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A Method to Find Out if a Deity Accepted your Offering (DIY)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Assuming that it is always up to us to choose which offer to make, it is also up to us to understand whether the offer that is given is accepted or not. In fact, insisting that we work with an unwelcome offer not only limits the work we do with the divinity, who might even be willing to accept our requests but also prevents us from achieving our purpose.


Determining if a deity has accepted your offering varies among practitioners.

Trust your intuition and feelings; a sense of peace or connection may indicate acceptance.

Look for signs like visual symbols, auditory cues, or meaningful dreams and visions. Synchronicities and divination tools can also provide insights.

Physical changes to offerings or a feeling of fulfillment are possible signs.

Remember that these signs are subjective and may not occur every time, so patience and a strong connection with the deity are essential in interpreting their responses.

We have already seen how it is possible, in some way, to understand which offer may be suitable for a certain divinity. However, we have found that there are also exceptions.

Let us return here to the case of Hekate who has been said to love chocolate – how could an Anatolian deity whose cult should have disappeared with the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire appreciate the result of treating the seeds of a plant native to the Americas?

Until proven otherwise, the first time Europeans came into contact with cocoa was on the island of Guanaja in 1502, when the Genoese explorer Christopher Columbus received it as an offer from the local natives. Cocoa was brought to the European side of the ocean only twenty-six years later. We can do the same with Lugh, who appreciates scotch whiskey.

Although whiskey has a very ancient Asian origin dating back to 7000 BC, the first distillation of whiskey near the place where Lugh was worshiped dates back to the feast of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, and the first reference to the drink that bore the name of aqua vitae is dated 1494.

A similar situation is found with Jemanjà, a goddess of the seas who particularly appreciates the fruit of a creeping plant that can’t grow in saltwater.

How, then, is it possible to know which deities like which offerings?

I posed a similar question to my grams when I was getting started with my witchy journey back in the day. I asked her how it was possible that before the discovery of microbiology and biochemistry, green witches knew exactly which herbs were suitable for a certain type of treatment for certain types of illness.

She answered in a simple way: during a trip to the world below, the witch asked the spirit of the plant what his property was and he communicated it to her. Simple as that.

Thanks: mattievictoria

I asked this question to some older witch I know and she answered me in the same way: to know the tastes in terms of offerings of many gods she had honored, she went into a trance to contact them and asked them directly what they would appreciate. She told me she worked in meditative states to do so, using her intuition and connecting with her higher energy. So contemplative meditation and divinity is a useful method for getting in touch with them and trying to understand their likes.


There is, however, a more practical method to rely on to make sure that an offer is appreciated or not. We have already seen how it is possible to use instruments to measure the flow of energy such as a pendulum. The same method we use to measure a person’s energy as positive or negative can also be used for offers. After all, everything is energy, therefore everything can be measured.

Sudden Shifts in EnergyYou may feel a sudden shift in energy around you, indicating that the deity has accepted the offering.
A Sense of PresenceYou might sense the presence of the deity or feel their energy in your surroundings.
Dreams or VisionsThe deity may communicate with you through vivid dreams or visions related to the offering.
Positive SynchronicitiesYou may notice an increase in positive synchronicities or coincidences after making the offering.
Feeling of GratitudeYou may experience a deep sense of gratitude or connection with the deity after the offering.
Table 1: Signs of Deity Acceptance

Let’s move on to a practical example. On our altar, we have prepared everything as it should: there is the statuette, ears of wheat, candles, and an empty bowl ready to be filled with what we wish to offer. Inside, we decide to pour beer with fresh mint leaves.

How can we know if the divinity accepts our offer or not?

Using a pendulum

We position the cupped receptive hand, with the palm facing the drink without affecting it, and with the other hand, we hold the pendulum. If the offer is positive, it will obviously mean that the beer is energizing, therefore it is giving energy to us. If it turns out negative it will mean that it is innervating, therefore it is taking energy from us.

My new pendulum! 🙂

We have said that the altar represents the table at which the gods sit to eat. Therefore, the bowl of offerings is, on balance, the plate where the food that is offered to them is contained.

Obviously, the offering that we give on a physical level is not consumed on the dense plane, but its etheric and astral copy is consumed. According to the law of reflection, every single animate or inanimate living being, stone, or natural object has an exact copy on the higher subtle planes.

Demeter, who does not reside on this plane, will feed on that copy, taking away, on balance, etheric energy from the dense version of the beer we are offering her. At this point, our measurement will be negative when it indicates that the divinity is drawing on the subtle copy of the offering, as it is taking power from it, therefore the beer is “losing energy”.

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witch altar

It will be positive when the beer keeps all its characteristics intact and therefore gives off energy as its etheric charge is untouched.

For the most sensitive, this method can also be implemented without the aid of a measuring instrument as it will be possible to perceive a sensation of “warmth” when a substance or an offer is positive, therefore it “releases energy” and you can sense “cold” when there is the reverse. Basically, we measure the energetic state of our body and the subtle bodies of our offerings.

When we enter a negative state, in fact, as in a vortex, our body also begins to lose energy, therefore we will feel it with the perception of a lowering of temperature. Similarly, when we enter an area subjected to positive energy, our body will acquire part of the energy released into the environment.

Applying this technique is also useful for us to understand when the divinity has finished drawing on a given offering and it is time to change it. When we have neither negative nor positive feedback, it will mean that the offer is totally inert. In general, it is still a good idea to change it every day, but in some cases, it is possible that a deity may take some time to fully absorb the energy of a libation placed on the altar.

Indicators of Deity Disapproval

Lack of ResponseIf there is no discernible response or acknowledgment from the deity, it may indicate disapproval.
Negative EnergyYou may feel a shift in energy towards negativity or a sense of heaviness after the offering.
Disrupted OfferingsThe offerings may be disturbed, spoiled, or show signs of deterioration without explanation.
Dreams or Signs of WarningThe deity may communicate disapproval through dreams or signs that carry a sense of warning.
Feeling of DisconnectionA sense of disconnection or lack of presence from the deity may indicate disapproval.
Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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