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Most Powerful Wiccan Necklaces for Protection [Explained]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Wiccan necklaces for protection are a must for Wiccan witches who need supportive energy sent their way using the power and the magickal energy of symbols linked to the ancient tradition.

If you would like to know more about these necklaces, you came to the right place. Continue reading this article and we will unveil their meanings, their uses, their symbols, and their powers.


Powerful Wiccan necklaces for protection include the pentacle, hematite, black tourmaline, and amulet necklaces personalized with protective symbols.

These necklaces are believed to shield against negative energies and promote spiritual well-being.

Other options include witch’s knot necklaces, moonstone, labradorite, and obsidian necklaces, which offer protection and enhanced intuition.

Talisman and sigil necklaces can also be customized for personal protection, while Green Man and goddess necklaces connect to protective natural and divine energies.

Choose a necklace that aligns with your intentions and beliefs to enhance your spiritual protection.

What are Wiccan necklaces for protection?

They are amulets that will help you to protect yourself from negativity, they also allow you to keep part of your life on track, balanced and focused, an important foundation to practice your craft mindfully, and to live your best life.

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The strongest Wiccan necklaces for protection

Pentacle: The most iconic Wiccan symbol

The pentacle is an extremely popular magickal symbol in the Wiccan tradition that has its roots in Western occult and esoteric traditions and geometry. Over time, the Italian language has associated with the word “pentacle” with a wider meaning, generally addressing any type of amulet to which a power is attributed. It refers to the five-pointed star inscribed in a circle which, in the West, has an esoteric meaning and is characterized by a specific symbolism.

Of uncertain etymology, the pentacle gained a bad reputation (it was accused of being a symbol of the devil), with the arrival of Christianity. This symbol of pagan origins has always been considered extremely positive, and the ancients attributed to it the ability to protect against negative influences. In occultism, the pentacle performs a ritual function and through the knowledge of Aleister Crowley, it became the symbol we know today, the pentagram inscribed in the circle.

The pentacle tells of the balance of the elements, its five points symbolize water, air, fire, earth, and the spirit. These forces, in a collaborative relationship, summarize both the spiritual and divine power of the universe.

Since Wicca is a religion that fully collects from pre-Christian pagan traditions, it did not take long before the initiates married the totalizing meaning of the pentacle, a symbol of balance and beauty.

wiccan pentacle

In the Wiccan druidic traditions, the three upper points indicate the triple aspect of the Goddess, while the lower points indicate the duality of God, in his aspects of fertility and divinity of the underworld.

According to the Wiccan precepts, the two spaces contained between the upper points add to the space between the underlying points to represent the Wiccan cosmic principles, while the two lateral spaces indicate the duality of the God and the Goddess, who together, give life to the world and the universe we know (the manifestation).

In the Wiccan tradition, the pentacle represents the faith of a believer, and is not limited to representing good but also evil, since both, according to beliefs, are manifestations of the same universality. Wearing a pentacle necklace is a powerful way to protect yourself from energetic imbalances.

The pentacle is not to be confused with the inverted pentacle, or the satanic symbol that has nothing to do with the benevolent tradition of Wicca and the pentacle itself.

The Ankh cross

The Ankh cross can be purchased in different materials but it is important to know that the ancient Egyptians used sycamore wood, hard stones, jasper, opaque red quartz, and that often there was a mirror in the handle.

The cross can be worn around the neck and it seems that resting it on the forehead when you are particularly tired or feeling a little melancholy or stressed, can be beneficial to feeling better.

In addition, the two sides of the cross can be charged by the energy of the sun and the moon, this means that different areas of the body are stimulated. The part exposed to the Moon allows it to stimulate the imagination and helps to fight anxiety and depression, while the part exposed to the influence of the Sun helps to revitalize the body. Wearing an Ankh cross is a great way to instill a life force and protect you against negativity.


Runes are symbols. When they are engraved or drawn, these symbols release energy. Its energy is specific to each rune. Some time ago the runes were carved on birch leaves, wood, or animal bones.

They were also engraved on weapons to provide more energy to the hunter, or they were engraved on chalices or on the walls of houses to ensure protection.


Runes are not magick, but they are tools that enhance magick, their power resides in the one who uses them. The runes can be used in different ways, by engraving them, drawing them or mentally transfiguring them, then transferring our power to a specific rune for magick to occur, or by wearing them as a necklace.

You can choose the right rune for the specific area you feel you need protection in.

wiccan runes
  • Uruz: Specific rune for improving and protecting your physical health.
  • Algiz: Rune suitable for a variety of purposes. It is often used to conclude paper correspondence, by drawing it on the envelope, but even more frequent is to engrave it on a white candle to ensure good luck. It protects from enemies too.
  • Gebo: The rune of love is great to protect your feelings from negativity.
  • Fehu: This rune is used only for concrete objects and wealth. Used to get something material and protect your business from negativity to allow wealth to come your way.
  • Raido: A rune for those who have the desire to travel, or for those who want to embark on a new adventure. It will protect these types of projects.
  • Ingwaz: Rune dedicated for those who want to become fertile or need to boost their feminine energy by protecting themselves from negativity and low self-esteem.
Necklace TypeDescription
Pentacle NecklaceA pentacle necklace features a pentagram within a circle. It is a symbol of protection, balance, and connection to the elements. This necklace is commonly used for warding off negative energies and enhancing spiritual protection.
Amulet NecklaceAn amulet necklace contains a specific symbol or charm that is believed to have protective qualities. It can be customized to suit individual needs, such as a Hamsa hand, an Eye of Horus, or a Celtic knot. The amulet represents personal protection and can ward off evil influences.
Crystal NecklaceA crystal necklace incorporates protective crystals, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or amethyst. These crystals are believed to absorb negative energy, provide spiritual protection, and promote a sense of calm and grounding.
Rune NecklaceA rune necklace features ancient runic symbols that hold protective meanings. Each rune has its own energy and purpose, and wearing a rune necklace can invoke the power and guidance associated with the specific rune inscribed on it.
Herb/Plant NecklaceA herb or plant necklace incorporates dried herbs or plants known for their protective properties. For example, a necklace with dried rosemary, lavender, or sage can provide energetic protection and purification.
Table: Wiccan Necklace Types for Protection

Tips for choosing and using a Wiccan necklace for protection

Intention SettingBefore wearing a Wiccan necklace, set your intention for protection and clearly state your desired outcome.
Cleansing and ChargingPurify the necklace using methods such as smudging, moonlight cleansing, or placing it on an amethyst cluster. Charge it with your intention and visualize the protective energy infusing the necklace.
Personal ConnectionChoose a necklace that resonates with you personally, whether it’s based on the symbolism, materials used, or the energy you feel when wearing it.
Regular CleansingCleanse the necklace regularly to remove any negative energies it may have absorbed and to keep its protective qualities strong.
Empowerment RitualPerform an empowerment ritual to infuse the necklace with your energy and strengthen its protective properties.
Respect and ReverenceTreat the necklace with respect and reverence, recognizing its role as a tool for protection and spiritual connection.

Do I need to consecrate my necklace?

You can do it or skip it. This is totally up to you. I like to consecrate all new items on nights of New Moon, to set my intentions and goals over my tools, so they can embark on a new journey with myself. If it’s a gift from someone, I love and I know this person only has nourishing benevolent feelings for me, I may skip the consecration part as I know that the loving, caring energy this person sends me can make the tool even more powerful and amazing.

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Which Wiccan necklace for protection is the right one for me?

Well, you know best. You know what you would bring into your life and in which area you think you are struggling with the most. Meaning if you need special protection, support, and guidance with that one. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right amulet for yourself, as each one of us is different and has different tastes and preferences.

I really think that you need to really like your necklace, so choose something you would love to wear daily and, choose something that resonates with you. If these necklaces do not resonate with you, just choose something else.

If you are good at doing it yourself, you can even create a special necklace for protection all by yourself, as I always say, you are in charge. Make your own magick.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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