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3 Powerful Deities for Protection (Asking for Their Favors)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Feeling unsafe is not a great feeling and having protection is definitely very important when dealing with your daily life. Maybe something happened that made you feel in need for protection. Maybe you feel there is some energy around you that could harm you or you have someone in your life that makes you feel in danger. I feel you.

If you feel a bit lost and you would like a deity for protection to help you find safety and protection, this is the article you need to read.


Deities associated with protection are revered for their roles in safeguarding individuals, communities, and various aspects of life. Here are some deities commonly linked to protection:

  1. Athena (Greek Mythology): Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, is often called upon for protection in battle and defense against adversity.
  2. Horus (Egyptian Mythology): Horus is an ancient Egyptian god associated with protection, kingship, and the sky. He is often depicted as a falcon or with a falcon’s head.
  3. Amaterasu (Japanese Shinto): Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess and protector of the Imperial family. She is believed to bring light and protection to the world.
  4. Archangel Michael (Christianity): Archangel Michael is a prominent angel in Christian tradition known for his role as a protector and defender against evil forces.
  5. Saint Christopher (Christianity): Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and is often invoked for protection during journeys.
  6. Brigid (Celtic Mythology): Brigid is a Celtic goddess associated with protection, healing, and the hearth. She is revered for safeguarding homes and communities.
  7. Guan Yin (Buddhism): Guan Yin, also known as Kuan Yin or Avalokiteshvara, is a Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion and protection.
  8. Sekhmet (Egyptian Mythology): Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess of protection, healing, and destruction of enemies. She is often invoked for safeguarding against harm.
  9. Goddess Durga (Hinduism): Goddess Durga is a fierce and protective deity in Hinduism. She is called upon to defend against malevolent forces and threats.
  10. Thor (Norse Mythology): Thor is the Norse god of thunder and protection. He is known for wielding the powerful hammer Mjölnir and defending against giants and monsters.
  11. Tara (Buddhism): Tara is a Tibetan Buddhist deity associated with protection and compassion. She is believed to rescue beings from danger and suffering.
  12. Ogun (Yoruba Religion): Ogun is a Yoruba orisha (deity) associated with iron, war, and protection. He is often invoked for defense against enemies and adversity.

These deities and figures of protection are venerated and called upon for various forms of safeguarding, whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional. They play crucial roles in rituals, prayers, and ceremonies aimed at seeking protection and security in different aspects of life.

Getting ready

I know how hard it can be to find a moment of calmness and peace when dealing with a sense of lack of protection when you feel lost. But, to get ready for your deity and start creating a connection with a deity, you need to get ready to let the deity energy be able to protect you and surrender yourself with that powerful protective energy.

Before getting started, if you feel like some negative energies are around you and those are the source of your struggles and discomfort, there is a great thing you can do to create the perfect environment for the deity to work and let its energy manifest: cleansing!

I love cleansing and smudging my space when I feel like that and you should definitely give it a try if it’s your thing. If you feel that negativity is already attached to you, you should take a cleansing bath and cleanse yourself and your energy first.

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How to set up your place

Setting up your space to connect with a deity for protection is important so the deity you choose can feel that you are open to receive his/her blessings. Let’s see what the best ways are to set your place.


I know how relaxation can be very hard when it comes to not feeling safe, but you need to do it to truly be open and ready to connect with the deity for protection. Do whatever you need to relax and unwind. Try to don’t stress too much on the negativity around but, instead, try to keep your vibrations high.

Light a black candle

Lighting a black candle is just perfect as the color black dissolves any negativity around you. If you don’t have a black candle you can use a white neutral candle, but it would be better for you to have a black one to let its energy spread all over you and your sacred place.

Create a sigil for protection

If you feel in need of a special talisman you can create a sigil for protection.


Create it, activate it and then keep it with you. After connecting with the deity, you can bring your sigil in your pocket, under your pillow, basically everywhere you go and wherever you feel you need more protection.

Vishnu, Hindu god of protection

Vishnu in the form of Narasimha – half human and half lion. The above sculptor is from the permanent collection of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

How to approach him?

To approach Vishnu, you should be respectful and open to let his energy take over. Let him know you are ready to surrender.

How to ask for his favors?

Ask for his favors by telling something like: I need you and your protection. I surrender to you. I bow to you. I respect your history, your energy, your protection. Something like that would help him know you are truly ready and open to receive his blessings and gifts of protection and inner peace.

Which offerings should you offer and how?

The best offering for Vishnu is honey. This recalls the yellow energy very close to this deity. Offer it to him and then when you feel ready you can get rid of it burying it in a place away from your home.

Saying a prayer and thanking Vishnu

“I pray you, Vishnu,
I bow to you
I bow to your energy, your protection, your peace
Share your blessings with me
My heart is open to you
My soul is ready for you
Protect my and make my heart full of peace and light
Defeat the darkness around me
So be it
Thank you”

Tara, Hindu Goddess for protection

Sulpture Gallery- Indian Museum- Kolkata.

How to approach her?

It would be great to meditate when approaching Tara as she uses it as a channel, a vessel to connect with the universe and those around her.

How to ask for her favors?

Ask her for favors from a place of peace and calmness as she is all about balance and inner peace. Tell her how you feel now, after the meditation, and how you are open to absorb her protective white energy.

Which offerings should you offer and how?

According to Hindu tradition, you should do 8 offerings to Tara, but we can customize it and do it simply as we are not going to connect with Tara for religious matters but for spiritual matters. A bowl of water with a few drops of perfume are just great offerings for her. Leave it for a while and let the black candle burn out completely. She is going to love it.

Saying a prayer and thanking Tara

“Almighty Tara, creature of light, spirit of protection, mother of calmness
I bow to your energy
I bow to your blessings
I am here, a humble soul needing for your protection
Make me feel your energy all around me
Make me feel your light on my dark paths
I surrender to you
I rely on you
I adore you
Thank you”

Quiritis, Roman protectress for family and motherhood

Juno, by Jacques Louis Dubois. Painting, 19th century.

How to approach her?

Quiritis is all about protecting women supporting them when in need of some special guidance and preventing them from having to handle negative forces. Often identified with the goddess Juno, Quiritis is like the mother and protects motherhood and those who feel their family is in danger and needs protection.

How to ask for her favors?

Ask for her favors by calling her Great Mother, share with her your worries and why you need her protection. She is going to send her energy to you if you truly open your heart to her.

Which offerings should you offer and how?

Offer some water in a bowl with a feather. She is going to love it. When you feel it is appropriate to get rid of the offerings, you can throw everything away in running water. The water would be the elements of motherhood and her motherly energy able to protect the family and the feather symbolizes the energy you would like to cleanse.

Saying a prayer and thanking Quiritis

“Mother Quiritis, Protectress of family and motherhood
Might your protection be around me and my family
I need you
My family need you
Protect me, protect us,
show us your loving caring energy and cleanse our soul from any negativity
Blessed be
Thank you”

These are the best ways to connect with deities for protection.

In case you want to attract protection the old-fashioned witchy way, cast a protection spell or, if you don’t feel like casting it yourself, don’t forget I can do it for you with my spell casting service!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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