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Evil Eye

The Power of the Red Evil Eye: Understanding Its Meaning

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Written by: Tina Caro

We all know the evil eye as the blue, black, and white symbol we find in jewelry, souvenirs, and also on clothes and so on.

But did you know that there is a red evil eye, too? Today, I want to explain a bit of what it means, why it is red, and I will share with you the difference between the red evil eye and the blue one.


The Red Evil Eye is a symbol associated with strong symbolism and meaning.

It serves as a warning sign, cautioning against negative energies and evil intentions, and is believed to provide robust protection.

The color red, representing strength and intensity, adds to its potency in guarding against envy and harm.

Furthermore, the Red Evil Eye embodies a passionate vigilance in shielding against negativity, making it a symbol of both protection and determination.

Its interpretation may vary based on individual beliefs and cultural influences.

What is the red evil eye?

The red evil eye means protection over some specific areas of your life. It’s your amulet against negativity, heavy energy generated from feelings like envy, anger, and such.

A red evil eye is red as it has the energy of this color with it. Just like when we use a red candle for love, a green candle for abundance, and so on, that’s basically the same concept. The color red is there to offer protection over your love life and your affections.

The evil eye in general

As the word itself says, it is simply a look.

Popular beliefs tell of a particular look full of malevolence that strikes the unfortunate, causing a series of unpleasant effects.

And the oldest popular beliefs always tell us that envy usually generates this particular malevolent look.

It must be admitted that the evil eye is not always a voluntary phenomenon. Sometimes the person who casts the evil eye does it completely unconsciously and without realizing it.

The evil eye, this ancient form of superstition, devoid of any scientific validity and of any objective confirmation, is found in many past but also current cultures, always stubbornly surviving the developments of progress.

In all cases, protection never hurts, whether you believe it or not. A nice talisman to always wear is what you need, even as simple psychological support in times of difficulty.

Surely the most famous talisman is called the evil eye, a simple eye decorated in many ways, to be worn as if it were a precious jewel.


In some populations, it is so deeply rooted as a talisman that it can be placed everywhere, in the car, in the house, and even on newborn children. The most classic shape is a round one and can be in many different colors.

evil eye amulets on a tree

Blue evil eye vs red evil eye

The difference between the red evil eye and the blue one is all about the fact that even if they look the same but with different colors, they have different goals: the blue evil eye is a general protection amulet to help you gather negativity in it as a protective shield. The red one is a love protection amulet that still will help you gather negativity as a protection shield but it is especially focused on diverting negative energy from your love life and the people close and dear to your heart.

evil eye bracelet
My protection bracelets.

When and how to use a red evil eye?

You can use a red evil eye by wearing it as a necklace or simply carrying it in your pocket when you feel like your love life is in danger because of some negative people around you and your partner, or if you think that someone is sending you the evil eye and negative vibes and this person won’t make you have the love life you want because of the bad luck he/she is attracting to you.


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Tina Caro

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