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4 Elder Futhark Runes for Strength [& How to Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

How often do you wish to have the necessary strength to face your life and its challenges?

I know how hard this could be! That’s the reason why I want to share with you the best Elder Futhark runes for strength.


Elder Futhark runes provide a powerful means to cultivate strength and resilience.

Several runes, including Tiwaz, Uruz, Eihwaz, Dagaz, Algiz, and Raidho, are associated with various aspects of strength, courage, and guidance.

These runes can be harnessed by carving them onto objects, meditating on their meanings, or incorporating them into rituals.

Wearing runic symbols as jewelry or keeping them in your surroundings can serve as constant reminders of your inner strength, helping you face challenges with determination and courage.

It’s important to remember that the effectiveness of these practices can be influenced by personal belief and intention.

The best Elder Futhark runes for strength

Tiwaz, Teiwaz (Motivation)

Custom Tiwaz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Tiwaz rune.

This represents the spiritual warrior and courage. The Teiwaz rune enjoys a very high power and represents strength, endurance, and reliability.

It is a protective rune used in ancient times by ancient warriors to protect them in battle but also personifies the competitive spirit and the principle of hard work and of overcoming someone or something even at the cost of enormous sacrifices.

In fact, Tyr is also the rune of your willpower, of the strength of mind to get rid of something important to restore balance and harmony.

It is a courageous, brave gesture to get stronger. It is the strength that keeps us going despite difficulties, strength that must be motivated by noble ideals and not by futile personal selfishness.

Tyr, being a rune with masculine polarity, in the context of a given reading, it can indicate masculine sexuality, fecundity, and procreation. Upside down, it indicates the lack of positive qualities that it expresses upright, that is, surrender to difficulties, lack of self-confidence, and loss of enthusiasm.

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Eihwaz (Resurrection)

Eihwaz represents the tree of life (yew) and endurance. It is no coincidence that this rune represents the yew tree, long-lived and evergreen, and together with it is the confirmation of continuity and perseverance capable of defying all negative influences, including death.

It represents the power that connects the mortality of the physical with the immortality of the spirit and helps us to nourish hope by giving continuity to ideals to transform them into reality.

Dagaz (Completion, fulfillment)

The Dagaz rune is the rune of awakening, of the light of dawn after the darkness of the night. It is compared to the butterfly that transforms itself when it comes out of the cocoon and is free, soaring in the sky and in the light.

It is an extremely favorable rune and, despite the obstacles, it represents the strength and the will to carry out projects and to conclude them successfully.

Uruz (Primordial force)

Uruz is all about the primitive force, the resistance, and the energy that must flow in us without dominating us. It expresses the will to fight against all adversities and the ability to face anyone.

It can also mean strong health, feeling brave, and self-confidence. Upside down, it indicates the hardness of feelings, poor health, missed opportunities, and disappointments.

How to choose the right rune?

You can choose it by letting your intuition guide you or by choosing the one most in tune with the kind of support you need!

If, for example, you need some strength to face a hard time and beat the darkness around you, in this case, the Dagaz rune is the right one for you! But don’t forget to feel, to use your soul and your heart as you do in many other aspects of your craft!

When to use Elder Futhark runes for strength

You can use them whenever you feel you need them, but first thing in the morning is best to let them rule your day with the necessary strength and confidence.

How to use these runes?

Don’t forget to use these runes in their upright positions to let the right energy spread all over you and your life!

You can use Elder Futhark runes for strength in different ways:

Keep it with you during an important event

If you need some extra strength, you can keep it with you or, even better, wear it to feel its energy and its guidance to be a stronger version of yourself.

Use it for spells and rituals

If you cast a strength spell or some specific spell to boost a specific aspect of your life like wealth, confidence, love, luck, and so on, you can use these runes to give you the necessary strength to make it happen and to commit fully and completely to the practice.


Create a sigil

You can create a sigil using the word representing the rune you chose and display it on your altar or bring it with you wherever you go!

Learn how to make a sigil here.

Honor Elder Futhark runes for strength with this chant

“Dear (insert the name of the chosen strength rune here),
Empower me, show me the path to be the stronger version of myself…
I am open to get your teachings and I am stronger than yesterday…”

Chant this at least 3 times with intention, visualizing that rune spreading its light and energy while you become stronger than before.


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