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3 Elder Futhark Runes for Healing [& How to Use Them]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Healing is a very hard process but it’s definitely important to feel good, to find yourself again, and get back on track to keep on living your life at your best.

Did you know that there are some Elder Futhark runes for healing? Let’s learn more about them!


Elder Futhark runes offer a potent tool for healing and well-being.

Specific runes such as Eihwaz, Algiz, Dagaz, Berkana, Laguz, Sowilo, Ansuz, Kenaz, and Gebo are commonly used for various healing purposes.

These runes can aid in personal growth, protection during vulnerable times, new beginnings, and promoting overall well-being.

Incorporating them into meditation, carving them onto healing objects, or wearing runic jewelry can harness their healing energies and enhance one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of these practices can be influenced by personal belief and intention.

Best Elder Futhark runes for healing

Kenaz (Torch, light)

Kenaz offers us light in the dark by giving us the ability to truly see what was previously hidden through transformation. New possibilities open up along with the strong impulse to express oneself through art and creativity.

It means inspiration, revelation, discernment, and artistic talent. Upside down, it indicates loss of intuition and orientation, the end of a relationship of love or friendship, or the failure of a project that has just begun.

Berkana (Female power, growth, and security)

This rune is reminiscent in form of the breast of a mother who has the power to nurture and care for what is to grow and manifest. Berkana is sweet, maternal energy, which can indicate not only birth or marriage but also the beginning of an idea, a project, or a new way of thinking to achieve a common goal.

So Berkana is considered, for all intents and purposes, the rune of beginnings. Upside down, it can mean stunting, stagnation, and disharmony within the family and couple.

Elder Futhark runes for healing by MagickalSpot

Laguz (Water, fluid force)

Laguz rune symbolizes flowing water that carries regenerating life force. It is related to energy changes and growth gained through one’s experiences; it has the task of helping us to understand the cyclical nature of things and to give new impetus to rebirth for the beginning of a new phase of life.

It can also help strengthen sensitivity, harmonize with the “ups and downs” of life, and realize one’s potential. Upside down, it indicates poor judgment, wrong intuitions, and situations that you don’t have the right qualifications to face positively.

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You can learn more about other Futhark runes here.

How to choose the healing rune?

You can choose them according to the message they have for you and if it resonates with the kind of guidance you need at the moment, or you can choose it by using your intuition.

Which rune makes you feel supported in your healing journey? That’s your rune!

When to use healing runes?

You have to use healing runes when you feel you need some spiritual guidance to get rid of your past, heal emotional and physical wounds, and feel energized once again.

The best time to use healing runes

You can use them whenever you feel you need them, but sunset is the best moment of the day as it helps you gather your energies and makes you feel cozy and ready for some time all by yourself, away from others’ negativity and diverting energy, like the kind you find at your workplace.

How to use these runes?

First of all, you should use these runes upright to let their positive meanings spread their energy and influence your life.

You can do a few things with these healing runes:

Use it in your spell castings

You can add them to some healing spell you are casting to boost its effects. You can place it on your altar or nearby the ingredients and the magical items you are going to use to cast the spell.

Use it as a healing talisman

You can use it as a healing talisman, bringing that rune with you, bringing a drawing with you, or in other ways like a temporary tattoo or wearing this symbol in a necklace or a bracelet. Online, you can find many different shapes and jewelry pieces to do it with style!

Use it as a sigil

You can draw a sigil starting with the whole word of the rune! For example, you can create a sigil using the word Laguz and keep it with you to let it attract healing and rejuvenating energy like water.

Learn how to make a sigil here.

Use it to boost healing meditations

If you are into meditation and you add it to your practice to center and focus on your healing process, maybe you decide to meditate right after casting the spell with some visualization and more similar practices, you can keep that rune between your hands while meditating to let it spread its energy and let yourself be ready and open to healing.


Honor healing runes with this chant

“Dear (insert the name of the chosen healing rune here),
Guide me, show me the way to feel rejuvenated, to feel better, to heal…
I am open to get your teachings and I am ready for what’s next…”

Chant this at least 3 times with intention, visualizing that rune spreading its light while you finally heal from the wounds you need to fix.


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Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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