What Incense is Good for Healing? (& How To Do It Properly)

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Written by: Tina Caro

If something is going on in your life causing you pain and emotional struggles, it might be time for you to heal. Healing is a journey, a process of many different steps, but you can start it immediately, easily and practically by relying on incense.

In this article, you will learn how to heal with incense, which incenses are good for healing, and how to use them!

The most effective incense for healing

These are the best incense for healing. Always choose the incense that seems to be the right one for the healing energy you think you need in your life.

*I found the best quality incense on Etsy. I wasn’t happy with what I found on Amazon! I also suggest that you check what local shops nearby have in stock.

Yerba Santa

You can buy them on Etsy

Its smoke creates a healing atmosphere, which is why it is burned during healing rituals and in hospitals. According to tradition, it has the power to attenuate fears, heal inner wounds and transmute them into sources of energy and trust; it offers support to the processes of inner maturation and neutralizes the negativity triggered by quarrels, fears, and aggression.

Yerba Santa incense helps you manage yourself better and correct those wrong behaviors that are often the first cause of illness.

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St. John’s Wort (Hypericum)

For centuries it was also called “Fuga daemonorum” or ‘chase away devils’ in numerous populations of Europe: the belief that the Hypericum conferred protection against evil spirits came about partly because ancient healers used it as a treatment for “melancholy”.

In moments of sadness and dejection, negative forces and demons were supposed to find refuge and strength in those who experience these moods. Starting from this assumption, St. John’s Wort is still used today to treat what we now know as mild depression or anxiety disorders.


You can buy them on Etsy

During ancient times, chamomile was burned as incense to ward off the dark forces that caused the inexplicable and dramatic epidemics of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis; for the same protective purpose, it was hung over the cradles or spread on the floors, even in the vegetable gardens it was placed side by side “to support” other crops.

In fact, since ancient times it has been the symbol of friendship and strength in adversity, it is an incense that offers energy and calm to face the difficulties of everyday life. It burns like incense in moments of strong stress and imbalance to restore peace and calm. Its smoke is also used to purify mirrors and ritual objects as well as to purify oneself.

When to use them?

You can use incense for healing when you feel you are suffering too much and the causes of this pain have to do with emotional wounds, emotional states, and the energy around you.

If you want to boost the incense’s effects, you can burn it on a Monday, the best day to practice healing magic as it uses the energy of the Moon to make it happen.


How to use them?

Start by lighting the end of an incense stick with a lit candle, lighter, or match. Let the tip of the stick burn for a few seconds before gently extinguishing the flame.

The flame should be extinguished when the tip of the stick is red and emits smoke.

The ancient customs in Buddhist rites say to extinguish the flame by slightly waving the stick and not by blowing.

I do it this way and it works great for me, but you can do it whichever way you prefer!

Sticks or grains?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the format of incense you are going use. It doesn’t matter! You have to choose what you prefer as this is your healing moment. Choose what you like the most.

Do I need a burner?

A burner is needed if you are going to use grains so you will have a safe experience. If you use an incense stick instead, you don’t need it even though you might consider using an incense holder, especially if you want to leave the incense burn all by itself.

incense for healing by Tina Caro
Copyright: Tina Caro

A prayer to chant while using incense for healing

If you want you can chant some words out loud to let the incense for healing work faster while creating strong healing energy around you so you can absorb it and feel better!

“Healing incense, bless my soul
Heal my wounds, let your energy guide my spirit to find its way back into balance
I am ready to let your magic do its wonders
I am ready to absorb the nourishing and caring vibes of your power
My life will be better, my spirit will feel better
Blessed be”

A Powerful Prayer for Better Health [5 Min Chant]
A Powerful Prayer for Mind Cleansing [5 Min Chant]
A Powerful Prayer for Happiness [5 Min Chant]

How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense for healing, you have a few options: you can blow the ashes in the wind outside your place, you can bury the remains in a field or you can even use the ashes to create a talisman or a mojo bag for healing. Do what you like!

Where can you buy incense for healing?

You can buy it wherever you want as long as the incense you choose is as raw as possible. If you decide to buy it online, make sure you read all the details and learn something about the brand you will trust for your shopping session!

If you want to heal from some wound in your life and you don’t know how to do it all by yourself, don’t forget I can help you with my spell casting service!

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