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4 Quick Examples of the Occult Sigil [+ DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Among all types of sigils, occult sigils are the most intriguing and the most complex of them all. Let’s learn more about them together!

Occult sigils are useful to work with if you practice dark black magic. They’re used to attract secret forces and energies to achieve your desires.

I have to admit that I was scared to create occult sigils at first because it looked much more complicated and darker than the usual procedures, but I wanted to try something different and more powerful.

So here I am to tell you all you need to know about occult sigils! Let’s begin!


An occult sigil is a symbol or design with esoteric or hidden meanings, often used within occult practices, which involve the exploration of mysteries, the supernatural, and the unexplained.

These symbols can represent various aspects of the occult, including mystical knowledge, magical intentions, or connections with spiritual realms.

Occult sigils are often created with specific intentions, charged with energy, and employed in rituals or ceremonies to access or harness supernatural forces, invoke deities, or achieve mystical insights.

The design and symbolism of occult sigils can vary widely, depending on the tradition, belief system, or practitioner’s preferences.

They play a central role in many occult traditions and practices, such as ceremonial magic, Thelema, or chaos magic.

What is the Occult Sigil?

Occult sigil is the art of using symbols and images to manifest your desires. It’s mostly used by witches that practice black magic.

How Can Occult Sigil Help?

An occult sigil can be helpful to attract all things magic and all kind of energies, both white and dark ones, to help you connect with the Universe and get what you want.

So often, we are scared to declare what we want as we think we are a little bit too bold or sassy to do so.

But you know what? When it comes to magic, the primary key to work with the energy in the right way is stripping down your fears and your masks, being who you are and not be ashamed or scared of dreaming big!

Do you think you want too much? No big deal! Be free, and let the Universe do the rest!

When Would You Create Occult Sigils?

You would create occult sigils when you feel like you need some extra support from the Universe, and you want to take things to the other level.

With occult sigils, you should not be scared to ask for the most intriguing, mysterious, and hidden desires, even the darkest ones. No one will judge you for that!

On the contrary! If you have strong intentions, make them loud and clear, and you will have all you need and want from your life.

When exactly should I create the occult sigil?

I highly recommend to do it at night – at 3 am.

It’s essential that you focus on what you want to ask for and to attract the darkest energies around you, to use their forces, and create the vision you have in your mind.

Burn a black candle, relax, meditate on your intentions, and start working on your occult sigil!

How to create occult sigils?

Creating occult sigils consists of two steps: creation and loading. The sigil is planned, designed, and created in the first part as a physical object. In the second part, it is energetically charged and becomes active.

1. Creation phase

Start by defining your desire in one sentence. If it’s more complicated, simplify it.

As in business, if you cannot determine what you are aiming for in a single sentence, you will have some hard work to do.

Start this sentence with “my desire is …” or “my will is …”

For example: “My will is to meet someone who can advise me on my health problems”.

Another useful rule is that “you must recognize the result when you see it”.

Let’s take a look at one example.


A too vague statement such as “it’s my will to be happy when my parents come to visit me.” – won’t work.

You must be able to recognize the desired result immediately.

In this case, you will have to redefine your purpose as “it is my will to stop drinking when my parents come to visit me” which will be much easier to recognize – whether you are happy or not.

We can build a sigil from several symbolic systems.

This is known as loading in the runic tradition.

The basic rule is that every element of the sigil must be in harmony both with the intended purpose and with every other element.

Do not overload this structure with the symbols of a thousand different traditions!

The result will have to look right to you, whether it is artistically correct or not.

Use parts like:

  • Artistic
  • Alphabetic
  • Matches
  • Spoken language (mantra, affirmations)
  • Gesture (mudras)
  • Numerology

For example, you can take the sentence’s first, twentieth, and fortieth letters and draw something.

You can then stylize this model by adding other components.

You can also paint it on a wood related to health, with a golden and healthy color.

The next step is to establish a mantra to be repeated to load the sigil, which will be hidden later energetically.

This mantra may derive from the basic sentence, but it must not in any way remind you of what you have desired!

The trick is to go beyond your conscious mind, which can be clouded by the will by creating fantastic images of success that will then limit the nature through which the sigil can finally work.

2. Loading phase

There are several methods by which an occult sigil – or any other form of enchantment – can be loaded.

Is quite strange that this often boils down to a variation of the saying “sex, drugs and rock’ n’ roll.”

The common element of these methods, as in the ritual, is the repetitive nature, and the fully consumerist ways through which their success has the upper hand on the conscious mind.

In a sense, they all tend to unity. As we have seen in our magic models, if unity is the natural state of the Universe, the methods through which we achieve this recognition, all these methods seem very close to the Universe’s mechanics, so that we can cause change.

Using sex to load a sigil can be done alone or with your partner, depending on your resources or preferences.

The point of orgasm is often used as a topical moment, but prolonged sexual activity without orgasm can lead to a state similar to trance, which can also be used.

Chemical products that alter mental states, such as coffee, can be used, but, as with all the techniques mentioned here, ask for advice before using any product whose effects you don’t know!

Using percussion, white sounds, synthesized repetitive sounds can lead to the appropriate mental state in which to load the sigil. Clapping also generates rhythm.Make sure it’s music rather than a simple background melody.

The following ritual ensures the easy recognition of the moment in which to load the sigil.

The advantage of the ritual is that is structurally appropriate for beginners.

Ritual with occult sigil

Things you need

  • Paper
  • Pens
  • A large candle and a small candle for each participant

The time required: 10-15 minutes.

How it’s done

Trace the sigil on the paper using one of the previously illustrated methods.

Don’t be overly concerned if it isn’t a pretty drawing. As long as you feel it is correct, it will be fine.

If you have to redesign it more than three times, STOP THE RITUAL and try again at another time, when your mind is clearer.

Mantra: formulate a mantra as described above. This will have to be suitable to be recited and have a certain rhythm.

Exchange: if you work with others, exchange your sigils. This favors the process by which one dissociates oneself from the initial goal.

If you do it for someone else, you will have less attachment to the desired result.

Repetition: light the candles and arrange them in a circle around the larger one, or in front of it if you are working alone.

Make sure you can see the sigils and the mantra. Begin to chant the mantra as clearly and strongly as possible.

After a few moments, begin to increase the repetition speed, breathing, and talking faster and faster.

Clapping: as you increase the speed of repeating the mantra, start clapping your hands. Start slowly, then after a few minutes, increase the tempo until you have a continuous, meaningless sound (mantra repetition + clapping).

Release: when you reach the point where you feel you can’t go any faster, clap your hands vigorously once, and then blow out the candle or candles.

Visualize the sigils swallowed by the candle flame as it vanishes when you extinguish the flame.

Elimination: release the sigil by burning it or simply throwing it away as if it were a focal point, not a consecrated object.

Record the ritual in your magic diary and write down the results when they occur.

Review the ritual and results after a month and write down results or comments that you didn’t recognize at the time.

My Favorite Occult Sigils

Occult sigils are so much fun! What’s the boldest thing you want or feel about you and your life?

Visualize it, write it down and create your own sigil!


I am powerful sigil
Sigil: I am powerful


I have it all sigil
Sigil: I have it all


I erase what no longer serves me sigil
Sigil: I erase what no longer serves me


I am invincible sigil
Sigil: I am invincible

Final Thoughts

Occult sigils are definitely a good tool for those who dare for more and that are not scared to create their dream life no matter what.

Create your own and really focus on what you want, so the energetic waves around you can work to help you realize them!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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