therefore, it has done its job and needs replacing with another evil eye.

We use our talismans and amulets to attract good luck, protect ourselves from negative energies, or for a specific purpose. If an amulet breaks, it is a sign that our object has “stopped” or absorbed evil or negative energy that was destined for us.

The amulet was created to eradicate negative energies, envy, and the evil eye. Many worldwide feel great devotion to talismans and sacred amulets regarding eliminating diseases. The main objective of this amulet is to avoid, eliminate and cure the evil eye in our lives.

It should be noted that the old belief indicates that people who wish ill of another transmit their curses through the eyes since the eyes are the portal to the soul. Amulets, rituals, and prayers were invented to avoid and cure the evil eye.

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How to invoke the power of the black evil eye?

Next, I will teach you some techniques invoke the Turkish eye’s spiritual power.

  • The Full Moon Prayer: Once it is acquired, it has to be consecrated for its power to be activated. Mainly, a full moon prayer must be said, outdoors, under the full moon’s light. The speaker has to kneel with the amulet on a white plate. It can be any prayer you want, so long as you speak it with good faith and concentration.
  • Preparation for spiritual rituals: Once the evil eye is consecrated, you can perform spiritual rituals with it. You may wish to prepare the amulet for such rituals. To do this, you must have red candles, a porcelain plate, an amulet of the color you prefer, and 5 sticks of incense to increase the good vibes. Place the amulet on a plate and light the candles.
  • Initiation of spiritual rituals: After grouping the materials, the lighted candles should be placed around the black evil eye. You must do this ritual in a dark place so the candlelight is prominent. Then fill the plate with rainwater and submerge the amulet in it. Then you have to light the incense and start meditating until you feel the external energy.
  • The long rest: Finally, when the energy of the talisman has been witnessed, the amulet must rest. Put out the candles and let the incense burn out. The porcelain plate should be left outside in the moonlight with the talisman still on it. This rest period should last all night, until 8 a.m. the next day. Finally, the amulet is ready to protect you.

The energy of a black evil eye works well with prayers for protection and self-confidence. I have some prayers on my website that you can use or create one on your own, which would be even better!

How important is it to have one?

It is important to mention that there are many evil people in life, but the worst are the carriers of the evil eye. Honestly, it is very important to have the amulet because it helps to avoid the evil eye and increases your energy. Honestly, it has many advantages that help us in our daily lives.

In conclusion, it is always important to be protected from any evil entity to avoid problems that could threaten our livelihood. Regardless of your chosen method, applying one of these protectors is always important, since the curse of the evil eye is very lethal.

Tina Caro

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