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5 Quick Examples of a Fertility Sigil [+DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

In this day and age, we often hear about couples who are unable or struggle to have children. In many cases, the reason for this is pressure, and the anxiety caused by it. Let’s take a look at how fertility sigils can help!

First, more than anything, I suggest that you get help from a doctor. We can’t deny that doctors are here to help us! However, if you tried everything literally and it didn’t work, then let me give a try.

I’ll show you a type of magic that is harmless and safe but, simultaneously, deeply effective and powerful.

Knowing that this is a very delicate period in a couple’s life, I want to show you everything there is to know about fertility sigils, their magical properties, and fantastic uses.


A sigil for fertility is a personalized symbol designed to enhance fertility-related goals like conception or agricultural abundance.

It begins with a concise statement of intent, followed by removing duplicate letters and vowels, resulting in a unique, abstract symbol.

This sigil is charged with energy or intent through meditation or visualization to aid in manifesting the desired fertility outcomes.

Fertility sigils are used in various magical and spiritual practices to support fertility-related intentions and can vary in design and complexity based on the practitioner’s preferences and beliefs.

Ethical use and responsible practices are essential when working with fertility sigils.

What is a fertility sigil?

Fertility sigils are tools that witches use to channel their mental energy, and that has no meaning in the eyes of others.

They are used primarily by the Chaos wizards and witches and are one of the simplest and most potent forms of magic once they learn to use.

Suffice to say that the female menstrual cycle is in close correlation with the moon phases, that childbirth is also linked to the moon (most children, in fact, are born under the light of the full moon), and that many of the factors that determine pregnancy are in strong correlation with nature.

The problem is often that one does not know how to reveal one’s desire to become parents and turns directly to medical and invasive remedies, ignoring the intense energy that can benefit us, thanks to the magic of the sigils.

P.S. Don’t forget to check my favorite love sigils and relationship sigils as well!

How can a fertility sigil help?

A fertility sigil can enhance one’s fertility as it works on the energies of the universe and nature, which, it is proven, are fundamental during the conceiving.

While the sigil is made with a specific message, it begins to be recorded in the subconscious. The more elaborate, the stronger it will be.

So do not be afraid to spend hours designing it and making it look beautiful, it is worth it.

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When would you create a fertility sigil?

You can create fertility sigils when you tried everything, and you just can’t get pregnant. That’s a rule for women or a couple together.

When exactly should you create one?

I highly recommend making the fertility sigil during the new moon and taking it with you throughout the female menstrual cycle and, if you feel a special bond with the sigil, you could continue to use it over time as a talisman to attract fertility.

One evening, on the new moon, take a few minutes to meditate, visualize, and imagine yourself already being a parent, or imagine yourself being pregnant.

Write a sentence that encloses this desire that you have visualized and proceed to the creation of your very personal fertility sigil.

How to create fertility sigils?

First, write on paper what you wish to obtain. You must follow these guidelines:

  1. Your desire must be formulated in the present tense as if it had already been fulfilled.
  2. Your desire should ALWAYS be formulated positively, for example always say “I am pregnant” instead of “I can’t get pregnant “, the mind does not understand denial, and will interpret “I can’t…”, while attracting that same.
  3. Set a single purpose for your sigil, and never have more than one active sigil at the same time.

It should look something like this:

“I have a wonderful baby”

(In case of looking for a baby)

Then we proceed to eliminate the repeated letters and vowels, following the previous example, it would look like this:


The following is to use these letters’ traits to create your own sigil. Remember always to be creative and to always go with the flow!

Activation phase

The ways to activate a fertility sigil are several, and I will mention my favorite:

  • Use the energy of orgasm. When you’re just about to reach it, focus all your attention on a sigil, say the words, look at it with the intensity of that moment as if you were going to merge with it, and forget everything else.
  • The next one is the opposite of the previous one. Calm your mind as much as possible and try to enter a state of light trance. You can observe the sigil or recite the words as if it were a mantra.
  • Some prefer to use a drop of their own blood to activate it, simply by dropping it on the fertility sigil.

If you ask me which of the methods is better, they are all okay, but for me personally, the first one is quite effective.

That’s because of the powerful sexual energy released, and because your mind will be free of anything else – your thoughts will only be focused on a sigil.

What’s next?

Usually, it is said that fertility sigils should be burned or destroyed in any way after activation, and I disagree.

Instead of destroying it, you keep it, and occasionally you meditate with it.

If you leave it in somewhere where you see it from time to time, or simply leave it on your bedside table, seeing it as soon as you wake up, you will not forget it, instead, you will continue to reinforce it, and as long as it is, as long as you follow it working, you can be sure that it will work.

However, if you burn it, you can end up forgetting it, the key is to “obsess” a little with it, to put the matter to mind, to feel that it has already fulfilled its purpose and rejoice for it, simply take advantage of the usual meditation and focus on the sigil for a while.

Emotional intensity explained

Emotional intensity is probably one of the most complicated methods since tough emotions are more difficult to evoke than other forms of intensity.

Fear is probably the form of emotional intensity that is easiest for many, although taking precautions against its use is convenient. Combinations between skydiving and sigils are not something that I’d suggest.

Outside of the technique chosen, mental work is quite similar.

Some argue that it is essential not to think about sigil’s objective at this time – me, for example, but not in this case.

Why? Because as I mentioned before, fertility is a process involving women’s periods, conceptions, and it takes a while to conceive. So being emotionally linked to your sigil for a longer time is recommended.

My favorite fertility sigils

These are my favorite fertility sigils. Don’t forget to create your own one, and use mine just for an example.


I have a baby sigil
Sigil: I have a baby


I am a parent sigil
Sigil: I am a parent


I am a mother sigil
Sigil: I am a mother


I am father sigil
Sigil: I am father


I am pregnant sigil
Sigil: I am pregnant

A special spell with a fertility sigil

I want to share one of my favorite spells, including a fertility sigil.

More than a spell, it is a ritual that can be used over time.

Things you need

  • A pink or blue candle (based on the preferred sex of the unborn child)
  • If you want two kids, you must use two candles instead of one
  • Coarse salt
  • Your fertility sigil

How it’s done

Put your sigil and the chosen candle on a plate or surface and create a circle with salt all around it.

Light the candle and say aloud the phrase you used to make your sigil.

Visualize yourself being a parent, your desire, happiness, and continue to recite the phrase (that’s on your sigil) until you feel a rush of energy inside you.

Here’s a tip:

A candle can be reused to create a romantic atmosphere with your partner while the sigil is placed under the bed. This will intensify the intercourse with your partner.

In this way, your sigil will have the effect of a talisman, and you can use it over time, and charge it with your sexual energy necessary for your desire to come true.

Final thoughts

That’s it for fertility sigils! If you want to repeat the same sigil magic in the future, whatever it may be used for, you can repeat the process.

I also recommend that you record these sigils in your book of shadows.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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