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What Incense is Good for Happiness? (& How To Do It)

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Written by: Tina Caro

The quest for happiness can be a tricky one, but with the right approach and with some help from nature and its magick, you can totally embrace a happier life in an easy and relaxing way! That’s why I am going to share with you what is the best incense for happiness and how to use them properly!

Let’s begin!


To enhance happiness and uplift your mood, consider incense with citrus scents like lemon or orange, which evoke freshness and cheerfulness.

Lavender, known for its calming properties, can contribute to overall well-being.

Rose incense promotes positivity and emotional balance, while Bergamot offers an uplifting, stress-reducing aroma.

Ylang-ylang has a sweet and sensuous scent that can enhance happiness. Jasmine’s floral aroma fosters joy and optimism.

Sandalwood’s grounding nature promotes inner peace, and vanilla creates a cozy, joyful atmosphere.

Combine these scents with positive intentions and activities to boost happiness.

Other effective incenses for happiness

These are the best incenses good for happiness! Choose the incense that seems to resonate with your intentions the most.

*I found the best quality incense on Etsy. I wasn’t happy with what I found on Amazon! I also suggest that you check what local shops nearby have in stock.


You can buy them on Etsy

Vanilla is a strong contender among the incense for a good mood. It is very useful for recovering a certain serenity in relationships with other people. Its scent, in fact, has the ability to calm the mood, with a soothing and calming action that reverberates especially on the nervous system. Vanilla stimulates the synthesis of oxytocin and has aphrodisiac properties, thanks to its enveloping and sweet aroma at the same time.

This explains why its fragrance is a guarantee of serenity and allows you to feel at ease and, above all, well-disposed in relationships with the people you interact with. Lavender, on the other hand, is precious for recovering lost balance, which acts directly on the central nervous system.

It is an excellent ally against insomnia and acts simultaneously as a sedative and tonic, facilitating the disappearance of disorders caused by stress and alleviating states of nervousness, agitation, and anxiety.

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Pink Grapefruit

You can buy them on Etsy

The scent of pink grapefruit also brings a good mood: it has a revitalizing, stimulating, and rebalancing action on our soul.

Recommended especially during seasonal changes and in all periods in which there are feelings of strong stress or anxiety, the pink grapefruit has the ability to transmit a great charge of energy and to intervene on the stability of the mood: you can rely on pink grapefruit to pump you full of optimism and positivity, but it is also handy for when you need to find lost creativity or thrive in a new environment.

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You can buy them on Etsy

Orange has a solar value and a sweet, homely scent that allows us to ward off sad and negative thoughts, which can cause fears and tensions. Sweet orange incense is harmonizing, rebalancing, it lifts morale and gives joy, especially on long winter evenings.

Due to this functionality, it is also suitable for those who tend to seize up in tough situations; who’s never had “exam stomachache“? Sweet orange incense is very suitable in this period in which, unfortunately, we are forced away from our loved ones or, in any case, it is different from everyday life.

So, here’s how to make a blend to be spread in the rooms of the house, both in the living room to create a convivial atmosphere and in the bedrooms, to promote serenity and relaxation.

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How to use them?

Light the incense and let it burn while doing something you love, making you feel a bit happier and alive! Dance, sing, cook or read a book! Do what sparks joy and the incense and its properties will help enhance the fresh, positive vibes.

Sticks or grains?

There is no right or wrong regarding the kind of incense to choose. Simply follow your instinct and your personal taste! Choose what you prefer! This is your practice, make sure you do it the way you like the most and what’s easier for you to use!

Do I need a burner?

If you are going to use grains yes, an incense burner is useful to burn your incense safely. If you are going to use an incense stick instead, you don’t need a burner, though you may want to use an incense holder, especially if you want to leave the incense burn all by itself.

lit incense stick by Tina Caro Magickal Spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

A prayer to chant while using incense for happiness

You can chant these words out loud to let the incense for happiness do its magic and help you feel happier sooner!

“I can feel it
Happiness is coming over
I feel happiness around me
I feel happiness within
It’s stronger than any negative thought
It’s more powerful than any darkness
It’s a bright light able to shine my way
I am happy
So be it”

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense for happiness you have three options: you can blow the ashes outside or you can use them to create a mojo bag for happiness. Alternatively, you can bury it in a field outside to get rid of it to let the incense return to Mother Earth.

Where can you buy incense for happiness?

If you usually buy your witchy and herbal supplies at an herbalist shop you trust, you can buy your incense there, relying on good advice from the herbalist on the best quality incenses for you.

You can also shop online, but you need to make sure the incenses you are going to buy are organic, as raw as possible, and of high quality. This will make you enjoy the benefits of the incense properly and safely for your health.

Buying online can become difficult as many brands offer cheap and low-quality products so be smarter than them! Learn more about the brand you are going to choose and read the reviews from previous customers to make sure you purchase the best possible incense!

If you think you need some magic to help you find happiness don’t forget I can help you with my spell casting service!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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