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Purple Doors and Witches: The History & Significance

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Written by: Tina Caro

Today I’m going back to talking about colors in relation to magic and how they can be used to give more value and power to magical spells and potions. Today we’ll talk about purple, a very particular color, especially for witches. Let’s see why some witches have purple doors.


Purple doors in relation to witches, can hold diverse meanings.

Some associate them with protection and warding off negative energies, while others see them as a symbol of spiritual connection or transformation.

Purple is linked to mysticism and change, so a purple door may signify personal or spiritual growth.

It could also indicate respect for witchcraft or merely reflect the homeowner’s personal preference.

The interpretation of a purple door’s significance may vary widely among individuals and communities.

Purple is a very magical color!

The properties of this color are aimed mainly at spirituality, in fact, it improves all related activities, but let’s explore this in more detail.

Illnesses have a lot to do with the spirit, some argue that 70/80% of illnesses are psychosomatic in nature and therefore derive from the spirit.

Purple color is used for healings, even of serious illnesses, to increase the spiritual power of an individual, but also for its religious aspect. When you need even more power for magical rituals, use the color purple in combination with blue candles.

Historical EraSignificance
Ancient EgyptIn Ancient Egypt, purple doors were associated with prosperity and abundance.
Medieval EuropePurple doors were often reserved for nobility and symbolized wealth and status.
Victorian EraPurple doors became popular during the Victorian Era, representing elegance and luxury.
Wiccan TraditionIn Wiccan practices, purple doors may be used to mark the entrance to a sacred space or ritual area.
Table 1: Historical Significance of Purple Doors

Purple is also used to find inspiration and for all abstract and astral projects, but also in divination and in the use of tarot cards. Do you have nightmares that annoy you and prevent you from sleeping peacefully?

Light a purple candle, chase them away. Purple candles also represent work, power, and ambition. While your purple candle burns, recite some spells and you could get your wishes to come true. Sometimes, however, doing the ritual once is not enough and you have to repeat it several times before obtaining a result.

You can also wear something purple or decorate your home with the color to attract positive attributes to your space.

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Why do witches have purple doors?

Witches are all about a sense of union and community. They have purple doors to help other witches find them to connect with them but also to use the strong symbolism and the energy of purple color to enhance their psychic abilities and their magic.

Purple and its symbolism

Meditation, reflexivity, psyche, exorcism. Violet is obtained from a harmonious blend of red and blue and from this balanced union comes its magical effects. This color has the magical ability to influence the mind, making it lively and productive.

It is therefore used in magical areas aimed at favoring meditation, reflexivity and exorcisms. Symbolically linked to precognition, this color stimulates the vivacity of thoughts and is used in magic to amplify everything that can be connected by the psyche and the unconsciousness.

Magic and MysteryPurple doors are often associated with magic, mysticism, and enchantment.
SpiritualityRepresents spiritual growth, intuition, and connection to the divine.
TransformationSignifies a gateway to new beginnings, transformation, and change.
Royalty and PowerPurple is historically associated with royalty, wealth, and power.
ProtectionPurple doors can symbolize protection and warding off negative energies.
Table 2: Symbolic Meanings of Purple Doors

In stark contrast to its dark equivalent, purple, violet will favor the ability to see clearly, to interpret what is hidden beyond the visible, thus identifying the causes of anxieties, fears, disturbances, and any kind of imbalance of the mind, finding the strength to be able to exorcise and deal with them.

It will therefore be used for every magical area in which you want to reveal the truth, showing what is hidden behind appearances.

Bringing a light purple object with you will promote the ability to isolate yourself from the confusing environment and to meditate and reflect. Whoever is subjected to the magical influence of this color will be able to develop a better capacity for reasoning and thus find the most correct path to take to realize their goals.

They will not succumb to their fears but to exorcise them, escaping their take on your own safety.

The color purple is attributed to the ability to make wise, thoughtful decisions and to be able to exorcise the fears that grip the mind. For rituals in which you want to use candles of this color, it is good to light them at noon, a phase of the day linked to mental abilities.


If you practice your rituals at night, let it be a night when the moon is black, let it be the light of purple candles that shine in this propitious phase for wisdom and intuition.

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Does purple bring bad luck?

Many people believe that purple is bad for you. Leaving aside the fact that a simple color cannot cause harm, let’s analyze where this belief comes from.

It was a common belief that purple brought bad luck to those who worked in the theater during the Middle Ages. This is because purple is the sacred color during Lent. During this period, public performances and theatrical performances were prohibited. Those who lived thanks to these trades could not work and therefore no longer had the means to support themselves.

A purple color became hated by artists and banned in the theater. You can use the energy of purple to promote the connection with your Spiritual part, with the higher self.

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