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Most Powerful Wiccan Love Symbols [And How To Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Wiccan love symbols are amazing ancient symbols that attract love into your life and can be used as a spells and rituals tool.

I want to share with you the most powerul symbols are and how they work. Let’s begin!


Wiccan love symbols are ancient and potent tools that tap into the energies of love, attraction, and connection, with roots in the Wiccan tradition.

These symbols work by channeling the intentions and energies of the practitioner, amplifying the power of their spells and rituals, enhancing love and relationships.

The three most powerful Wiccan love symbols are the Triskele, representing the eternal cycles of love, the Goddess symbolizing divine feminine energy, and the Pentacle with its variations, offering protection and attraction.

Beyond these three, numerous other Wiccan love symbols exist, each carrying its unique meanings and properties, such as the heart symbol and the love knot.

What are Wiccan love symbols?

Wiccan and Pagan symbols are useful for providing a graphic representation for protection, energy, power, divinity, seasons, physical objects, and human frailties and strengths. These Wiccan symbols and other Pagan signs are used in ceremonies, for spells, or in some writings.

How do they work?

A Wiccan love symbol works only if the observer activates its emotional structure. The sun is the sun in every moment of the day, but at the very moment when an individual places his attention on it, he is overwhelmed by an emotion that transforms it into a symbol capable of transforming a certain reality into an emotional reality. If you see it from a brand-new perspective, with an open heart and an open mind you will definitely be able to use its energy and attract what you want in your life.

What can I do with them?

You can use them the same way you use sigils as a way to state to the universe what you want. So, it can be a tool you can use during spell casting and rituals and wear to attract that kind of energy and let the universe send that flow of loving energy your way.

3 most powerful Wiccan love symbols


A triskele (triple spiral) pattern on orthostat C10 in the end recess at Newgrange passage tomb in Ireland.

Also called triskelion or triskellion (from the Greek for “three legs”) it is the best-known Celtic symbol. It embodies the power of the number Three.

If, starting from the center of the symbol, the three spirals that form it wind around themselves from right to left, it represents the swirling of energies from the inside out, the manifestation; if instead, they develop from left to right, it symbolizes descending into the underworld (from the Latin in-fero, meaning “what is carried within”).

It has several meanings and represents:

  1. The Triple Manifestation of the One God: Strength, Wisdom, and Love, and therefore the three classes of Celtic society which embodied these energies: Warriors, Druids, and Producers.
  2. The Three Circles of manifestation or existence: Ceugant, the World of the Absolute; Gwynwydd, the Spiritual World of the Hereafter and Abred, the Human or Test World.
  3. Within Abred, the symbol of the three aspects of the material world: Earth (wild boar), Water (Salmon), and Sky (Dragon), which with their movement all come together in the fourth element, Fire, symbolized by the circle enclosing the triskele.
  4. The Past, the Present, and the Future actually gathered at the center in a single Great and Eternal Cycle called Continuous Infinite Present, in which everything exists simultaneously. It is thus possible to understand how, during the Samhain feast of November 1st, the Celts could meet their deceased ancestors, but also their unborn descendants.
  5. The three solar phases in manifestation: sunrise, noon, and sunset.
  6. In man, his triple manifestation as a body, emotions, feelings/thoughts, and spirit, but also Action, Sentiment, and Thought and the three ages: childhood, maturity, and old age.
  7. The Goddess in her triple aspect of Virgin, Mother, and Old or Daughter, Mother, and Sister.
  8. The triple specialization of the goddess Brigit as custodian and dispenser of the Sacred Fire, as protector of poets, blacksmiths, and healers.
  9. The symbol of the female trinity of the Morrigan-Macha-Boadb battle and the male Ogma-Lugh-Dagda battle.
  10. The sign on which Patrick will explain the concept of the Christian Trinity (actually an idea of Celtic Christianity) to the Irish, however transforming the triskele into a clover.

Being a sign of eternal forces, of the mother and all her representations, and an icon of all the elements in one, it is one of the most powerful Wiccan love symbols.

The Goddess

It’s a source of fertility and wisdom. Depicted as Maiden (crescent moon), Mother (full moon), and Old woman (waning moon).

Since it is nature, the whole nature, in her there is both the Temptress and the Old Woman, the cradle and the grave.

It gives fertility, love, and abundance even if it has its dark side at the same time. It is the moon and the silent sea, embodiment of fertility and love.


The symbols to honor it are; the cauldron, the cup, the labrys, five-petal flowers, the mirror, necklaces, shells, pearls, silver, emeralds, etc…

It is also called Goddess Trina (linked to the phases of the moon); it is very closely linked to the new moon and freshness (in the appearance of a girl); the full moon, motherhood, and childbirth (as the mother); and to the waning moon with wisdom, a prophetic spirit, magic, destruction, and punishment.

The Goddess possesses an obscure role which is evident from nature itself.

During the practices, we must see the Goddess as something that brings us spiritual relief, hope, and love.

Pentacle (and its variations)

In traditional magic, the pentacle conveys power, happiness, and love. It symbolizes that energy capable of dominating elementary powers and attractions.

In esotericism, it represents a star that possesses secret forces that can be used to achieve one’s goals and fulfill wishes.

In occultism and in Freemasonry, it is considered the most powerful method for evoking spirits; it is used in ritual magic and sometimes even in divination.

The star positioned with the tip pointing upwards is considered as the sign of good and an instrument to evoke benevolent spirits.

Tradition has it that for Satanists, the star has the tip down and two more at the top; thus, it would become the symbol of evil, of Satan, and would be used to evoke evil powers. But in reality, those who turn their lives towards negativity need neither pentacles nor Satan; it would be enough to look around and be satisfied in the search!

There are various types of pentacles, more or less elaborate. Some are to be used exclusively for ceremonies, others to be put on the altar, or to be worn.

We witches have the custom of wearing it around the neck as protection and as a symbol; it is mainly made of silver (metal linked to the moon and therefore sacred to the Goddess).

I have more than one scattered around the house, and even in the car, hanging on the mirror. The uses are many, for protection, invocation, and consecration. Positioned on the altar, it concentrates the energies of the five elements inside, allowing you to load the objects that are placed on it.

During ceremonies, the priestess traces it in the air with incense, Athame, or even with a wand. This is used for the invocation of the elements; in fact, in the Wicca tradition, in interacting with the elements, one is represented by each tip.

The traditional position of the elements on the Pentacle is as follows:

1) The pentacle, and the circle that encloses it, are two symbols of infinity, as they do not have a starting and ending point; for this reason, they represent the flow of cosmic energy.
But you need to know something about the pentacle, whether you use it as a symbol worn on the neck as a sign of devotion of your faith, or as an instrument on the altar, it is the position in which you put it that makes the difference.

2) If you place it with the tip upwards (spirit) it represents the spirit that controls the matter. If you place it upside down, with the two points upwards (earth and fire), it represents the material that dominates the spirit.

3) If you use it upside down, the Pentacle is NOT a satanic symbol and therefore does not attract negative energies. Overturned it has different energies, suitable for different and more materialistic purposes. I never use the inverted pentacle and not because I think it is diabolical, but because I prefer to have ‘self’ control over the elements and all that is in my path.

4) In rituals, it is traced at the beginning of the ceremony by addressing the four cardinal points (north, east, west, and south) with an incense stick, with your fingers, or with the Athame to “open the portals” from which the guardians of the elements will come into our circle for protection during the celebration. Remember that when you have finished the ceremony, repeat it to thank them and close the portals.

When you find a heart with a pentacle inside, it’s all about gathering all the elements and the energy towards love. But if the upright pentacle is all about emotions and feelings, the upside-down pentacle is more about the material world, like physical attraction, obsession, sex, and so on.

So, if you want to use the pentacle as a Wiccan love symbol you should definitely choose which part of your love life that needs some magickal help, focus on this part of your love life, and cast a spell/perform a ritual with using pentacle.

Other Wiccan Love Symbols and Their Meanings

Triple Goddess SymbolThe Triple Goddess symbol represents the three aspects of the divine feminine: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. It symbolizes love, fertility, and the cycle of life.
Heart SymbolThe heart symbol is universally recognized as a representation of love and affection. In Wiccan practice, it embodies love, compassion, emotional connection, and romantic relationships.
Rose SymbolRoses have long been associated with love and passion. In Wiccan symbolism, roses represent love, desire, beauty, and divine feminine energy.
Dove SymbolDoves are symbols of peace, harmony, and love. In Wiccan traditions, doves represent love, devotion, and the presence of the divine in relationships.
Love Knot SymbolLove knots are intricate, interwoven patterns that symbolize eternal love, unity, and the interconnection of souls. They represent the binding and strength of love.
Venus SymbolThe Venus symbol is often used in Wiccan practice to represent love, sensuality, and the divine feminine. It is associated with the planet Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

How to Use Wiccan Love Symbols?

SymbolUsage and Rituals
Triple Goddess SymbolThe Triple Goddess symbol can be incorporated into love spells, rituals for self-love and acceptance, and ceremonies to honor the cycles of love.
Heart SymbolThe heart symbol can be used in spells and rituals to attract love, deepen romantic connections, and promote emotional healing and well-being.
Rose SymbolRoses can be used in love spells, charm bags, or as offerings to deities associated with love. They can also be used in love divination rituals.
Dove SymbolDoves can be invoked or represented in spells, rituals, or altar decorations to bring peace, harmony, and love into relationships.
Love Knot SymbolLove knots can be incorporated into handfasting ceremonies, love spells, or as symbolic decorations to strengthen the bond between lovers.
Venus SymbolThe Venus symbol can be used to invoke the energies of love and sensuality in rituals, spells, or when creating love-infused charms or talismans.
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