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Animal Symbolism

3 Black Crows: Symbolism, Mysteries and Magick

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Written by: Tina Caro

A crow spirit animal represents mysteries, magic, intelligence, and higher perspectives. It is a sign of transformation and reaching higher states of consciousness, self-awareness, and intuition. It is a magical animal totem that helps to remind you of your power and connection to the universe.

So, when you see 3 crows, there is unity and community to be found in these areas. You can expect much joy, celebration, and magical co-creation…


The “3 Black Crows” hold deep spiritual symbolism, representing themes of transformation and change within the realm of witchcraft.

These crows are seen as bearers of intelligence, subtle perception, and a connection to higher perspectives, serving as messengers between the material and spiritual worlds.

In the context of ‘3 Symbolism,’ they embody the Holy Trinity and unity consciousness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all things and the power of working in harmony.

While the 3 crows are seen as positive omens, it is important to be aware of ‘shadow signs’ associated with them, such as overconfidence or neglecting practical matters, to maintain balance in one’s craft.

The spiritual symbolism of 3 Crows

The main spiritual meaning of 3 crows is divine feminine mysteries and a shamanic link and cord to the shadow realms and lands which aren’t accessible to people without higher sight and vision. Witchcraft (love/light/good!) and shapeshifting are frequently reported with people with this spirit animal. Higher guidance, shamanic shapeshifting- moving through multiple realms and planes of consciousness effortlessly, soul alignment, and memory of past, present, and future- symbolize the 3 crows.

CultureSymbolic Interpretation
WesternIll omen, death, bad luck
Native AmericanMessenger of change, transformation
JapaneseEmissary of the underworld, forewarning of danger
CelticConnection to the Otherworld, mystical encounters
Table 1: Symbolism of the 3 Black Crows in Various Cultures

You can manifest your dreams by utilizing the law of attraction and understanding the power of your mind. One’s life’s mission, personal integrity, honor, morality and ethics, personal freedoms and inspirational pursuits are all included in a crow’s medicine. New opportunities and inspiration flow to you in abundance when you stay true to yourself and embody the qualities mentioned… The awareness of past, present and future, and their timeless, unifying, and holographic-quantum essence allows you to access unseen gifts, hidden and invisible realms, and a deeper understanding of self and subconscious influences.

The 3 crows ultimately signify magic, co-creation, and new opportunities! Envisioning your future with wisdom, awareness of your past, and joyful optimism for your future; this is the message.

Intelligence, Subtle Perception, and Higher Perspectives

Firstly, it’s useful to know a crow’s spiritual meaning and symbolism. A crow as a spirit animal symbolizes intelligence on the highest planes of consciousness. This animal has extraordinary sharp intellect and intuition. It can see with prophetic sight, it possesses the vision, psychic gifts, and intuition that extends into the clairvoyant category. Crows are wise, perceptive, tuned into the subtle energies around, and deeply self-aware.

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It portrays our inner desire to elevate our perspectives, so qualities such as love, empathy, caring, loyalty, sincerity, compassion, tolerance, and understanding are all included in a crow’s medicine. This bird is sensitive, more so than may initially meet the eye! Crows have been known to help other animals not belonging to their own species. They possess deep caring and compassion and their evolved intelligence allow them to find unity in apparent separation. As explored in ‘spiritual symbolism,’ crows are connected to divine feminine mysteries and with this comes a sense of unconditional, universal, love.

Flock of crows. Photo by:

Illusions can also be overcome through subtle perception gifts. Dualities can be transformed into oneness, helping you to see from an interconnected stance and viewpoint. With a crow’s assistance, you can ascend and evolve beyond the world of illusions, separation, anger, hate, jealousy, and other “lower” human characteristics.

This is further enhanced by the ‘3 crows’ symbolism which signifies unity and connection. Light and dark, right and wrong, good and evil… all come together to form a more holistic and non-discriminatory understanding of reality and life itself.

‘3 Symbolism’- the Holy Trinity; Unity Consciousness

3 is the number of the holy trinity, the “mind, body & spirit” and “heaven, earth, and the Great Spirit.” Christianity sees 3 as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but non-religious spiritual people have come to see a deeper and more ‘female including’ understanding.

Unity consciousness is the common factor. 3 crows show up to push you onto a path of healing, growth, and cooperation, to remind you of the power of healing your whole self- mind, body & spirit; and adopting a world view that takes into account the heavens and celestial energies up above, and the earth and elements down below, here on earth. The Great Spirit is the energetic ethereal consciousness that flows through all that is.

A crow sees this, they are connected to Mother Earth and her subtle energies. Fearlessness is linked here… When you work towards a more loving and harmonious world, you’re more inclined to want to stick up for others and reclaim personal power. Stepping into self-leadership, personal authority, and new levels of self-empowerment are key qualities of the 3 crows. Bravery, devotion to a higher cause, or to your family or community, selflessness, and willpower are available in large amounts.

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Also, a crow warns other members of their community and other animal species of incoming predators. Crows build their nests high, they have incredible vantage points and combined with their compassion they are the watchers and guardians of their environment. Foresight, vision, and prophecy are therefore linked here, in addition to the ability to “see” beyond the 5 physical senses. Extrasensory gifts and abilities can be used to help members of your community, bringing together seemingly different groups of people, interests, and social groups.

Finally, 3 crows symbolize the capacity you have for speaking your truth, fighting for the underdog, transcending judgment & intolerance, and developing more compassion and empathy. Developing willpower and unity consciousness can assist you in overcoming adversity and a ‘separation mindset.’

Destiny, Magic & Celebration!

Revelationary insight leads to a sense of destiny. If 3 black crows make their way onto your path, you are being asked to step into your soul calling, align with your destiny and live up to your legacy. 3 black crows are a higher vibration of a crow spirit animal, as this implies unity consciousness- coming together with others (as shared above). The divine mysteries and secrets of the universe can be learned and understood through 3 crows, or a crow individually. Life’s magic and abundance are all around; tune into your higher self, the Third Eye, and adapt to the mysterious and ethereal energy that permeates our physical world.

Divination SystemInterpretation
TarotWarnings, setbacks, caution in decision-making
NumerologyCompletion of a cycle, transition, transformation
Dream AnalysisWarnings, hidden secrets, intuitive insights
AstrologySign of potential challenges or obstacles ahead
Table 2: Interpretation of the 3 Black Crows in Divination

Alchemy and personal transformation can be yours with positive thinking and optimism. Stay joyful and count your blessings, show gratitude daily. Prophetic insight aligns you with the source of co-creation, the cosmic consciousness energy field, and subconscious insights & reminders. Power is a keyword of 3 crows. Positive magic, magic rooted in the light, can be practiced and implemented, and wisdom that is only available through a spiritual connection can be accessed.


Due to there being 3 crows, there is a unity to be found in these spiritual and intuitive gifts. You can tune into the subtle energies and mysteries & secrets for co-creation of the highest of levels, like becoming an active member in your community or society. This is not a message of solitude, but of family, sisterhood & brotherhood, and community! Joining forces with others leads to both your prosperity and success and the further expansion of your gifts and talents.

On a higher vibration, magic symbolizes manifestation, the ability to know the power of your thoughts & intentions, and altering physical reality. Some may call this manipulation but when used for good and love it is “positive alchemy.” You can quite literally change physical reality based on the energetic frequency of your thoughts, emotions, intentions, and internal motivations. A mind is a powerful tool and a crow knows this.

‘Shadow signs’- things to be mindful of

A crow embodies the energy of the trickster, its shadow traits including manipulation and deception. Mischievous energy is part of the 3 crows symbolism, although there is less chance of manipulation with ‘3 crows’ than there is with a crow spirit animal (this is because ‘3’ implies unity and togetherness). Still, you need to be mindful of playing mind-games or manipulating others- or reality- for your own will. Selfishness should be replaced with selflessness when you feel this oncoming.

This isn’t necessarily a dark thing, but a crow is linked to death, rebirth, and transformation, therefore making many uninformed people believe it is a sign of a ‘bad omen.’ This is not true! Death and rebirth are symbolic of transitions, change and transformation, so seek to alchemize (positively transform) this symbolism into something helpful. And, of course, be aware that 3 crows can bring sudden changes… it may be uncomfortable at first however all change and growth lead to new beginnings, brighter outcomes, and pathways and relationships more harmonious with your soul.

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As a “dark omen,” be careful of manipulation and deception in your life, either your own or that of others. There is wisdom and light to be found in the darkness, and a crow isn’t actually a sign of bad luck. It is a message of blessings and growth. A minor shadow trait to watch out for is using your gifts, wisdom, intelligence or psychic and intuitive sight to manipulate others, take what isn’t yours or that which is not in harmony with personal integrity and honor, and to become the boss in a dominating or tyrannical way. Crows ultimately live for family and brother/sisterhood- keep this in mind when falling into overly self-assertive or self-authoritative roles.

How to embody the ‘3 Crows’ spirit?

The best thing you can do to connect to this spirit animal is to embody more wisdom, intuition, and subconscious connection. Any introspective, imaginative, artistic, healing, spiritual, or divinatory activity that adds to your subconscious awareness- and ability to access it- is ideal.

Be open to feminine forces and ethereal, spiritual, astral, and multidimensional energies and dimensions. Remember that you are multidimensional, a holographic drop of consciousness in an infinite and often complex sea, and that there is much more to life than physical reality. And what is reality?!

Embrace change, learn to be more adaptable in mindset and engage in positive magic like divination, tarot, crystals, lunar guidance & moon magic, shamanic healing, and spell casting. There is a big stigma around “spells” due to the massacre of medicine men and women, herbal and plant users, and healers (witches).

Spells are in fact intentions and vibrations and those who are aware of metaphysical concepts see this. Be more mindful of your thoughts. Working to heal yourself, mind, body & spirit, will assist in this greatly.

You can also research the Celtic Goddess Morrigan who is specifically associated with 3 crows. She symbolizes the cycle of life and death, the destruction that leads to rebirth and all things new; her powers are linked to prophetic wisdom.

Morrigan on her throne -by mattforsyth

Also, crows represent prophecy and mystic powers in Greek mythology due to the link to Apollo, the God of healing, medicine, wisdom, prophecy, and light. Apollo is linked to the Sun, so powers rooted in the light like music, art, poetry, seeking higher truths, and health.

Become more active in your communities too. Take charge, do things that make you happy, follow your passions, and alchemize wisdom and skills into ways to be of service. Teach, be a way-shower, and step into new positions of self-leadership.

A crow is modest with integrity and honor, yet they know how to use their voice when it’s called for! Be fearless and bold while remaining graceful and community-driven, and be open to change and new opportunities that can lead to success, victory & achievement. 3 crows can help you to find real happiness, long-lasting satisfaction, and feelings of celebration.

Paying attention to signs & messages from the Universe

Consider how a crow makes you feel. Do you believe it is a sign of death or bad luck? If you do, you still need to heal your own connection with the divine feminine, ethereal energies leading to magic and co-creation, and supernatural powers.

There is so much beauty on the subtle planes. Darkness is light in disguise, for those with eyes to see and souls to heal. Feel with your heart and spirit- don’t overthink or overanalyze. Also, are you scared of crows when you see them approaching?

Your response will determine how connected you are to nature, to Mother Earth, and your physical environments. Crows are supposed to bring sensations of warmth, unity, and protection… not fear, isolation, or disconnection.

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Interesting fact: Crows have the largest brain-to-body ratio within all bird species… Their forebrain where intelligence is regulated is highly developed, and a crow’s brain anatomy is similar to humans.

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