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3 Elder Futhark Runes for Death [& How to Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Death is part of us, it’s part of our existence, and connecting and honoring it is an important step to live a mindful life, which includes a better relationship with loss and mourning. If you want to change the way you approach death and you want it to consider it as a natural passage, working with the elder futhark runes for death is the right way!


Elder Futhark runes, an ancient runic alphabet, are not directly associated with death, but certain runes can be interpreted in relation to this topic.

Hagalaz represents transformation and change, Isa symbolizes stillness and cessation of movement, Naudiz signifies the inevitability of mortality, and Ansuz can represent spiritual communication with the deceased.

These interpretations are open to individual belief and can be used in rituals and ceremonies related to death, offering guidance and understanding during times of grief and transformation.

The best Elder Futhark runes for death


Custom Laguz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Laguz rune.

This sign indicates intuition. Everyone has it, but we don’t want to hear it because of parental or societal distrust. Another meaning of this rune is the flow of water, a river, a stream, a lake, the sea.

The runes are multifaceted, so they need to be disassembled sequentially, moving from the outside to the inside. If the Laguz rune appears in your life, then listen to your thoughts, remember childhood dreams. Something great and good, deposed by fate, remains on the sidelines.

A person passes by, carried away by emptiness, by unimportant actions or projects. This rune offers the opportunity to stop and rethink life.

Are you moving in that direction? Don’t argue with your essence, your inner self. Intuition has long and persistently invited you to look at events from a different perspective, to make an unexpected turn, to slightly move away from the usual path you tread. Do you betray its many values?

This rune symbolizes the harmony of personality. You should listen to all your wishes, analyze every thought, even if it seems strange or illogical. This intuition leads; take its hand and hurry towards happiness!

Before we continue

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Custom Ansuz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Ansuz rune.

Ansuz says that we are well connected with the spiritual dimension, that we are on our way to our destiny, we are entrusting ourselves to the universe and we listen to our intuition.

Everything flows clearly, obstacles disappear from our way, we are behaving correctly, and we are heading towards truth and wisdom. With the extraction of this rune, it is good to open our arms to and prepare to receive help, friendship and love, all gifts that are given to us and that give us new opportunities to live better, so we must be very careful about what happens around, to us.

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Custom Ehwaz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Ehwaz rune.

The rune can be the image of two men holding out their hand. Or two horses; the traditional meaning of Ehwaz is “horse” and many agree that it is a pair of horses.

Like Raidho, Ehwaz deals with a movement or a journey, but more specifically with the means of transport. While Raidho represents the ability to take control of a situation, Ehwaz represents the ability to adapt to new situations.

Receiving Ehwaz indicates a change that often affects a journey or even a physical change in the place where one lives. It is a rune of transformation and settlement that leads to solid growth and gradual development.

Relationships and businesses can undergo these changes and adjustments in an effort to grow and thrive. Ehwaz will make the necessary adjustments and cooperation during this period of growth.

When to use them?

You can use the elder futhark runes for death when you feel like you need to accept a loss or when you want to start seeing death from a different perspective and not in a way associated with pain and discomfort.

They can also be amazing to help you connect with the spiritual realm, those you loved who passed away, and your ancestors. The best day to connect with these runes is a Monday where you can boost your psychic energies and abilities even more.


How to use them?

Create a talisman for death

If you are suffering and you need a bit of support dealing with a loss, you can choose a rune for death and keep it with you, especially if you need to face some hard situations in the near future.

Use it for divination

If you are trying to connect with your loved ones who died, you can bring an elder futhark rune for death to let them know you are ready to accept this change and you are open to listening to their guidance and their messages they might have for you.

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Use it when chanting a prayer

If you are going to chant a prayer to honor the dead or to connect with the spirits you can keep the rune for death you prefer between your hands as a magnet to let them get in touch with your soul.

Honor these runes with this chant

“Dear (insert the name of the chosen rune for death here),
I accept death, I embrace change
I know it’s natural, I know I can’t change it
I am ready to let my soul honor life
And live my life for those who died
I will make it for them
I am here for them

Blessed be “

Chant this at least 3 times with intention, visualizing the people you lost, or the situation linked to death you are struggling to accept.

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Ritual or spell incorporating Elder Futhark Runes for Death

Rune CombinationRitual or Spell Idea
Eihwaz and JeraCreate a ritual to honor the cycle of life and death, reflecting on personal growth.
Hagalaz and EihwazPerform a ritual to release old habits and embrace transformative changes.
Jera and HagalazUse the runes in a spell to navigate chaotic periods and find inner balance.
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