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3 Deities for Healing [& How to Ask for Their Favors]

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Written by: Tina Caro

We all have healing powers within. We might want to heal ourselves from physical traumas and illness but also from emotional wounds. Knowing how to heal and how to unveil the regenerating process in each one of us is pure magic!

As you might know, there are many different ways to heal, but what if we could rely on some deities for healing to help their energy and their powers give us all we need to heal at a deeper level?

With this article, I am going to share which are the best deities for healing and how to connect with them to cultivate some rejuvenating magic able to heal you and make you feel at your best mind, body, and soul.


Deities associated with healing are revered for their ability to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to those in need. Here are some deities commonly linked to healing:

  1. Asclepius (Greek Mythology): Asclepius is the Greek god of healing and medicine. He is often depicted with a staff entwined by a serpent, which has become a symbol of healing.
  2. Hygieia (Greek Mythology): Hygieia is the Greek goddess of good health, cleanliness, and sanitation. She is often invoked for hygiene and well-being.
  3. Apollo (Greek Mythology): Apollo, in addition to being the god of the sun and the arts, is also associated with healing. He is believed to have the power to cure diseases and illnesses.
  4. Bragi (Norse Mythology): Bragi is a Norse god of poetry and eloquence, and his soothing words and music were believed to have healing properties.
  5. Aceso (Greek Mythology): Aceso is a Greek goddess of the healing process and the curing of illnesses. She is considered a daughter of Asclepius.
  6. Sekhmet (Egyptian Mythology): Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess associated with both healing and destruction. She is believed to possess the power to cure diseases and protect against plagues.
  7. Aja (Yoruba Religion): Aja is a Yoruba orisha (deity) associated with medicinal herbs and healing practices. She is invoked for healing and recovery.
  8. White Buffalo Calf Woman (Lakota Sioux Mythology): White Buffalo Calf Woman is a revered figure in Lakota Sioux mythology. She is associated with healing and sacred ceremonies.
  9. Athena Hygieia (Greek Mythology): Athena, in her aspect as Athena Hygieia, is associated with preventing illness and promoting good health.
  10. Ixchel (Mayan Mythology): Ixchel is a Mayan goddess of healing, fertility, and childbirth. She is often depicted as a woman holding a snake.
  11. Ninshubur (Sumerian Mythology): Ninshubur is a Sumerian goddess associated with healing and protection. She is often seen as a messenger and companion to other deities.
  12. Airmid (Irish Mythology): Airmid is an Irish goddess of healing and herbal medicine. She is associated with the knowledge of medicinal plants.

These deities and gods of healing often play significant roles in rituals, prayers, and ceremonies aimed at seeking healing and well-being for individuals and communities. They represent the hope and belief in the power of divine intervention to alleviate suffering and restore health.

Getting ready for your deity

Before connecting with your deity for healing you should work on yourself a little bit to get ready for him/her to receive the energy needed to heal.

First of all, if you don’t feel at your best and some negative feelings are taking over, make sure to create some moments of relaxation, moments where you can reconnect with positivity. Take a walk outside, be thankful for what you have, honor life and yourself for all you are and all you have.

Then, consider that the healing energy of the deities is an extra, a huge plus but your body and your mind are capable of healing themselves on their own. You only need to trust the process and believe in your energy.

So, if negativity is around you it can be a great idea to cleanse your space and yourself while connecting with some fresh positive energy, amazing for both your body and your soul. Taking a cleansing bath can be another wonderful idea. If you feel your energy is a bit low and you feel like crap an energizing bath is a right choice for you.

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How to set up your space?

Setting up your space properly to connect with your deity will create the right atmosphere to let the deity feel welcomed, loved, and cared for. These are tips, not fixed rules!


If you feel something is not in your chord, just skip it but if instead, you feel some idea would be amazing for you, go for it!

Light up a blue candle

A blue candle is a right candle to enhance healing power and attract even more powerful and healing energies your way. You can use a white candle instead if you don’t have one.

Create a sigil for healing

Creating a sigil for healing is another great idea for you to create something powerful and full of your intentions and expectations. After, you will have a talisman to bring whenever you want. If you want to use it as a talisman keep it attached to your skin.


Meditation for healing is amazing. It can help you connect with your body and your soul while visualizing your body and your soul rejuvenating and healing coming back to its best version and to life.

Aceso, Greek goddess of the healing process

How to approach her?

The best way to approach her is to state how you feel and ask her for some guidance to embark on a healing journey. She is the goddess of the healing process, the one you take step by step, day by day with patience and loving, caring gestures towards yourself.

How to ask for her favors?

Ask her for favor as you would ask a loving sister. She had a strong bond with her sister Panacea. This approach would be the best to ask her for favors.

Ask something like: I am doing all I can to heal. I am on my journey and I am here to taking every step of the way with mindful moments and gestures. She would love that!

Which offerings should you offer and how?

The best offering you can offer is taking care of yourself and doing all you can to keep on living your healing journey properly. Do something for you a little bit every day and ask her for guidance each time you do.

Saying a prayer and thanking Aceso

“Aceso, goddess of the healing process
Be my guide for this journey or healing
I respect my health, I trust my body,
I empower my energy, I honor life
Lighten my way to a better health
Guide me each step of the way
Send your healing energy when needed
So be it
Thank you”

Asclepius, Greek god of medicine

Statue of Asclepius, exhibited in the Museum of Epidaurus Theatre.

How to approach him?

The best to approach Asclepius is trusting him and relying completely on his energy and his wisdom.

How to ask for his favors?

Ask for him to use all his wisdom and energy to lead you to the best cure and the best way to heal. Say something like: Asclepius, you know what’s best for me, for my health. I trust you. I trust the energy within. Something like that would be just great.

Which offerings should you offer and how?

Actually, for Asclepius, there isn’t a specific offering he prefers. As long as you offer something, even the tiniest thing if offered with devotion and respect would be something he would appreciate.

Saying a prayer and thanking Asclepius

“Asclepius, Father God of healing
Master of healing arts, Master of wisdom
Enlighten me with your energy,
My body and soul are open and receptive to absorb your powers, your blessings
I trust you, I trust your knowledge, I trust your energy
I acknowledge your ancient wise magic
So be it
Thank you”

Airmed, Irish Goddess of healing and herbal medicine

airmid by shelly mooney
Airmid, by Shelly Mooney

How to approach her?

The best way to approach her is by acknowledging her wisdom in the healing arts but also her connection with nature.

How to ask for her favors?

Be humble and open to get her lessons and guidance. Consider her as a teacher who knows what’s best for your health. If you are into magic and you are going to use this connection to enhance a spell you casted, let her know what you are doing and that you are relying on nature as she used to do.

Which offerings should you offer and how?

Offer some medical herbs to her, (even better some herbs for healing) maybe even with a mortar and a pestle, instruments useful to create special healing potions.

After the ceremony, you can bury the herbs in a place away from your home. Another great offering would be casting a green magick spell or using some herbs to create a natural healing tea.

Saying a prayer and thanking Airmed

“Airmed, goddess of herbal medicine, mother of healing
Your craft and your energy might support my healing journey
My body needs you and your healing knowledge to heal
My soul is ready for you to be my mentor in this journey
I open my heart to you… I offer my dedication to you
Heal me, guide me, bless me
So be it
Thank you”

These are the best way to connect with deities for healing.

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Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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