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6 Magickal Properties & Uses of Ylang Ylang [Explained]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Ylang ylang, even if is not one of the most common and widely-used flowers, is a great magickal ingredient for our spells! But what is ylang-ylang and what are its magical properties? Let’s find it out together with this article.


Ylang ylang, with its origins deeply rooted in Southeast Asia, holds a rich history of mystical and medicinal uses, tracing back centuries.

This enchanting flower boasts six distinct magickal properties, making it a versatile ingredient in various spellwork and rituals.

Ylang ylang’s essence is particularly potent in reconciliation spells, fostering healing and harmony in strained relationships.

Embracing its feminine energy, ylang ylang is an excellent choice for fertility spells and enchantments, aiding in the manifestation of desires related to motherhood and abundance.

Ylang ylang origins and history

Ylang ylang, or Cananga odorata, better known as the “flower of flowers”, is a tree belonging to the Annonaceae family and produces flowers from which a very good essence is obtained. It is a plant from tropical Asia that can reach up to 20 meters in height.

6 Magickal Properties & Uses of Ylang Ylang by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

The peculiarity of this plant is its flower, from which essential oil is extracted, often used to create excellent perfumes for both women and men. The leaves, shiny and dark, are long and have wavy margins. The numerous and very fragrant flowers grow alone or in small clusters, in autumn and spring.

They have a yellow-green color (rarely pink) and have 3-5 elongated and curled petals. Depending on the moment in which the extraction is carried out (i.e. with almost ripe flowers) both the color (green or yellow) and the fragrance which, in general, tends to be sweet, change.


It grows in full sun or semi-shade conditions and prefers the acid soils typical of rainforests, its natural habitat.

The name of this plant explicitly refers to its particular smell: ylang ylang means ‘uncommon’. Usually, women use it for hair and skincare by dissolving a few drops in coconut oil. Even the French settlers of the lands where ylang ylang originates defined its essence as an ‘aphrodisiac perfume’.

As it’s not easy to find ylang ylang in its normal form, we can use it in an essential oil form to enjoy its properties more easily.

6 magical properties of ylang ylang

For reconciliation spells

The magickal properties of ylang-ylang are all about peace and relaxation; it eliminates anxiety, fear, depression, anger, stress, and sadness. It is useful against frustration. It symbolizes the serenity and joy of the senses. It drives away inner sadness and turns off the feelings of anger and fear. It favors the resolution of disputes, even those towards ourselves, leading to reconciliation. So altogether, it makes it fantastic to use with reconciliation spells.

For feminine and fertility spells

It awakens sexuality and acts on the female side. If dealing with some fertility issues or if you are struggling in embracing your femininity it’s the perfect ingredient to cast a spell for fertility and to boost your libido.

Sweet potion to find serenity

if you suffer from symptoms closely related to anxiety, you will notice that your blood pressure will drop and your heart rate will normalize, very common consequences when you are nervous or angry. Alternatively, you can also consume six drops of this oil, three times a day, with a teaspoon of honey, letting it melt slowly in the mouth.

If you want to cast a spell but cannot find the peace of mind and the right serenity to cast it from a place of acceptance, openness, and positivity, you can use ylang ylang to turn negative into brighter, more positive energy.

In case you want to use it for potions you are supposed to drink, be careful, and rely on organic and edible essential oils suitable to that.

Cleanse your space

If you feel anxious, stressed, nervous, irritable, angry, resentful, disappointed, or frustrated, put five drops of ylang ylang essential oil in your home fragrance diffuser; you will see that you will find calm and serenity.

You can even buy an incense stick if you are not an essential oil person and let it burn around your place. If someone negative came over your place, maybe you even had an argument about something, ylang ylang can be a great ingredient to cleanse the energy of the space and bring reconciliation and peace.

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Sex bath

This oil is perfect for people who are too rigid and find it hard to indulge in the pleasures of intimacy. Its aphrodisiac aroma awakens the senses and invites you to let yourself go, to be seductive and sensual.

Cleansing bath

This is why, in anticipation of an evening of passion with your partner, it is an excellent idea to take a bath together, taking care to add ten drops of ylang ylang essential oil to the hot water, to the benefit of desire and sensuality.

Other magickal properties

Love and RomanceYlang Ylang is known for its aphrodisiac properties and can be used to enhance love and romance.
RelaxationYlang Ylang has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body, promoting relaxation.
Spiritual GrowthYlang Ylang is believed to assist in spiritual growth, meditation, and connecting with higher realms.
HappinessYlang Ylang is associated with joy and can uplift the mood, promoting a sense of happiness.
ConfidenceYlang Ylang can boost self-confidence and help overcome self-doubt or insecurities.
SensualityYlang Ylang is often used to enhance sensuality, intimacy, and pleasure.

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Beauty recipe

A few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil in your regular cleanser, cream, or shampoo will allow for more beautiful skin and hair. Also useful in the presence of acne, it purifies the skin thanks to its astringent properties. It will tighten and tone your face, and your hair will be nourished and shiny.

If they are particularly weak, make a compress by adding about ten drops of ylang-ylang essential oil to coconut oil, and they will regain vigor.

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Magickal uses of Ylang Ylang:

Love SpellsYlang Ylang can be incorporated into love spells or rituals to attract love or enhance existing relationships.
AromatherapyYlang Ylang essential oil can be used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and uplift the mood.
MeditationThe aroma of Ylang Ylang can help create a serene environment for meditation and spiritual practices.
Self-Care RitualsYlang Ylang can be used in self-care rituals like baths, massages, or skincare routines for relaxation and self-love.
Spell EnhancerYlang Ylang can be added to spellwork to amplify intentions related to love, happiness, or confidence.
Sacred Space CleansingYlang Ylang can be used to cleanse and purify the energy of a sacred space, promoting a positive and harmonious atmosphere.

A quick ylang-ylang spell to boost your feminine side

This spell is very easy and quick to cast but very effective! You can cast it when you feel discomfort and uneasiness in your own feminine skin, and it can help you find your way back into a more serene and harmonious sex life.


How to perform:

Dress the pink candle with the ylang ylang essential oil. The candle should be dressed slowly while focusing on your intentions.

Spend a few moments in meditation, visualize yourself as a goddess, a strong, powerful woman, and visualize some light coming from your womb and spreading all over.

Say these words out loud:

“I embrace my feminine side
I am aware of my pink energy
May this potion raise my feminine energy up
May this potion generate more desire.”

Now put your hands on the candle again and take the oil you used to dress the candle to make a nice massage on your pelvic area. Repeat these words and keep visualizing your feminine energy radiating.

Repeat when you need to boost your libido and embrace your feminine side.

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This is a very easy-to-perform spell with easy-to-find ingredients. In case you need some guidance or you want me to cast a spell for you, don’t forget to check out my shop, where you can find great options for many different situations!

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