Spirit Guides vs Demons [What’s the Difference?]

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Written by: Tina Caro

I can’t begin to count how many times people diving into the world of magickal entities end up asking me, what’s the difference between spirit guides and demons?

This question is excellent because when it comes to magickal energetic entities, things can get hard to define quickly. Especially when demons are involved, it’s important to acknowledge the entity around you to prevent any danger.

So, today I want to talk about spirit guides and demons and how to work with them.


  • While spirit guides are there to help you and guide you, demons are malevolent entities that are there to use you as a vessel to get what they want.
  • Spirit guides are good presences that make you feel good and comfortable, while a demon leaves you feeling bad, uncomfortable and as if you are in danger.

Ways to Distinguish Spirit Guides from Demons

AspectSpirit GuidesDemons
IntentionAssist, guide, and upliftCause harm, deceive, and manipulate
Energy VibrationPositive, loving, and supportiveNegative, draining, and manipulative
Consent and BoundariesRespect personal boundaries and free willMay disregard personal boundaries and attempt to influence or control
Emotional ResonanceEvoke feelings of comfort and peaceEvoke feelings of fear, discomfort, or negative emotions
Source of GuidanceHigher spiritual realmsLower spiritual realms or the darker aspects of human consciousness

What are spirit guides?

Firstly, let’s start by saying that spirit guides are beings of light, whose task is to assist us in our life path. These entities have had many incarnations on Earth and, having reached an extremely high level of spiritual awareness myself, they then became guides for my soul in this physical body.

Their main role is to help us in our spiritual journey, and they are at our disposal whenever we ask for their assistance.

They are real mentors, and we can consider them amongst our best friends or confidants. They have a very loving, compassionate energy and support us in all our decisions, but they can only help us if we ask for it.

As a rule, guiding spirits do not offer advice or direction, unless they are asked explicitly, however, if there is an urgent message they need to relay to us, they will do everything they can to deliver it to us.

Furthermore, these extraordinary beings are without judgment and never impose on us a decision or a way of seeing reality, so we are free to accept or disregard their advice without fear of being punished or scolded.

In reality, spirit guides never tire of helping us, even if we repeat the same mistake several times in a row. Plus, spirit guides can be someone very close to us, like a relative, a friend, or someone who passed away but still wants to be part of our lives, showing us the right path and support when needed.

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Characteristics of spirit guides

BenevolentSpirit guides are believed to be benevolent entities that offer guidance, support, and protection to individuals on their spiritual journey.
Higher Spiritual BeingsThey are often considered enlightened beings, ascended masters, or deceased loved ones who have chosen to assist and guide individuals from the spirit realm.
Positive EnergySpirit guides emanate positive energy and can uplift, inspire, and bring a sense of peace and clarity to those who connect with them.
Align with Individual’s PathSpirit guides are thought to align with an individual’s highest good and purpose, offering guidance and insights to help navigate life’s challenges and spiritual growth.

Signs a spirit guide is next to you

I really think that you know when a presence next to you is a good one. You might feel supported, not alone and a caring feeling around you. Another sign is if you are dreaming constantly of someone who might have passed away but that was very close to your heart, especially if you dream it while experiencing a very hard challenging time and this dream gives you guidance or special support, it might be a sign a spirit guide wants to connect with you.

Another sign can be spotting numbers like 10:10, 3:3 basically each time you see for example on a clock two numbers repeated this can be a sign a spirit guide wants you to know you are not alone. How beautiful is that?

What is the difference between the spirit guide and the guardian angel?

Some people think a spirit guide and a guardian angel are the same, but they are not. Spirit guides are usually members of someone’s family, ancestors, or deceased friends. Tradition has it that the spirit guides have the same personality they had when they were alive. On the other hand, Guardian angels are entities never incarnated on earth, to whom we are entrusted by divine providence.

What are demons?

Like any other spiritual being, Demons do not necessarily represent “evil”. In religious culture and in Greek philosophy, the demon (from the Greek dáimōn, meaning divine being) is a being who stands halfway between what is Divine and what is human, with the function of being an intermediate between these two dimensions.

Over the centuries, the demon figure has increasingly taken on a totally negative connotation.

In fact, the Bible states that they are the fallen angels cast out of Heaven and that they serve Lucifer, the first rebel angel. However, there are spiritual entities that cannot be exactly identified as demons but which in popular culture have often been referred to as evil ghosts. Take for example poltergeists.

astral projection demons

A true poltergeist has nothing to do with deceased entities (in this case we will talk about ghosts). As a rule, they occur around families with children. Poltergeists (which in German means noisy spirit) are known for their ability to fly things through the air, even moving objects that rarely hit the people present or damage the house.

Characteristics of demons

MalevolentDemons are often portrayed as malevolent or negative entities that seek to cause harm, confusion, or disruption in the lives of individuals.
Lower Spiritual BeingsThey are believed to reside in lower spiritual realms and may be associated with darker aspects of human nature and the shadow self.
Negative EnergyDemons are associated with negative energy and can create fear, anxiety, and emotional distress in individuals who encounter or are influenced by them.
Disrupt Individual’s PathDemons may seek to deceive, manipulate, or hinder an individual’s spiritual progress or personal growth. Their presence can lead to destructive behaviors and negative outcomes.

Signs a demon is around you

A demon, being a malevolent entity has an interest in reaching out to you and making you aware of its presence. One of the first signs a demon is around you is sensing a weird feeling of oppression, depression, sadness and drained energy all the time, especially if you sense it in a specific place like in a particular room or simply in your home, and, when you go out, that feeling is gone.

If you feel it, it may mean that a demon is attached to your home. If things keep happening no matter where you are, the demon might be attached to your persona. Another sign of a demon around you can be nightmares and dreams leaving you with a sense of emptiness and anguish.


In cases where demons are around you, you may find bruises or marks on your body and you can hear noises coming from the walls, like scratching or things moving around for no reason. Sleep paralysis, sickness, and fear are other signs to keep an eye out for that demons may be around.

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More Information

How to work with these entities?

Working with spirit guides

If you want to connect with a spirit guide you just need to listen to them. Follow your instinct because they are supporting you, follow the tips they give you in dreams, or simply connect with them with meditation or prayer (if you are a religious person). Working with a spirit guide is easy because they support you by letting you know they have your back and that you are on the right path of your life.

If some obstacle is around you, spirit guides will give you hints on how to overcome it.

Working with demons

If you are into black arts and you want to connect with demons, you can choose to work with them using a vessel like an Ouija board to get to know that demon and exploring its powers. Remember that you must be extremely cautious when dealing with demons because it can lead to possession or hauntings.

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I think a demon is haunting me. What can I do?

You should cleanse your space regularly, order a protection spell casting, pray if you are a religious person, and try to keep positive energy all the time to raise the positive vibrations and fight any negative vibes created by the demonic entity. If you want to learn more about cleansing spells and rituals check this out.

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