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Tree Symbolism

2 Trees that Symbolize Strength & Connecting With Them

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Written by: Tina Caro

Do you feel a little bit “meh” and you want to boost your energy to face all the challenges life has in store for you? You may be dealing with material struggles at work or your emotional life is a mess and you can’t seem to find the proper strength to feel good.

Besides spells, sigils, and other magical practices, did you know that you can ask nature for help?

Let’s find out!


The Oak tree, known for its resilience and longevity, symbolizes strength due to its sturdy wood and deep-rooted nature, with some specimens living for over a thousand years.

The Olive tree, representing peace and endurance, also embodies strength as it can survive in arid conditions and produce olives for centuries, signifying the ability to thrive in adversity.

Connecting with these symbolic trees involves spending time under their shade to absorb their energy and meditating while visualizing their robust characteristics to gain inner strength and resilience.

Planting a tree that symbolizes strength is a powerful way to create a long-lasting bond with nature, fostering a sense of connection and vitality.

A list of trees that symbolize strength

Oak tree

The Oak tree tells us that to find our true strength we must get in touch with our inner source. Oak has deep, sturdy roots. The deeper we sink our roots, the more our creative manifestation can materialize on this earth.

It is a bridge between the spiritual and earthly worlds, it conveys primordial cosmic energy and distributes it to material life. It nourishes concreteness and shows us how to realize our purpose.

It helps us to make contact with our soul, recognize our tasks, identify our talents and use them to become an active part of the evolutionary project. In a society guided by materialism, never before have we had such a need for concreteness inspired by higher principles, by a real spirituality that connects us to our origins.

Olive tree

The olive tree is a highly symbolic tree and its roots date back to ancient times and ancestral cultures. In ancient Greece, the winners of events were offered an olive wreath and an oil cruet because the plant symbolized strength and triumph. At the same time, it was also considered a sacred plant, so much so that anyone who damaged an olive tree was punished with exile.

Legend has it that in Athens there was the first olive tree in the world, born from the spear of Athena herself.

The tales of Ancient Rome narrate that Romulus and Remus were born under an olive tree. Taking up the Greek customs, the Romans also turned olive branches into crowns to give to the most valiant citizens. The olive branches were also placed over tombs to symbolize that the deceased had passed all the tests of life.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the bride was decorated with an olive crown to symbolize the sacred and eternal union.

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Why and how should I connect with trees that symbolize strength?

You should connect with trees that symbolize strength if you’ve been feeling a little bit low lately and would like to enhance your inner strength to face any situation in your path. It doesn’t truly matter what is going on in your life: if you need some special energetic support to feel stronger and more capable, connecting with trees that symbolize strength is exactly what you need to do to make it happen!


You can connect with trees that symbolize strength in so many ways. Don’t forget that these are only a few ideas and if you have your own, go for it! When it comes to magical practices and connections, follow your intuition, your instinct, and choose a way that resonates with you and your own energy and craft.

Spend some time under that tree

If you have the chance to spend some time under a tree that symbolizes strength this is a wonderful way to get started and create a connection with its energy. You can spend some time under it while reflecting on the help and the energy you might need to face a specific situation, or you can even hug it to let the tree make you feel truly supported and connected with your own energy.

Meditate visualizing that tree

If you don’t have the chance to find a tree that symbolizes strength IRL, you can do something like this: you can choose a picture of a tree that symbolizes strength and then meditate, visualizing you connecting with that tree. It’s a special, magical way to create a strong spiritual bond between you and this tree and its energy.

Plant a tree that symbolizes strength if you can!

Do you have a garden where you can plant a tree that symbolizes strength? Wonderful! Plant it and take care of it daily as part of your journey to become stronger and more aware of your strengths!

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Giving a tree as a gift

If you know someone who has been struggling a lot in their personal life and you want this person to find the strength they need to overcome it, gifting them a tree that symbolizes strength is a powerful and sweet way to let them know they can do it and that you have their back while they are looking for a way out from certain situations.

Say a prayer to that tree to help you out

If you are into prayers, you can chant a prayer for strength out loud, adding a few lines where you ask the tree you’ve chosen to support you, show you its strength, and give it to you. Consider that tree as a spiritual entity, like a God you trust to make something special happen for you.

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Make it part of a spell or a ritual

If you want to cast a spell for inner strength and you want to customize your own magic, adding a few leaves to a spell for strength and support is a fantastic way of enhancing the effects of a spell. You can look for a spell that requires leaves or you can add them to spells that don’t require them to give the spell a big boost!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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