5 Quick Examples of a Banishing Sigil [+DIY Guide]

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By: Tina Caro

I have often found myself dealing with toxic situations or people. Do you know what my secret is for overcoming them? A banishing sigil!

Unfortunately, this really affects all of us, and it happens very frequently that we want to distance ourselves from something by moving it away from our life to achieve what we want.

Practicing magic for years, I think I have really tried anything: banishing spells, rituals, sigils, etc. The latter, however, turned out to be the ideal tool to remove negativity from my life.

For this reason, today I want to share with you everything I know about banishing sigils that who knows, maybe they can also prove useful for you and your life. So let’s explore the magical world of these fantastic sigils.

What is a Banishing Sigil?

A banishing sigil is a powerful tool that will banish problems, possible situations, or troublesome people out of your life.

How Can Banishing Sigil Help?

A banishing sigil will help you get rid of bad energies and toxic individuals and help you bring harmony and balance in your life.

By putting it on paper, our intention becomes more manageable because everything becomes clear and fixed in time and space.

The power of attraction is what is the basis of a sigil, and it is certainly also important to know how the creation process fixes our intentions, making them clear, not only to external magical forces but also and above all to ourselves.

This is why I love working with sigils. Besides, being valid and powerful magical tools, they are also fabulous allies of self-rediscovery.

When Would You Create Banishing Sigils?

You can create a banishing sigil when you feel that there is a heavy presence in your life when you know a negative person or someone who seems to hinder your every dream, project, and goal.

Imagine having a negative friend, a person who, although he/she appears to be affectionate, in reality, leaves you with a sense of negativity.

Or imagine finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation. It can frustrate you – your job, a complicated family situation, a relationship from which you would like to get out, but you don’t know how, etc. ..

These negative energies will become like a barrier that appears between us and the universe.

With a banishing sigil, our path is free, and we can finally work only and exclusively with positive and beneficial energies and situations for us and for our dream life.

So when we feel restricted and hindered, it is the right time to create one for yourself.

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When exactly should you create one?

I always recommend doing it when you realize that something is wrong, and when you decide to eliminate something that bothers us and does not allow us to live our life fully.

For example, I often created one before meeting with friends who I knew didn’t believe in me and in my dreams. So I’m using them as a tool against their negativity!

How to create banishing sigils

Creating banishing sigils is pretty simple, and, for this reason, it is a practice that is easily achievable even by novice witches or ordinary people who have never approached the world of magic before.

Why? Because sigils magick belongs to chaos magic, which differs from other magical traditions in various ways.

One does not need to know or believe in a God nor magical symbols, and it is not a question of complex ceremonial rituals to invoke or evoke entities.

Sigil magick is used as the magic of chaos and it teaches us, to evoke and realize in reality, dreams, and desires following one’s will.

A process comprises 3 stages: creation, loading, and release.

Creating power sigils consists of three steps: creation, loading, and release. The sigil is planned, designed, and created in the first part as a physical object. In the second part, it is energetically charged and becomes active. The last part is about releasing it to fulfill the desire.

Creation phase

First of all, you should think about the purpose of the sigil and try to reduce the desire to a single, short, and concise sentence. You MUST also avoid negative words.

Write these words and first delete the vowels and then delete the letters that repeat themselves. In the end, there should only be consonants.

Now concentrate on your desire. You can fit the letters with each other or make drawings or insert magic symbols between the letters.

You can also flip the letters over if you want.

If it becomes a chaotic symbol that you don’t understand, that’s even better! You will forget it more easily by letting its energy free.

The important thing is to forget the desire – forget the sigil – create a mental void as if you were in a trance.

Loading phase

Charging means giving energy. In the magic of sigils, the ultimate goal is not to load the sigil but to load our unconscious using the sigil.

From our unconscious, the change and fulfillment of desire will take place. There are various possibilities to load a sigil.

One example is placing the sigil in a mirror and looking at it. You should keep your eyes open until you see some weird shapes, which will make your sigil disappear.

You could also meditate or dance to exhaustion, use prayer, or use shamanic practices such as beating the drum.

Others prefer to imprint the sigil in their mind and create a sigil with tangled symbols.

Some people use their passions to create sigils and load them with bread dough and then eat this bread.

Find your way because it is not important how you do it, but the aim must be that you have to reach the mental void.

Release phase

A sigil whose meaning is consciously remembered is a sigil that will have no effect and will be useless.

The strength and energy of the sigil must be released to fulfill the desire. You must forget that you have created the sigil. It may sound strange, but that’s how it is!

So you can also create different sigils, and hide them from your view for some time.

There are many different ways of releasing a sigil. You can throw it away, bury it, or burn it.

Some people prefer to leave the sigil visible for a few days because, according to the cognitive theory, the mind forgets what it sees more often.

Suppose you are more experienced and have created the sigil mentally. In that case, you can visualize it as if you were throwing it away or it was lost absorbed in clouds or as it was transformed into a sacred transforming fire that releases its energy.

My Favorite Banishing Sigils

Here are some of my favorite banishing sigils I use! Of course, try to create yours customizing the entire experience and magic!

Go away from me

Go away from me sigil
Sigil: Go away from me

Bad energy fades away

Bad energy fades away sigil
Sigil: Bad energy fades away

Mark (…. some name of a person you want to banish from your life) is gone

person is gone sigil
Sigil: some person is gone

I am free

I am free sigil
Sigil: I am free

No boundaries can hold me back

No boundaries can hold me back sigil
Sigil: No boundaries can hold me back

Spell with a banishing sigil

If you want to bring things to the other level, you can use your sigil in an easy ritual.

Things you need

A black candle represents the problem, the situation, or the person who creates problems while the white candle represents you or your family.
Since this is a spell, you should be aware of the moon phase. It’s best that you cast this spell in full moon.

Now let’s talk about the days of the week. Below I’ll explain when should you cast it, depending in your situtation.

  • Monday for strictly family matters
  • Tuesday for problems related to justice and to disputes
  • Wednesday for communication problems (or school problems of your children)
  • Thursday for work
  • Friday for a relationship
  • Saturday for other external causes
  • Sunday to strengthen your intentions

How it’s done

Take your purification bath or shower, set up your altar, do your devotions to affirm the spell’s intent, purify the sacred space, and open your circle.

If you feel like it, you can call the energies of the four directions to help.

You can also help yourself with a totemic animal (such as those we have seen together in anticipation of the ritual of the full moon last week).
Then purify and consecrate your candles.

If you wish, you can engrave your banishing sigil on the two candles, representing you and the problem in question.

You can also lightly grease the candles with essential oils looking for the various essences that you consider most suitable for the purpose.

After this, tie your two candles together with a cotton thread or a rather long ribbon and wrap it around the two bases so that the candles are close together.

Visualize that the problem you want to banish going away from you and your family and unroll a little thread.

Continue to visualize the problem that goes further and further and again, unroll a bit of thread.

Continue to visualize the issue and unwind until the thread between the two candles remains tight.

Light them, first the black one and then the white one.

Imagine that the black candle “burns” the problem you want to solve while the white one gives you strength.

Cut the thread to separate the problem from you and your family, and let your two candles burn down completely.

In the end, thank the spirits, reopen the circle, and throw the remains of wax.

Final Thoughts

Have you seen how fun it can be to create banishing sigils?

I consider it one of the best methods to get closer to the world of sigils, and finally create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Always remember to dedicate time for your practice, and to have patience and perseverance when it comes to creating these sigils.

Always believe in yourself and energy, and you are already halfway done

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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