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What is a Deity in Witchcraft? How do They Help Witches?

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Written by: Tina Caro

I have a ton of articles about deities and how to connect with them but what exactly is a deity in witchcraft? This article will help you bring some clarity over this topic so you can explore spirituality and the connection with deities from a brand new perspective.

Witchcraft is one of the spiritual practices that conceive the divine in both feminine and masculine forms. Witches are not monotheistic: they do not believe that there is only one God. For us witches, the divine is multiple.

And so we have countless Goddesses, so numerous that it is impossible to list them all. Goddesses of the sky and the sun, of the moon and stars, of rivers and seas, of birth and death, of love and war, of the home, of the harvest, and of the spindle to spin.


In witchcraft, deities are divine beings or spiritual entities honored and sometimes invoked in magical and ritual practices.

They can be gods, goddesses, or both, representing various qualities and archetypes.

Deities may symbolize natural forces, emotions, or human experiences and are often revered through worship, rituals, and offerings.

Some witches view deities as sources of guidance and power, invoking or evoking them during spellwork and rituals.

Deity work in witchcraft is a personal choice, and practitioners may have unique relationships with specific deities based on their individual beliefs and traditions.

All witches believe in ancient gods whose cult has been lost over time but which they still practice today; each is associated with various aspects of existence, from war to love, from time to space. In addition to worshiping these gods as superior beings, it is possible to invoke their help while performing a ritual related to their field of influence. There are thousands of deities to choose from, born from numerous cultures.

A later version of the iconic mother- and moon-goddess Hekate, (greek) Selene, Luna (roman), type/style “Phosphorus” (the lightkeeper) attributed by the torch, wearing a mask, which makes the crescent on her forehead appear like horns. Early 3rd century AD

What is a deity in witchcraft?

A deity in witchcraft is a superior help, guidance, or a spiritual presence that can help you do your magic while letting their lessons and blessings forge your life.

The God and the Goddess, the God of the sky and the Goddess of running waters, the God in the deer of the forests, and the Goddess in the birds of the air. A witch sees the divine everywhere.

GreekArtemisHunt, wilderness, moon
NorseOdinWisdom, magic, war
EgyptianIsisMagic, healing, fertility
CelticBrigidFire, poetry, crafts
HinduShivaDestruction, transformation, meditation
AfricanYemayaWater, motherhood, fertility
Table 1: Deity Pantheon and Correspondences

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Deity archetypes and corresponding roles

ArchetypeRole and Qualities
Mother GoddessNurturing, fertility, protection, abundance
TricksterPlayfulness, unpredictability, wisdom through humor
WarriorStrength, courage, protection, justice
HealerHealing, compassion, guidance, wisdom
SageKnowledge, wisdom, divination, magic
GuardianProtection, guidance, spiritual support

Wiccan deities

Wicca does not see divinity as something far from oneself: the Goddess and God are both within us and manifest in all of nature. But who is the Goddess? And who is the God? A small hint of the spiritual identity of the God and the Goddess in the Wicca religion is certainly not enough to understand their essence, so let’s explore the main deities.


The typical spirituality of this religion, along with many other religions and cults, recognizes Divinity in a dualistic form. Both the Goddess and God are the same, they are not distant and unreachable, they do not reside in places inaccessible to the human being, but they are omnipresent throughout the universe.

The God and the Goddess are very ancient, primordial deities, cosmic energies that have always existed and will always continue to exist. They have been known, over the millennia, with many names that, whoever knows the history of paganism, will recognize immediately: Hecate, Eros, Diana, Pan, Freya, Loki, Aphrodite and many more.

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Which diety do I need to choose?

  • Although some witches adopt an eclectic attitude (that is, they invoke all the deities in favor of their spells regardless of the culture to which they belong), others are devoted to a single deity.
  • Depending on your origins and affinities, you may decide to resort to little-known gods, such as Maya or Aztec. The possibilities are endless.
  • It is not necessary to choose the deities some of the time because they themselves may reveal themselves in front of a witch, making her understand that they have been their protection since her birth. Some from an early age seem to have a strange “Imaginary Friend” that only they can see or hear.

With time and experience, you may realize that you feel connected to a particular God or Goddess; they are your patron deities who will guide you and offer you help and advice in the most difficult moments of your life. You can get to know them or build a deeper bond through meditation, magical practice, or prayers.

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I don’t feel like I need a deity. What can I do?

Nothing! Maybe you are not ready to take your spirituality to the next level and that’s completely fine. Respect that instead of forcing yourself into something you don’t identify with! Over time, practicing and connecting with yourself and your soul you are going to explore all nuances and angles of your true essence, and if a connection with a deity it’s definitely going to pop up.

Wait until then and when the time comes you will know you will be ready to open yourself to deity, spirituality and to work on the connection with that part of your craft.

Tina Caro

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