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DIY Saturn Sigil Magic: 5 Powerful Examples

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Written by: Tina Caro

Among the most complex and intriguing sigils, we certainly find the sigil of Saturn. It is closely linked to astrology and the intense energy charge that derives from it.

The planet Saturn is very tied to the earth and practical life. It represents old age and the elderly and wise people and also the symbol of old age.

It is a planet that has to do with the sense of duty, correctness, order, consistency. It is also associated with the thrift that can turn into its opposite: avarice but teaches us to live well in situations of solitude.

When it works well, it makes us impartial in judgment and objective. When it works “badly” it can make us cynical, cold, impersonal, rigid.

I love this sigil as it is a great tool to bring wisdom, focus, and concentration into my life.

I use it in so many different times and occasions, and I think you should do the same!


A Saturn sigil is a symbol associated with the planet Saturn, used in various mystical and astrological traditions.

Typically, it incorporates Saturn’s planetary symbol along with other elements representing its qualities like discipline and responsibility.

These sigils are used in rituals, spells, or meditations to connect with and harness the energies and influences of Saturn.

Saturn is linked to themes such as structure and karma.

Saturn sigils help practitioners focus intent and work with the planetary forces associated with Saturn in their spiritual or magical practices.

What is the Saturn sigil?

The Saturn sigil is an original and artistic creation, produced by elaborating a phrase that expresses a magical intention. It’ is all about perseverance, prudence, wisdom, thoughtfulness, lucidity, purity, and value.

These sigils favor erudition, philosophical and mathematical studies, literature, occultism, the art of music.

They also protect against betrayals and evil powers.

On a physical level, these sigils can prevent chronic diseases.

On the other hand, these sigils provoke melancholy, depression, sadness, speechlessness, and misanthropic. Therefore they are not recommended for those suffering from this type of problem.

How can the Saturn sigil help?

Sigils are powerful magical figures made up of numbers, letters, symbols, shapes, names of angelic entities, etc.

According to the dictates of ancient times, all pentacles (as well as metals, herbs, animals, etc.) can be classified into seven main categories or archetypes that correspond to the seven planets of the esoteric tradition.

Traditional astrology only takes into account Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon.

Each planet symbolizes a particular cosmic force, one of Universal Energy’s seven aspects.

Scheme of the world, planets, sun, moon and zodiac.

In other words, a pentacle is a design designed to “resonate” with one of the seven cosmic forces.

This resonance means that the pentacle can, in a certain way, magnetically attract the energy it is tied to itself and then radiate it reflexively around itself.

Therefore we can say that a pentacle is a magical mediator, a bridge between cosmic and terrestrial influences, material support capable of condensing and making manifest the energies of the “celestial divinities.”

Using another metaphor, we can still say that a pentacle is a sort of “transceiver”, since it receives cosmic waves and then retransmit them (amplified) to the beings in its immediate vicinity.

The planet Saturn is represented by a symbol formed by an “h” whose upper part is barred by a horizontal line (Saturn). This means that this star rejects any expansiveness, thus symbolizing withdrawal in oneself.

Indeed, it is a slow, sad, and lonely planet.

The malevolent interference of this planet in the life of a human being was manifested by the “Diana complex” for women and by the complex of an excess of scrupulousness among men.

On the other hand, Saturn is the star of wisdom, spirituality, and esoteric initiation. This is because it is the planet from the celestial position higher than the others and, therefore, closer to completion, to the Universe.

When you should create Saturn sigils?

It would be best if you created it when you need some extra support in life for many different reasons.

If used for good, it has the virtue of facilitating the parts. It also makes a person safe and robust and makes favors obtain from the powerful.

It is also indicated for everything that has to do with inherited assets, with real estate, land (arable or buildable), buildings, properties, etc. and with everything related to their solidity and management.

If used for evil – it destroys buildings and crops, decays them from honors and dignities, feeds quarrels and unrest, and separates couples in love.

When exactly should you create one?

Saturn sigils’ creation and magical charge must be performed on Saturday, in the Planetary Hour of Saturn, saying a prayer out loud.

There are many different prayers and old poems you can use, but I highly recommend to create your own to ask Saturn for help and acknowledge its greatness and its power.


How to create Saturn sigils?

There is a specific sigil linked to Saturn, which is usually used to invoke the energy and support of this mysterious and magical planet.

Below I’ll show you how I create them!

In addition to the traditional generic symbol, it is obviously possible to create your very own one that was made for your desires.

An example? Maybe you want more concentration, wisdom, and material things like money, inheritance, and higher productivity.

To create the sigils, just think carefully about what you want, visualize the moment in which we will benefit from the gifts of Saturn that we intend to ask for and create a phrase that fully represents it.

Once we have written the sentence, it will be sufficient, as always, to eliminate the vowels and use the consonants and their features to create a drawing of a symbol that reflects and represents us.

Do not be afraid to try your hand at creating the sigil; instead, set your imagination in motion and create something you like.

Usually, after creating the Saturn sigils, I consecrate them by lighting a black candle (the color linked to the planet) and, as mentioned above, say a prayer!

The original tradition Saturn sigil

Below, you’ll find the traditional Saturn Sigil is represented with a particular motif created by tracing the numbers 1 to 9 on the ancient Square of Saturn.

The Square of Saturn is also the magic square Lo Shu, a valuable tool used in Feng Shui.

Tradition says that this image was first inscribed in the shell of a turtle approximately in 2205 BC. If you are not comfortable in creating your own sigil, you can use this one, but don’t forget, while you create it, visualize what you want to have from Saturn.

Otherwise, if you struggle to find the proper concentration to meditate and visualize what you want, you can do something like this.

Take a piece of paper. On one side, create the sigil. On the back of the paper, write down your intention.

You can keep the sigil as a talisman by bringing it with you in your wallet or in a small bag, or you can burn it down on Saturday with a black candle.

Play around and don’t forget that there is no right or wrong when it comes to magic. Trust yourself, and have fun!

traditional saturn sigil
The Square of Saturn

My Favorite Saturn Sigils


I am wise sigil
Sigil: I am wise


I am focused sigil
Sigil: I am focused


I rule my life sigil
Sigil: I rule my life


I am in charge sigil
Sigil: I am in charge


I destroy what I want sigil
Sigil: I destroy what I want

Spell with the Saturn Sigil

This spell is particularly suitable for those moments when we need concentration to accomplish a goal, be it at work or school or somewhere else.

When we need to focus our attention and our energies on something, then this is the right spell!

According to the rules of aromatherapy, black pepper is a stimulator of choices, but also a relaxant that promotes concentration and should be used during the day, especially if you suffer from sleep disorders.

Favorable moment to cast it: first quarter of the moon, best on Saturday with the influence of Saturn, during the day.

Things you need

  • A tall black candle
  • Two teaspoons of water
  • Lighter or matches
  • An aroma diffuser
  • Essential oil of black pepper
  • 30 gr. (1 ounce) of peppercorns
  • 7 inhes (18 cm) gauze or cheesecloth

How it’s done

Draw a magick circle.

Light the black candle and repeat:

“I appeal to Saturn
to clarify my purpose
support me in my intent
and guide my concentrated spirit.

Put the water in the diffuser and turn it on.

Then take the bottle of oil and, while holding it, concentrate on your purpose. Then put six drops in the diffuser.

Put the peppercorns on the cheesecloth (or gauze) and add six drops of oil on them.

Fold the cheesecloth (or gauze) to form a grain bag.

Add your Saturn sigil in it.

Keep the bag in the place where you work, study, or do what you have set yourself.

Final Thoughts

Saturn sigils are definitely worth a try as they are so versatile and easy to create simultaneously.

Choose carefully the kind of request you want to send to Saturn and the planet’s energy, by making your desires loud and clear! And, don’t forget – be careful of what you wish for!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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