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Full Moon Wishes: Tips and Techniques

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Written by: Tina Caro

Full moons are such powerful moments of the month. Their energy is strong enough to help you manifest whatever you desire. If you want to know more about full moon wishes, read this article!

Do full moon wishes come true?

Yes. Especially if they are wishes connected with the main energy of the full moon, which has a cleansing energy. The moon encourages us to start afresh and create space for what’s next.


  • Full Moon wishes can come true if you work with the moon phase energy properly.
  • Honor the moon, clear your mind, set your intentions and work diligently with spells and rituals to manifest your vision.

Full moon wishes can also involve letting go. To narrow down the wish you want to cast on a particular full moon, you can use the energy of the sign associated with each full moon as guidance for what goals you should work towards at that time.

Full Moon wish categories

Wish CategoryDescription
Personal GrowthWishes related to personal development, self-improvement, and inner growth.
RelationshipsWishes concerning relationships, love, friendships, and family connections.
Career and SuccessWishes focusing on career advancement, success, and achieving professional goals.
Health and WellnessWishes related to physical and mental well-being, healing, and overall health.
AbundanceWishes concerning financial prosperity, abundance, and material blessings.
Adventure and TravelWishes centered around travel, new experiences, and adventurous endeavors.
CreativityWishes related to creative expression, artistic pursuits, and inspiration.
Peace and HarmonyWishes focused on inner peace, serenity, and fostering harmony in the world.
SpiritualityWishes concerning spiritual growth, connection, and enlightenment.

How can I make moon wishes come true?

Eliminate the superfluous, purify your environment and the mind and channel energies to enhance the function of objects you decide to use in your ritual. It also helps to clean up domestic spaces and to let go of any heavy emotions from the day prior.

Don’t worry, though, you have time and tradition on your side: people have been wishing on the full moon since the ancient times. The energy flows between witches and the moon are very well established already.

Some practices, if performed according to the phases of the moon, can help in alignment with these energy flows. In particular, on the eve of the full moon, or the day before the moon reaches perfect fullness, the growing energies reach the peak of their power.

Exploiting them in your favor can be useful to obtain full purification of your environment and body, as for an energetic recharge of the spaces. Here are some ideas and symbolic rituals for you to try at home.

Wish TechniqueDescription
Writing a LetterWrite a heartfelt letter to the universe, expressing your wishes and desires.
VisualizationUse visualization techniques to imagine your wishes manifesting into reality.
AffirmationsCreate positive affirmations that align with your desired intentions.
Rituals and SpellsPerform rituals or spells specifically designed for manifesting wishes.
Moon BathingTake a moonlit bath or spend time under the moon’s energy, focusing on your wishes.
Moon WaterCreate moon water by leaving water under the moonlight and use it for manifestation rituals.
Crystal GridsSet up a crystal grid with intention, placing crystals that support your wishes.
Moon MeditationsPractice meditation during the full moon, visualizing your wishes coming to fruition.
Table: Full Moon Wish Techniques

Items and activities that can help with manifestation of your Full Moon Wishes:

White candles

The candle, bearer of light, accompanies and symbolically represents life. It contains within itself the four elements: earth (solid wax), water (liquid wax), fire (flame) and air (that powers the flame). Choose a white candle to represent purity and harmony.

Create an area in which to arrange the useful elements for your practices, such as by creating a small alter in your home. This can be on a table, a windowsill, or wherever you can create a dedicated space. Also place your magical items in different rooms, such as in the bathroom.

Warm bath and deep cleansing

The full moon brings with it the feeling of completion and the need to let go of all that has matured up to that point.

Starting with a bath helps to welcome the new phase of the moon: first clean your tub with vinegar and essential oils.

Then prepare a hot bath, immerse yourself in water with a few drops of essential oil to relax the mind and purify the body.

The full moon is a time of liberation and recharge: opt for jasmine oil, a few sprigs of rosemary, two tablespoons of Himalayan salt and, for crystal therapy lovers, keep an amethyst in the room to bring peace and balance out your energies.

4 Ritual Baths for Full Moon Night [Step-By-Step]

Incense and Palo Santo

Smudging is a most common practice of lighting incense and herbs to be burned, in order to obtain a profound purification of environments, objects and the body.

Among all, white sage, if burned, has antibacterial properties and cleanses the house from negative energies, as well as releasing a very pleasant aromatic fragrance.

Palo Santo is also a popular herb to burn.

Stones and crystals

All very ancient practices, regardless of modern function and use, carry with them an immense symbolic load. Stones and crystals have therapeutic and rebalancing power. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals periodically.

During full moon nights, or even on the eve of the full moon, it is recommended to expose them to direct moonlight to clear them of negative energy.


In the full moon phase, it is useful to set up an action plan for cleaning your home; let yourself be influenced by the overwhelming energy of the full moon to identify superfluous objects that you can dispose of with the help of the full moon’s guidance.

Freeing up spaces is a symbol of cleanliness, lightening, and letting go of what is no longer needed.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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