What Incense to Use When Working With Hecate? (& How)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Do you feel connected with Hecate? Would you like to strengthen your bond with the archetypal goddess? Did you know that you can do so using incenses? Keep reading this article to know which are the best incenses for Hecate and how to use them properly to honor her and let her energy guide you and support you throughout the practice and your life!

Who is Hekate?

Hecate (or Hekate), the archetypal goddess, embodies wisdom, magic, and feminine enchantment. She is the goddess of intuition and understanding, who presides over the mysteries of death and transformation.

Relief of triplicate Hekate. Three female figures framed in aedicula, with high poloi on their heads, dressed in chiton and peplos, holding torches in their hands.

She has the power to grant wishes to mortals, although keep in mind that you may get what you ask for in unexpected ways! If you want to learn more about her, read this article and you will have a deep insight into her origins, her magic, and how to connect with her.

The most effective incenses when working with Hekate

*I found the best quality incense on Etsy. I wasn’t happy with what I found on Amazon! I also suggest that you check what local shops nearby have in stock.


Storax is a very popular and very ancient natural resin. The action of the Black Storax is very relaxing and calming and is perfect for calming agitation, even in the case of very strong emotional states. The Black Styrax removes fear, stabilizes, roots, calms. It is also useful in intense emotional stress, especially for those who have suffered aggression.

Its fragrance is sweet, oriental, amber, and very enveloping.

It stimulates equanimity. A very rare Middle Eastern incense of incredible magical power: for purification rituals, magical rites, spells, spells, blessings, powers of the mind, wonders of thought, telepathy, magnetism, hypnosis and clairvoyance. Increase powers in fortune-telling and prediction of the future.

Gambling winnings, happiness, love, and well-being. This incense is considered the most powerful way to establish safe contacts between heaven and earth, gratifying those who work them.

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Laurel is a symbol of happiness. Perfect to use for divination, especially clairvoyance, prophetic dreams and visions. Laurel is also an excellent plant to use for protection and purification. If used before the rituals it can give greater strength.

Also used as a talisman to protect yourself from negativity. Using it for exorcisms and protecting the house from dangerous spirits while connecting with the dead is also advisable.

It is suitable against evil and for particular love rituals. Laurel can be used to open and close a ritual; in this way, as mentioned before, it gives greater strength to the desired intent. It can also be used for luck, especially economic luck.

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Among the various magical herbs found in nature, saffron has been used for centuries. Its field of action is truly vast and extends from love to healing, from happiness to lust, from strength to psychic powers. A plant that can truly satisfy many needs in today’s society.

Saffron is a male plant that comes from the sun. Its main element is fire, but it can still help you enhance your psychic abilities, the ones driving Hekate’s energy and power.

It can also help you during some spellcasting, especially if you want to increase the love between you and another person and the same for lust.


Saffron incense helps psychic powers to predict the future and aids a speedy recovery in case of need.

Other options

Incense TypeDescription
MyrrhMyrrh is associated with Hecate and is often used in rituals and offerings to honor and invoke her presence.
PatchouliPatchouli is believed to have protective and transformative properties, making it suitable for Hecate rituals.
LavenderLavender is known for its calming and purifying qualities, making it a suitable choice for Hecate-related work.
MugwortMugwort is often associated with Hecate and is believed to enhance psychic abilities and facilitate divination.
FrankincenseFrankincense is commonly used in spiritual practices and is believed to elevate consciousness and enhance rituals.

Why should I use incense for Hekate?

You should use incense for Hekate to create a welcoming environment for her to connect with you and let her energy find its way to you. Of course, you can add incense to your magickal works! Let’s see when to use incenses and which is best for each practice!


If you are going to cast a spell dedicated to Hekate and you want to boost the energy around it, you can use storax incense. This incense is the perfect incense to enhance your luck and wealth. If you are going to cast a love spell, you should consider using Saffron instead, as it is a natural love and passion booster!

Tarot reading or other forms of divination practice

If you are going to immerse in tarot readings fully or any other divination practice, you can use Storax. This is the best incense to help you connect with your psyche and let the stars and the energy guide you towards a deep insight into the unknown!

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Contacting the dead

If you are going to contact the dead and you want Hekate to be part of this experience, guiding you and supporting you for a safe and spiritual journey connecting with the deceased ones, you can use Laurel incense, which is just amazing for this purpose!

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Finding inner balance and getting rid of negativity

If you are looking for a way to find peace back again, maybe after a negative phase of your life when you had to deal with some emotional struggles or darkness within, ask Hekate to be your guide towards the best happier version of yourself. Use storax or laurel for this!
To boost your psychic abilities

When casting spells, performing rituals, and doing some more witchy stuff, having the right focus and opening our psychic abilities to magic can be difficult, especially if you are new to this!

Hekate, the Mother of all witches, can help you with this and, together with Saffron incense and a bit of meditation on your magickal goals, you will definitely feel empowered and ready to do the best magic ever!

When to use them?

Hekate’s Incense can be burned when reflecting on the nature of death, transformation, and change and can help address the darker aspects of internal and external reality.

The best days to burn these incenses are Saturdays and Mondays as they correspond to Saturn and the Moon, planets connected with Hekate and her energy.

Saturn – Grounding, concentration, rites of passage, pain management, loss and death, sacrifice, exorcism.

Moon – Psychic sensitivity, self-reflection, astral fertility journey, visualization, working with dreams.

How to use incense?

Burning incense for Hekate is quite simple. You can choose the kind of incense you like and then light it and let it burn when chanting a prayer for Hekate or doing your own magical craft in her honor.

Sticks or grains?

I love sticks and think they are the best and most practical option to let the energy of incense work effectively, but if you want to use grains, you can rely on that. It’s your call and your practice, don’t forget that!

Do I need a burner?

If you are going to use grains yes, an incense burner is a useful and important tool to burn your grains safely, but if you are going to use an incense stick you only need an incense holder.

A prayer to chant while using incense for Hekate

You can chant these words out loud, if you want, to let the incense for Hekate enhance the energy between the two of you and absorb the vibes and the magic of the Goddess. You can also recreate your own prayer if you like, actually, I highly recommend you to do it!

“Mighty Hekate
Goddess of witches
Queen of the psychic abilities
Protectress or the unknown
Unveil the mysteries of your magick to me
Let me be your vessel to create a connection between this world and the invisible world
I honor you
I bow to you
So be it”

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense, you can dispose of the ashes in two ways: blow them outside into the night or bury them in a field to let the incense get back to earth. Do what feels like the best option for you and the magickal practice you are dedicated to!

Where can you buy incense for Hekate?

If you have a trusted herbalist nearby, you can ask them for some guidance. Usually, herbalists love to share their knowledge. In some cases, they are witches too! You can buy the incense for Hekate whenever you want, but just make sure the incenses are high quality so you can truly enjoy the incense’s magic and properties.

Good-quality incenses are also important for your health. Online, you can find great products and many different brands selling incense, but be wise and read the product’s description, check previous clients’ feedback and opinions about the brand and then try to learn more about the history and philosophy of the brand yourself before making a decision.

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