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Animal Symbolism

Crow Spirit Animal Meaning: Symbolism and Dreams

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Written by: Tina Caro

Is crow a positive or a negative symbol? It depends on how you choose to observe it. In fact, behind every image, there can be infinite meanings and there are very few animals to which such different characteristics are attributed. Let’s learn more about the meaning of a crow as a spirit animal, dream interpretation, and more.


Crows hold significant spiritual symbolism in various cultures and belief systems. They are often associated with magic, mystery, and transformation.

In many Native American cultures, crows are considered powerful spirit animals representing change and the ability to see beyond illusions.

In other traditions, crows are seen as messengers between the physical world and the spirit realm, carrying knowledge and insights.

Their presence is thought to signify a time of personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Meaning of a Crow in Esotericism

Dark, lugubrious and mysterious. The crow is often associated with nefarious and infernal messages in Western culture. Accustomed to eating carcasses, it recalls the image of dead and lifeless bodies.

Video about the symbolic meaning of crows

If we study the legends of cultures, from Irish Celts to American Indians, then the raven evokes powerful, positive and fascinating vibes, in total contrast to the symbolism of Christian Europe.

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Spirit Animal TraitsDescription
IntelligencePossesses high levels of intelligence, problem-solving skills, and adaptability.
CuriosityExhibits curiosity and an inquisitive nature, constantly seeking knowledge and new experiences.
FearlessnessRepresents fearlessness and the ability to face challenges head-on.
TransformationSignifies the power of transformation and embracing personal growth.
LoyaltyDemonstrates loyalty, both to its own kind and to those it considers part of its flock.
Table 1: Crow Spirit Animal Traits

Symbol of evil and witches

In medieval times, crows were associated with witches along with cats. It was believed, in fact, that the crows were their diabolical messengers and that the brides of the Devil could take the form of blackbirds in case of need. One of Disney’s most Gothic and disturbing evil characters, the Maleficent witch, is always accompanied by a crow.

The crow is a malign symbol in demonology treatises – Malphas and the Harabs.

The powerful Malphas is a Prince of Hell, 39th Demon invoked by King Solomon, who can turn into a crow.


The Harabs are the horrible ravens of death, rebellious spirits in the service of Baal, the Lord of Murder.

Symbol of Odin, called the crow-god

The crow is a sacred symbol of Odin, the god of the Vikings. With his warlike and powerful divinity, Odin has two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. He frees his ravens at sunrise to fly around the world. They return in the evening and lean on God’s shoulders, whispering all of the secrets and information they have gathered during the day.

The translation of the ravens’ names is very Interesting: Huginn means “thought”, while Muninn means “memory”. Odin is called “the Raven God” because of these two birds and their importance to him.

Symbol of intelligence

Few know this, but crows are brilliant animals. Like humans, dolphins, and chimpanzees, they are among the very few to recognize their mirror image, to have extremely elaborate thoughts, manipulate tools, and structure strategies for solving problems.

It is no coincidence that Odin’s two crows are called “Thought” and “Memory”: in fact, their thinking is extremely elaborate and they are endowed with a profound and rare sense of memory.

Odin and Frigga

In Japan, the crows drop the acorns on the roadways so that the passing cars open the acorns for them. What is more interesting, they often drop their acorns at the pedestrian crossing, so when the green light is on, recover the acorn in complete safety.

In the Celtic legends of Ireland and the mythology of the American Indians, the Crow is a symbol of extreme intelligence and profound knowledge.

Alchemical symbol of metamorphosis and passage

Even if the crow is a symbol with infinite opposite meanings, there is one meaning that is found in all of its interpretations, regardless of culture and time – the passage.

The crow, in fact, is always associated with a transition from one state to another. It symbolizes the passage from ignorance to knowledge, from life to death, from evil to good, from night to day.

In alchemy, “cutting the head of the crow” indicates an important passage to give birth to the basilisk; the heart and the head, in fact, are often important ingredients for magical preparations.

Metamorphosis, transformation, and passage, therefore, are strongly symbolized by the ravens in all their nobility and power.

Black Crow Spiritual Meaning in Different Cultures

The association of the raven with death originated from ancient times, which is why there are various meanings of its symbol.

For example, in Sweden, crows represent the ghosts of killed people.

Symbolic MeaningDescription
WisdomAssociated with intelligence, keen perception, and the ability to make insightful decisions.
TransformationRepresents the power of transformation, adaptability, and embracing change.
Magic and MysterySymbolizes magic, the unknown, and the connection between the spiritual and physical realms.
CommunicationRepresents effective communication, clear messages, and the importance of listening.
ProtectionSymbolic of protective energy, guidance, and watchfulness.
Table 2: Symbolic Meanings of the Crows

In Germany, they represent the souls of the damned. In the West, primarily, it is considered a bird of ill omen.

In the Bible, several verses use the image of the raven as an example of impurity and evil. It was considered a symbol of bad omens and heretics during the Inquisition. During the flood, Noah sent a dove and a raven searching for new lands. It is said that the crow did not return and that is why the dove ended up being a symbol of hope.


In Greek and Roman mythology, the raven was a symbol of the future. Used in omens, it boded good or bad news. According to one legend, all the crows were white until one of them failed the mission entrusted by the god Apollo to watch over his mortal lover, Coronis. As punishment, Apollo burned the raven’s white feathers, turning them into black, thus cursing all descendants to be born with black feathers.

Apollo and Coronis

One of the cultures that idolize the raven is the Nordic culture. As mentioned before the god Odin carried one on each shoulder as symbols of thought and memory in addition to his intelligence.

Another example of worship is found in some American tribes, in which the raven was the creator of life and water, a figure comparable to God. Several cultures from Siberia and Alaska are sharing the same idea.

In Buddhism, the crow is a symbol of protection. Legend has it that the first Dalai Lama was protected by crows when his home was assaulted, so all the Dalai are protected by them. For Hinduism, it is also a sacred animal. its hunting is prohibited and its death is considered a sacrilege.

Dreaming of a Crow Interpreted

Carl Jung associated the raven as the symbol of shadow itself, or the dark side of the psyche. The positive is that by recognizing this dark side, we can communicate effectively with both our sides. This offers a chance for liberating balance and allows us to access tremendous wisdom, making it the true symbolism of the crow.

Carl Jung

So, seeing a crow in your dream can mean a few different things. Normally, seeing a bird in a dream is a good omen, and seeing a crow is also a good omen considering its intelligence.

As it is not very common to see crows in your dreams, it means that you possess excellent wisdom and must also trust your instincts and decisions.

If the crow is flying, it means that you have to take what is in your subconscious to a conscious level to advance in your life.

Dream SymbolismInterpretation
FlyingFreedom, independence, and the ability to rise above challenges.
SpeakingReceiving or delivering an important message or wisdom.
Gathering with other crowsSocial connections, community, and a sense of belonging.
Black colorMystery, the unconscious mind, and hidden aspects of oneself.
CawingWarning, alertness, or the need to pay attention to a particular situation.
Table 3: Crow Symbolism in Dreams

If it is eating in your dream, it may mean that your current course of action will bring great gifts, but only if you are satisfied with what you are doing.

If the bird is watching or following you, it can mean that there may be positive changes towards you. But if the bird is always by your side, it says that you are not able to make decisions for yourself.

Maybe there is someone in your life who has too much influence on you? It’s great to have friends and people who want you around, but this sign may mean that some of these people don’t have the best intentions of your well-being.

A vast number of birds means that you let yourself be influenced by others’ opinions or that you worry too much about what others think of you.

If you become one in your dream, you are not using your intelligence enough – your subconscious wants to educate you more. In this case, you should do some educational activities: watch documentaries, read books, or learn a new language.

Popular omens about crows

If a crow flies by a window and croaks foretells death. Seeing a lonely crow on a fireplace is a sign of revenge.

It is considered a bad omen if it flies three times over a house and croaks three times. If many of them are seen how they fly towards each other it is an omen of war.

Flock of crows. Photo by: audubon.org

When a flock of them leaves a forest it means that famine is on the way.

How to interpret the presence of the crow?

The crow is a mythical animal and has been a protagonist in many cultures. Different traditions have influenced humanity. Observing the symbols of different peoples can help to describe the symbolism of the raven more accurately.

3 black crows spiritual meaning or 6 crows meaning

When you see 3 or 6 black crows it means you are undergoing a transformation, a change at a spiritual level.

Dead crow symbolism

A dead crow has strong symbolism as it might stand for hope and positivity coming your way. That’s because usually, the crow has negative symbolism, especially when you cross paths with it.

Universally considered a bird of bad omen, the crow symbolizes a curse. A frequent visitor to cemeteries and desolate countryside, it evokes images of death, loneliness, and sadness.

But, as you might have noticed, you can easily interpret crows in many different ways according to the sensations it recalls when crossing your way or appearing in your dreams.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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