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5 Quick Examples of a Relationship Sigil [+DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

As much as we can feel good on our own, alone, the relationship with others truly shapes our whole life. Let’s talk about relationship sigil magick!

In short, whatever type of relationship we want to focus on, there is a particular type of magic that we can practice to achieve our social goals in a simple, practical, and very effective way.

I’m talking about the sigil magick and, more specifically, today we will talk about the relationship sigil, how can it help, and how you can make yours.


A relationship sigil is a personalized symbol created to enhance or improve aspects of a romantic or interpersonal relationship.

It condenses the intention, such as love or trust, into a concise statement, removing duplicate letters and vowels to form a unique, abstract symbol.

This sigil is charged with energy or intent through meditation or visualization to manifest desired qualities in the relationship.

Relationship sigils are used in various magical and spiritual practices to strengthen and nurture romantic or interpersonal bonds.

Their design and complexity may vary, but their purpose remains focused on enhancing positive relationship dynamics.

What is a relationship sigil?

A relationship sigil is a versatile magical sigil that helps us to fix stranded relationships and helps you get rid of bad ones.

How can relationship sigil help?

By planting a seed in the subconscious mind, the intent and our desire will help you solve your relationship problems!

In the past, I have made a lot of mistakes in using sigils for things that just couldn’t work. We must keep in mind that secrecy is a seed planted in our subconscious, so the intent cannot take into account factors that are not (or cannot be) under our control.

If you have problems making new friends, for example, you will not make a sigil to make friends randomly, as this will solve the “now” problem. There’s a chance that you will probably bump into someone new on the streets, and you’ll think the sigil worked.

Instead of focusing on friends only, focus on your ability to make new friends like: “I have all the skills necessary to make new friends so that I live a happy social life”.

Just use your imagination, creativity, and always create goals with maximum efficiency. Don’t worry; I’ll show you how you can do this.

Remember that the intent is being sent to your subconscious. Do not use words like “desire” and “want”; this way, your subconscious will keep you in the eternal loop of wanting or wanting, but it will not work on what really matters, which is the fulfillment of the desire.

Also, do not use negative words or even “no” words. The subconscious tends to ignore negative words; the “no” ends up being suppressed. In case you want to get out of loneliness, for example, you do not use “I am not a lonely person,” but “I am a person with a good life and many friends.”

When would you create relationship sigils?

I think you should create a relationship sigil when you feel that there is some relationship in our life that doesn’t work or when you have a problem with getting into new ones.

It will even work when it comes to working relationships.

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When exactly should you create one?

In my opinion, the best time to focus on creating one is in the evening.
Why? Because surely during the day, we had to deal with many people and those relationships that may need some help, may reveal during the day.

So, in the evening, at the end of the day, spend a few moments reflecting on people you’re in touch with.

Light a pink candle, the color of friendship and social relationships, and meditate for some time.

What would you like to change? What do you need? What do you really want from your group of friends? Think about it and create a phrase that represents your desire.

Now it’s time to create your very own relationship sigil!

How to create relationship sigils?

The most popular signalization technique is that of transforming a sentence into an abstract symbol. It works as follows:

First, write a sentence with your intent.

This sentence should be written in as much detail as possible.

Example: “I get along with all my colleagues at work”. Being in the present moment, the subconscious already begins to work on your desires.

If the intent has to do with something external, you can keep the phrase in the future, but always remember to add a date.

For example, if you want to make new friends,” you should not use “I want to make new friends”, but “I will have new friends this year”.

In other words, it expresses a wish, but without using the word “I want” or “wish” but the active verb “I will”, and specifying the date is super important in this case to really send the energy your way anytime soon!

You have to be specific in your request because you are dealing with the subconscious, and it needs complete information. Otherwise, it will fill in the gaps as you please.


Remove repeated letters of the sentence.

In the example “I am a social animal,” you will remove all the repeated letters and vowels. So the letters you need to use are:


Now gather the letters into a random symbol.

This part may seem complicated, but use a base letter to be in the center and then go on putting the remaining letters together.

To make it easier to connect them so that one uses the shape of the other, so the symbol will be less messy in the first sketch.

Then simplify the strokes of the sigil, then fine-tune the strokes, and finally style the sigil the way you want.

This part is important so that you don’t think too much about aesthetics, just let it happen, get rid of any kind of negative thinking and just make this drawing.

It is also important that you’re not thinking about the final design.

Activation and energization of relationship sigils

As you may have understood in the text, the creation of secrecy is already (or should be) charged with energy.

For those who are used to it, perhaps the act of creation can already be considered the act of activation.

But to ensure you have activated the ideal, do some activation ritual.

The most common form of activation is orgasm. You just masturbate, and at the moment of orgasm, you look at the sigil and need to watch it until you’re done.

However, there are other ways too:

  • Burn the sigil by chanting its mantra.
  • Draw it on a candle and let it burn.**
  • Chant your mantra before bed.
  • View the sigil several times in the first few days.
  • Keep it on the wallpaper for the first week.
  • Hyperventilation while looking at the sigil.
  • Meditation while looking at the sigil.
  • Simply throw it away or burn it.

Remembering here that there is a controversy about forgetting sigils or not, I personally find it more useful to forget it.

I actually think that the main activation ritual is meant to forget.

The anxiety caused by keeping the intent in mind can disturb the subconscious as it starts to connect the anxiety to the intent and may mess everything up.

**Personally, I burn the sigil when it comes to banishing some bad relationships from my life, and I keep it If I want to bring someone in my life! Nevertheless, this is totally up to you! Find what feels good!

My favorite relationship sigils

Here are some of my favorite relationship sigils!

Don’t forget to use these as an example, as a starting point to create your own sigils.


I have friends sigil
Sigil: I have friends


(…Insert the name of someone you don’t get along at all!)

I get along with person sigil
Sigil: I get along with person


I am friendly sigil
Sigil: I am friendly


I am in good company sigil
Sigil: I am in good company


we are good sigil
Sigil: We are good

A special spell with a relationship sigil

This spell is great for attracting people in your life!

It can be either for simple friendship or for something more!

Day: Friday
Moon: Growing or full moon

Things you need

  • A jar of coffee
  • A red marker
  • You own relationship sigil

How it’s done

Turn the coffee jar upside down, and draw your sigil on the bottom.

Open the jar.

Massage the coffee with your hands for at least seven minutes, concentrating on awakening your relationship, spreading positive thoughts, and vibes.

Make the coffee!

If you are alone, drink at least one cup of coffee all by yourself, otherwise offer a cup of coffee to your friends when they come over.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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