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Here’s a How to Make a Scrying Mirror Guide (Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

The scrying mirror is a powerful instrument of divination and evocation, with it we can evoke spirits or demons. Divination is the practice of obtaining information, using supernatural forces, from spirits or demons. It is a mediumistic communication channel with other worlds, we can use it to see past lives, to help us in our astral travel or to make spells. In this article, I’ll explain how to make a scrying mirror and what is it.


Creating a scrying mirror, or black mirror, involves a few key steps.

Begin with a plain black-framed mirror or a piece of glass. Clean the surface thoroughly.

Apply black matte spray paint or black acrylic paint to the backside of the mirror, ensuring even coverage.

Allow the paint to dry completely and consider framing the mirror for added aesthetics.

Charge and dedicate the scrying mirror for your specific spiritual or magical practice.

To use it, place the mirror in a dimly lit room, gaze into the black surface, and interpret any images or visions that may arise during scrying, remembering that it may require practice to develop this skill effectively.

The magical realm behind a scrying mirror

The scrying mirror is a very powerful divination tool, its legend has been around since very ancient times and has given the scrying mirror the reputation of a portal to other dimensions or realities. The scrying mirror is a useful magickal tool to evoke entities, spirits, to better visualize your aura or to travel to other planes of reality.

Often a large rock crystal can be used to replace the classic crystal ball.

There are various types of scrying mirror including:

  1. The first is the simplest, it is a flat glass, blackened on the reverse with carbon black or paint suitable for the glass, 10-15 centimeters / 4-6 inches in diameter. It is used only for the evocation of spirits and is completely unsuitable for divination but is very useful for practicing the visualization of the aura as well.
  2. The second is the concave mirror, round, with a larger diameter than the previous one, a minimum of 30 centimeters / 12 inches, it is used for both necromancy and divination (therefore used a lot by those who also practice spiritism).
  3. The third is the most difficult to build but it is the best, it is oval and convex and rather large in size, around 5-6 feet / 1.5-1.8 meters in height. To make a scrying mirror you will have to do a lot of work and track down an old picture of those depicting the Marian figures that were once hung on double beds and are often still sometimes found in this location. The second-hand markets sometimes have them and some smaller antique shops. These are ideal for divination, necromancy, travelling between worlds and for aura visualization.
scrying mirror

How to build a scrying mirror?

You can easily buy the mirror, or you can build it yourself, but how to do it?

The procedure is much simpler than you imagine, just buy a frame you might put photos in, with the glass spray the back it with a spray can of black acrylic enamel.

Black ObsidianA volcanic glass with a black reflective surfacePrimary material for the scrying mirror
Wooden FrameA frame made of wood to hold the mirrorProvides support and aesthetic appeal
AdhesiveStrong adhesive suitable for attaching the mirrorBonds the mirror to the frame securely
Protective ClothSoft cloth or velvet for covering the mirrorProtects the mirror from dust and scratches
Cleansing ToolsSage, palo santo, or other cleansing toolsUsed to energetically cleanse the mirror
Table 1: Scrying Mirror Materials

Once you have colored one side of the glass, it’s done. Just mount the sprayed glass (painted side to the back) in the frame. You can either keep the scrying mirror wrapped in a black cloth, preferably silk or cotton or if you want to hang it, do it on a wall facing east, but remember to keep out of any direct sunlight.


You can also have the glass blackened by incense smoke or a candle, however the method I explained above is the cheapest.

Once the scrying mirror has been created, it must be purified with a concoction of mugwort (or buffered on the surface) and left to dry under the full moon.

We can bless it to a divinity by reciting a prayer dedicated to it, and while doing this we must make circular movements with our hands over the mirror.

Purification and consecration

Wash the glass with running water for three consecutive nights or under a spring for one night, just before the full moon, then fumigate it with Artemisia based incense to purify it further. This will help increase your divination skills, exposing it to the light of the full moon and soak it for one night in the infusion of Chamomile and Artemisia. Then let it rest near your wand and near some black onyx.

A scrying mirror is a personal object, nobody should ever touch it except you. It must be used often because the more it is used the more powerful it becomes, and the more you use it the more you will become better at seeing inside it, but be careful that sunlight never touches the mirror, if this happens you should throw the mirror away because it will become unusable.

Usage rules

The surface must be clean, do not let anyone touch it, only the owner, nobody should reflect their image except the owner, except for a ritual context. The mirror must be used often if we want to be in tune with it. The more we use it, the more we will be in tune with it, never expose it to sunlight, it must always be indoors.


Divination must always be done at night, with the light of one candle or more, with two candles on the sides, we can burn incense too, the light while doing the divination must be only candles or in the moonlight.


To divine situate the mirror where nothing reflects in it, even we must not reflect on it.

We can see clouds, but how do we do it? We have to relax (it is even easier to see them if we meditate regularly), then look at the center of the surface and ask a question, and we will have visions, each person who practices divination has different visions, they are something personal and each person has different visions.

The objective methods

  • If we see the clouds going upwards, the response will be positive.
  • If we see clouds going downwards, it will be negative.
  • The clouds can have different colors.
  • Positive ones are white, green, purple and blue.
  • Negative ones are black, dark gray.
  • Negative situations are yellow = loss, orange = betrayal / slander / disappointment, red = disease / danger.

So let’s relax, close our eyes, relax our muscles, visualize the circle if we created it, breathe regularly, invoke a divinity or guiding spirit, open our eyes and fix on the center of the mirror / surface, the spirit we see into our soul and through our visions the answers will take place.

It is important to open the third eye, but to do this you need to do a lot of meditation and practice.

We can also use crystals, such as amethyst.

Use something to write down our feelings or perceptions, to be able to study them to help us understand certain things.

WARNING. Do not leave your scrying mirror uncovered when you are not using it, even if it is in a completely darkened room, since it is a preferential access for the passage of larvae and various Spirits from other worlds to ours. You may find yourself with the haunted house without knowing why!

Scrying Mirror Maintenance Tips

Maintenance TipDescriptionInstructions
Regular CleansingCleanse the mirror periodically to remove residual energyUse sage, palo santo, or other cleansing methods
Avoid ScratchesHandle the mirror with care to prevent scratchesUse a soft cloth or microfiber cloth for cleaning
Storage ConsiderationsStore the mirror in a protective pouch or caseProtects the mirror from dust and damage during storage
Intentional ChargingRecharge the mirror with your intention and energyHold the mirror in your hands and visualize its energy
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