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Candle Magic

High Candle Flames Meaning: Tips and Explanation

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Written by: Tina Caro

Divination can use numerous tools to anticipate future events or explain past events, and the candle is certainly one of the most fascinating divination tools.

Thanks to the movement of its flame, a candle can, for example, herald a difficult moment or anticipate an unexpected event. Here’s how to interpret the movements of a candle flame and all we need to know about why our candle flame is so high.

The cards and the divination pendulum are not the only methods for predicting the future: there are many clairvoyants who use candles. In addition to having a pleasant smell and creating a welcoming environment, candles are also reliable divination tools thanks to the interpretation of the movements of their flame.


High candle flames can carry various meanings depending on the context and beliefs of the practitioner.

In general, a high flame is often seen as a sign of heightened energy and strong intention in a ritual or spell.

It can indicate that the energy being directed toward a specific intention or goal is potent and focused.

However, it’s essential to consider other factors such as the candle’s size and the absence of drafts that could cause a high flame.

Why is my candle flame so high?

If your candle flame is high, it means that the ‘esoteric work’ done is working very well and has already ‘connected’ with the energies or vibrations necessary for the future manifestation of intent, especially if this behavior of the flame continues for a long time (or until the end) while it is burning.

The scientific reason behind it

Experience teaches us that fire and flames tend to go upwards: we see this if we light a match, a lighter, or when we sit in front of a lit fireplace. The reason for this behavior must be sought in the chemical and physical laws and above all in the combustion concept. Combustion is a chemical reaction through which a body, by burning, releases heat and electromagnetic radiation.

Candle Magic and High Flames Tips and Explanation by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

The heat is the key to the “behavior” of the flames: when a body burns by combustion, the flames generated are at a higher temperature than the air that surrounds them. The warm air, lighter than the cold air, tends to rise upwards according to the Archimedes principle, thus giving the typical elongated shape to the flames. They go upwards!

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Divination with candles: what is it?

Since ancient times, man has always been fascinated by fire. In Greek mythology, it is said that it was Prometheus, son of a Titan, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to men, unleashing his anger. In the alchemist tradition, the flame symbolizes the soul, purification, and transformation. It is a guide, a source of energy and insight. This is why mediums often use candles, and therefore fire, as a method of divination.

The cards and the divination pendulum are not the only methods for predicting the future: there are many clairvoyants who use candles. In addition to having a pleasant smell and creating a welcoming environment, candles are also reliable divination tools thanks to the interpretation of the movements of their flame.

How to get ready to interpret candle flames?

To ensure satisfactory results, it is necessary to follow precise instructions on preparing the ritual and the candles. Here’s how to do it.

Surround yourself with a set of colored or white candles, depending on the question you intend to ask (the power of the candles is related to their color).

  • Look for a dark room, away from light sources and drafts. By doing so, the flame will be clearly visible and will not be disturbed by other external factors (even a small draft could compromise the success of the ritual).
  • The ignition phase of the spark is decisive. Light the first candle with a match, and the following ones with the first candle.
  • You can proceed to the interpretation of the movements of the flame.

How to interpret candle flame movements?

Once you have found a dark enough room and have lit your candle, you can begin to interpret the movements of its flame. Know that each movement has a meaning and a precise interpretation. Remember that the candle’s color also affects the interpretation; for example, a red candle will answer questions about the effective and sentimental sphere.

Have you already noticed that the flame of a candle can often describe particular movements? Everything can be interpreted by its movements, intensity, brightness, inclination, and color. The movements of the flame (in a closed environment) are dictated by the energy flows that interact with the fire.

Questions about love, work, or finance: the flame has an answer for everything.

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What if the flame burns highs and low?

Suppose the flame burns high and low alternately. In that case, it is generally interpreted that the person on whom you are doing the rite is fighting against the vibrations emanating from the candle. In this case, add a white candle that you have already consecrated with the power of universal light; it will help.


What if the flame burns low?

If the flame burns low (less than a quarter of a centimeter) and it seems that it is close to extinguishing, it means that the work is not taking root well or that you are working against strong negative or opposite influences; in this case, also add a white candle that you have already consecrated with the power of universal light, as an aid.

What if the flame goes out?

If the flame goes out (and there is no evidence of wind—such as if you work outdoors), the ritual must be repeated. Throw away the candle and start over, loading the new candle, and repeating the entire procedure from the beginning. If, on the other hand, the esoteric ritual is done outdoors and the candle has gone out due to the wind, light it again quickly.

Pros and cons of interpreting candle flames

Divination done with a candle can give us a lot of information, a myriad of often contradictory images. This practice is therefore, energy-intensive and fatigues the person who uses it. A candle flame divination session is therefore generally short, lasting no more than 30 minutes.

During the interpretation of the flame, it is recommended to take breaks, rest your eyes and mind. Staying focused on the flame of a candle for too long can have repercussions on your psychophysical well-being.

If you are trying to cast a spell but the flame keeps going out, it means that the spell should be re-casted or that you need to change it to make it work.

Maybe you relied on the wrong kind of spell, on something that is not in tune with you and your magic.

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Tina Caro

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