What Incense is Good for Self-Love? (& How To Do It)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Loving ourselves is the very first step to living a happy and fulfilling life. But how often do we end up not showing ourselves the love and the respect we deserve? With the right incenses, you can boost your self-love. Let’s see together what the best incenses are for self-love.

The most effective incenses for self love

These are the best incenses good for self-love. Make sure you choose the incenses that seem to suit your ultimate goal!

*I found the best quality incense on Etsy. I wasn’t happy with what I found on Amazon! I also suggest that you check what local shops nearby have in stock.


You can buy them on Etsy

Jasmine is considered by Arab communities to be the king of flowers. An ancient legend tells us that they are stars that have fallen to the earth, as well as a symbol of femininity, as they are linked to Venus and the Moon.

Its strong and intense notes provide an immediate sense of serenity and good humor. The scent of this incense helps to let go of self-doubt and strengthens the personality and willpower, strengthens self-esteem, and makes you more balanced.

It gives a feeling of fullness, facilitating interpersonal and sentimental relationships.

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Damask rose

You can buy them on Etsy

Damask is a particular variant of the rose, which has always been a symbol of femininity, love, and sexuality. It releases a light and pleasant scent.

All these characteristics make it, alongside jasmine, one of the best incenses for self-love. Its delicate notes help to free you from anger and frustration. Damask rose, with its refreshing and calming properties, will help you heal emotional wounds and regain self-esteem.

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You can buy it on Etsy

Lavender is a multitasking flower that serves to instill calm and counter insecurity. This incense can be used when you feel invisible, ignored and unloved, or before a presentation, an interview, or an important conversation, to communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly.

Lavender can also help you express yourself with respect and self-worth.

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How to use them?

Using incense for self-love correctly is very important to let them do their magick! I recommend letting the incense burn by itself while doing something for yourself! It could be taking a relaxing bath, performing your beauty routine, or a similar daily gesture of self-love!

If you spend lots of time in a specific room, burning the incense in there can help bring up your vibrations to the optimal level. You can use incense sticks but if you have a burner to hand, then grains spread their scent further.

Sticks or grains?

As I said, grains would be the best choice but if you prefer using incense sticks, go for it! Choose what you prefer! This is your practice, make sure you do it the way you like the most!

Do I need a burner?

If you are going to use grains yes, an incense burner is a mandatory tool to use grains safely. However, if you use an incense stick instead you don’t need a burner. Perhaps consider using an incense holder instead, especially if you want to leave the incense stick burn all by itself.

A prayer to chant while using incense for self-love

You can chant these words out loud to let the incense for self-love do its magic and help you love yourself a bit more.

“I love myself
Magical incense of love
Bless my heart with love
Show me the best side of me
Show me the love I deserve
I respect myself
I honor myself
I am open and ready to cultivate self-love
No time for negativity
It’s time to love
So be it”

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense for self-love, you have two options: you can blow the ashes out your window or you can use them to create a mojo bag for self-love. You could even use it as an ingredient part of the nourishing elements you are going to insert to feed your mojo bag.

Otherwise, if you want to get rid of it, you have another option: bury it in a field outside to let the incense return to its source: the earth! There is no right or wrong, simply do what feels like the right call for you and your practice.

Where can you buy incense for healing?

If you usually buy your witchy and herbal supplies at an herbalist shop you trust, you can buy your incense there, relying on good advice from the herbalist on the best quality incenses for you.

You can also shop online, but you need to make sure the incenses you buy are organic, as raw as possible, and of high quality. This will make you enjoy the benefits of the incense properly and safely for your health.

Buying online can become difficult as many brands offer cheap and low-quality products so be smarter than them! Learn more about the brand you are going to choose and read the reviews from previous customers to make sure you purchase the best possible incense!

If you think you need some magic to help you enhance your self-love, don’t forget I can help you with my spell casting service!

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