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Here’s “How to Hold the Divination Pendulum” (DIY Guide)

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Written by: Tina Caro

A divination pendulum is a great tool for when you need clarity and answers to difficult questions. We have already talked about divination pendulums in previous articles, but when it comes to exploring the mysterious realm of the pendulum and its divinatory magic there is one thing we should focus on: how to hold the divination pendulum correctly.


To hold a divination pendulum effectively, find a quiet and comfortable space.

Hold the pendulum’s chain or cord between your thumb and forefinger, ensuring it hangs freely and still.

Focus your intention and ask a specific question, observing the pendulum’s movements which may include swinging back and forth, side to side, or in circles.

Trust your intuition and the pendulum’s guidance for interpreting answers, and practice regularly to enhance your divination skills.

Using a divination pendulum

One often wonders if the divination pendulum is that it is reliable, but to get certain answers it is important to know how to hold it and how to use it. A good technique is acquired with experience. So, what are techniques are required for holding the pendulum in your hand?

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Copyright: Tina Caro

Despite its apparent simplicity, the pendulum is not an easy divination tool to use. The practice of dowsing requires training and precision. To use a divination pendulum, it is important to position the hands in a precise manner. Using a divination pendulum is a fantastic discipline but it takes months of practice to begin to understand how it works. Do not be discouraged by this fact!

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Place the pendulum cord between the second phalanx of the index finger and the thumb of your dominant hand. Your closed hand must align with the position of your arm. The latter must neither be too close to the body nor be supported by other objects, so as to let the micro-vibrations flow along the entire arm.

Do not keep your arm outstretched, the tension in the muscles could cause you to lose focus. Close the remaining three fingers on the drawstring for a firm grip.

Let the pendulum swing. Once it has stopped, you can start asking questions.

My advice: if you keep your hand parallel to the ground, it limits the movements of the pendulum. By doing so, its oscillations will be more precise and reliable.

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Copyright: Tina Caro

A step-by-step guide to using it

When holding a divination pendulum, the length of the cord is of great importance. The optimum length is between 4 and 8 cm: it must not be too long, otherwise the pendulum will take too long to respond to you.

For a correct position, increase or decrease the length of the cord accordingly. When the pendulum stops swinging but starts making circles, you’ve found the right length.

This adjustment can take some time, but this will give you more reliable answers.

Ensure the pendulum object is straight. Lower the hand holding the pendulum until it rests on the first drawing on the template (the horizontal arrow), then lift it until it hangs.

From now on, focus on not moving your hand.

Fix your gaze on the pendulum and imagine that it moves from left to right, like our first arrow. Repeat inside yourself: from left to right, from left to right … and you will see that the pendulum begins to move with your thoughts.

Repeat the process with the second image of the template, the vertical arrow and focus on the movement, this time back and forth.

The third movement consists of making the pendulum rotate. Place it on the third image, raise it and imagine it rotating clockwise, move your eyes in that direction, following the outline of the object. When you get the pendulum to begin to move little by little, say out loud: this means yes. Remember not to move your hand throughout the process.

divination pendulum by tina caro
Copyright: Tina Caro

Finally, place the pendulum in the fourth image, raise it and imagine it rotating counterclockwise. Once he moves in this direction, say out loud: this means no.

Now you can interpret the different movements of your pendulum when you ask questions!

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How to get answers with an esoteric pendulum?

First of all, you have to stay in a closed, quiet room and, if possible, without electronic devices.

Sit in a chair at a table with your back straight, your feet flat on the floor and your elbows on the table.

Do not cross your legs, arms or hands during the session.

Ask your yes-or-no question clearly and concisely, out loud, with the pendulum still, concentrating on not moving your hand. If it remains static or shows slight vibrations, it means it does not know or does not respond. Try to reframe the question.

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Observe the response of the pendulum.

The pendulum needs to be cleaned before you hold it and use it. It is enough to cover it with salt, remove it and leave it overnight in the open. Then carry it with your hands.
Don’t let other people touch it!

Tina Caro

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