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Animal Symbolism

Spiritual Symbolism of a Cat (How to Embody it)

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Written by: Tina Caro

A cat is a magical and mysterious creature who is both independent and affectionate. A cat is one of our closest companions, a friend and ‘pet’ who has been welcomed into our homes.

Cats were also highly respected by ancient Egyptians for their psychic and astral powers. In addition to the main qualities, it also has a unique spiritual significance.


The spiritual symbolism of a cat varies across different cultures and belief systems. In ancient Egyptian culture, cats were highly revered and associated with protection, fertility, and the goddess Bastet.

In Celtic folklore, cats were seen as mystical and were believed to have the ability to see spirits and navigate between the physical and spiritual worlds. In some cultures, black cats are associated with superstitions and both positive and negative omens.

Overall, the spiritual symbolism of a cat can include attributes like independence, mystery, intuition, and a connection to the spiritual realm, but it varies widely depending on cultural and individual interpretations.

The spiritual symbolism of a Cat

A cat spirit animal teaches you to trust your instincts and your senses. Step into personal power so you can see through illusions, and past the manipulations or false intentions of others. It symbolizes intellect, powerful intuition, sharp instincts, extrasensory perception, and the capacity for astral travel and projection. You can connect to other worlds and unseen, invisible, and spiritual dimensions with a cat spirit animal!

You can find spiritual and special gifts in the unknown. The invisible realms of spirit are where both light and dark exist, the duality of life and self. It thrives in lightness and darkness, in both the daylight and nighttime hours, within a social setting, and in solitude. You’re being guided to connect to your own power source, amp up your intuition, and be more sensual and self-loving. Self-care and self-protection are linked to a cat.

Self-discovery comes about through a completely relaxed state of self. Being at one and at peace with yourself is the route to satisfaction. Find comfort in the dark and in your shadow self; this is the true source of your gifts and powers, the key to enlightenment.

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Cat Breeds and Associated Symbolism

Cat BreedSymbolism and Meanings
SiameseMysticism, intuition, psychic abilities
Maine CoonWisdom, protection, connection to nature
BengalIndependence, adventure, wild spirit
PersianElegance, beauty, gracefulness
SphynxCuriosity, mystery, self-reflection
Scottish FoldAdaptability, resilience, flexibility
Egyptian MauDivine connection, sacredness, spiritual significance
RagdollSerenity, peace, emotional healing

Self-Protection, Positive Magic, and Psychic Powers

It as a spirit animal represents magic and psychic powers. This animal is extremely clairvoyant, intuitive, and sensual. A cat draws its powers from its sensuality, from being connected to the astral and spiritual planes. This animal is sensitive, instinctive, and powerful with highly fine-tuned extrasensory perception.

Mystery surrounds cats… They possess a rare type of elegance combined with playfulness. Self-protection is a strength. The astral cords are strong- cats are very evolved creatures! They have an ability to sense things beyond the 5 physical senses, their instincts are well developed and they radiate self-love.

If this is your spirit animal you’re attractive, charming, and quite secretive. Secrecy is a quality associated with the feminine astral realms, so this trait actually aids in your connection to the supernatural. Magic and manifestation powers increase when you connect with your higher self, astral body, and spiritual source of power. Charm and intrigue surround a cat.

Affectionate, Yet Independent

A cat is both affectionate and independent. They love to play and show their affection to those they love, but they also remain independent. They are comfortable in their own skin and enjoy roaming free at night. Intelligence and extrasensory gifts and abilities are drawn from this space of independence, personal power, and self-authority.

Cats love their freedom. Living a stress-free, liberated and easy life is a priority with a cat- they love roaming free. It is self-sufficient too, they rely on themselves and have mature energy that knows how to take care of themselves. They love their own company!

Cats are very physical, meaning they can take affection to a whole other level. Due to being so individualistic, being independent or affectionate, all depends on the individual cat. They have unique personalities just like humans, and they further are able to show sincere and deep displays of emotion. Cats are the prime example of a balanced being who is both social, warm and open and non-attached.

Flexible, Curious and Perceptive

Flexibility, adaptability and curiosity all lead to magic. And, to acute perception and intelligence. A cat has a bright mind, is wise, cunning, and quick-witted. As a spirit animal, it asks you to be more agile and adaptable in your thinking and mindset. Don’t be afraid to make changes, as this animal is also fearless and open-minded. Courage, confidence, and bravery define it.

They’re risk-takers, craving excitement, and movement. Their flexibility allows them to travel freely around local neighborhoods. Explore and push boundaries, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual ones.

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Intelligent and highly perceptive, it is skilled in observation and quite likes silence. They can observe, perceive, and tune into a range of senses then bask in the ambiance and bliss. They can pick up on signals and subtle vibrations. Adaptability provides a foundation for subtle perception, extrasensory gifts, and navigation of the darkness and shadow realms

Cat Colors and Symbolic Associations

Cat ColorSymbolic Associations
BlackMystery, magic, protection, intuition
WhitePurity, innocence, spiritual enlightenment
OrangeEnergy, vitality, creativity
GrayWisdom, balance, neutrality
CalicoLuck, abundance, balance of energies
TortoiseshellIndependence, protection, feminine power
TabbyConnection to the natural world, adaptability

‘Shadow signs’- things to be mindful of

You need to be mindful of excessive or extreme independence with a cat. It can be quite stubborn and too quick to make assumptions, or conclude. There can be a lack of empathy and consideration for others’ feelings when they are so independent. This animal tends to distance itself from situations, people, and experiences; curiosity can get the better of them, while they may use their intelligence to control, dominate, or manipulate others. Aloofness is another shadow trait.


Try not to detach too much from people and relationships. In your desire for freedom, self-autonomy, or independence, you may burn bridges, but significant cords, or turn cold and calculated. Becoming a bully or tyrant is an extreme aspect of its shadow. Generally speaking, your goal is to balance boundaries and healthy independence and attachment, close bonds, and emotional (and spiritual) connections.

Cat Behaviors and their Spiritual Meanings

Cat BehaviorSpiritual Meaning
PurringHealing, comfort, contentment
StalkingIntuition, stealth, observation
NappingRelaxation, rejuvenation, connecting with higher realms
PlayfulnessJoy, spontaneity, embracing the present moment
GroomingSelf-care, purification, removing negative energy
CuriosityExploration, seeking knowledge, expanding awareness
Nighttime ActivityConnection to the moon, mystery, heightened senses
AffectionateLove, companionship, emotional support

How to embody a Cat Spirit?

Connecting to its spirit within is mainly achieved through connecting with your sensuality. Cats are mysterious, playful, affectionate, and active- so seek to embody these things! You will often witness them staring into apparent emptiness, into the ether and spaces that surround them. People with an active third eye and switched on intuition always seem to sense, instinctively (like a cat), that they are seeing something humans can’t.

In addition to moving your body, getting in tune with your senses, and activating physical touch through sensual self-expression, you should practice psychic development exercises. Work with crystals and engage in daily meditation and mantras. Mantras work like affirmations.

When you recite a mantra, you affirm or declare something to the universe; your thoughts and intentions are powerful, as they sound out subtle vibrations for the world to pick up on. Like with sound therapy, all sorts of sound healing really, mantras assist in raising your vibration and actively changing consciousness.

Make a morning and/or evening self-care plan. Include these mantras and make up your own, get creative!

  • ‘I am sensual, open-minded, and curious. Life brings me many blessings.’
  • ‘I thrive in independence, yet I embrace loving connections.’
  • ‘Adaptability is a gift that allows me to navigate life’s waters with ease.’
  • ‘I commit to self-love and open my heart to the beauty of the universe.’
  • ‘Intellect serves me well- combining it with my intuition helps me shine.’
  • ‘I crave freedom without becoming a rebel! I know I can return home at any time.’
  • ‘Warmth, grace, and loving thoughts flow through me… relationships serve a higher purpose in my life.’
  • ‘My light is my guide, however, I equally find comfort in the darkness.’
  • ‘I seek to raise my vibration and stay connected to the astral planes.’
  • ‘My instincts are my gift, I always listen to my inner voice.’
  • ‘Home is within, yet there are no limits to where I can wander. The outside world is my playground!’

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Dance, gentle martial arts such as tai chi, qigong, and aikido, yoga, and movement that brings you joy whilst putting you in touch with your body: these are all ideal ways to help you feel comfortable in your own skin. They also raise your vibration, increase personal confidence, help you ooze sensuality and positive sexuality, and bring feelings of contentment. Stimulating energy pathways in such a way can also open doorways to psychic and intuitive gifts.

Receiving or even learning reflexology is another one. Did you know there are 72,000 nerve endings in each foot?! Each nerve or reflex point corresponds with an associated body part. Your entire body can essentially be mapped onto your feet. Stimulating the reflex points in your feet, either yourself or from a professional Reflexologist speeds up healing and allows energy to flow through the meridians of your body. Sensual, psychic, instinctive, spiritual, and subtle energies flow more freely and powerfully when this happens.

And, take regular walks in the moonlight or at night. Walking in darkness when the moon is bright and stars are out amplifying your connection to the universe, and to the astral and shadow realms. Finding peace with your shadow self, your inner follies, and darker or negatively perceived traits, and the collective shadow can be achieved this way. Take time to reflect in nature, in darkness, when the weather permits. We get so used to the daylight hours we often forget there is immense magic and power in the darkness…

Finally, a fast and “so effortless it must be cheating way” to embody the majestic cat spirit is to take a nap! Cats detest stress, they are bliss-seeking creatures who crave total and utter relaxation. If or when you feel yourself getting stressed, go to sleep. Enter into a long and deep peaceful sleep, allow your mind and spirit to rest and merge with the Great Spirit. Simply be.

Paying attention to signs & messages from the Universe

Be mindful of how cats make you feel. Do you still feel anxious or superstitious when you see a black cat? If so, this is your higher self telling you that you need to make peace with your shadow side, because black cats aren’t bad luck. Positive magic is associated with darkness, the shadow personality is a source of light, wisdom, and creation.

Illusions and distortions of truth stem from society. Ignorance is all around us, but one thing a cat spirit isn’t. Remember how intelligent and perceptive, in addition to instinctive, they are.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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