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What Does my Spirit Guide Look Like? [How Can You Find It?]

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you want to connect with your spirit guide and you are curious to know what your spirit guide looks like, this is the perfect place for you! This article will be an easy practical guide to learn how what your spirit guide looks like and what you can do to unveil it and welcome it into your life. Let’s get started.


Your spirit guide can take on various forms, including guardian angels, collective spirit guides, personal spirit guides, and transient or specialist spirit guides.

Some people may connect with elemental spirits, power animals, or indigenous beings as their spirit guides, each offering unique guidance and insights.

Discovering what your spirit guide looks like is possible through meditation, dream analysis, or spending time in nature, where you can attune to their energy and receive messages.

Meditation is a powerful method to connect with your spirit guide, allowing you to visualize and communicate with them, gaining insight into their appearance and purpose in your life.

Who is your spirit guide?

Your guides are loving and wise. They are here to support you. Connecting with them is a comforting and joyous experience. These guides are only here to give you love and light. There are many entities in this sphere, but our spirit guides are all about giving us guidance, affection, faith, light, and love.

My spirit guide is my grandma. I often dream of her when something bad is going to happen as a reminder to stay strong and that there is always a calm after the storm and that I can do it. When I dream of her I use a picture of her for special support and I feel so much better.

How we experience our spirit guides?

You can do this in many different ways and I truly believe you know when your true spirit guide is around you. You feel connected, safe, guided, and absolutely in tune with your life path with confidence and profound trust in your past, present, and future. Connecting with your spirit guides is learning to trust the voice of love.

These guides are here to constantly link and transmute your thoughts from fear to faith, forgiveness, love, and light. Often times, people ask me if a spirit guide can be mistaken for a demon.

Well, I don’t think so because these two entities come from a very different place and from different energy: spirit guides are entities of light, demons are entities of darkness. If you want to learn more about the difference between spirit guides and demons, I have an article for you. Check it out.

astral projection demons

What does my spirit guide look like?

Your spirit guide might look like many different entities, as many of them are included under the “spirit guides” genre. Let’s try to make a classification:


A non-human spiritual creature, in communication with the angels of the higher hierarchies and the Divinity. Entrusted at birth, their task, and the reason for their existence is to protect the person and prevent him from being lost in his evolution or from transgressing the universal laws. Angels have not lived human fleshly existences, they are pure light, they have no gender.


They deal with societies: families, workplaces, and circles of healing or psychic development. Usually, this guide presents itself when a group of people meets periodically for the same purpose: mediumistic circles, groups of meditation, covenants, etc.


The tutelary guiding spirit proper, they are with the person from birth to death or even for a longer time.


They are present either for a momentary period—short or very long—or forever alongside the tutelary personal guiding spirit and the guardian angel for his choice and affinity. At other times, however, they are present only to perform certain tasks.

They are those guide spirits specialized in certain activities: healing, clairvoyance, protection, etc., and they make themselves available to people.

For example, they inspire ideas and knowledge to solve problems, help channel energy and develop the qualities necessary to do a job, carry messages, and ensure that intrusive spirits and negative energies do not create obstacles and do not attack the person.

Companions of artists, pranotherapists, witches, spiritualists, etc. are frequent.


They are entities linked to the world of nature and derive power from it. Their appearance underlines the separation of energy level that exists between. Their teaching is to recognize the sacred and the divine in the earthly world; to find and accept our place in the world and in the universe because we are part of nature and its cycles.

They help us to live an earthly existence by finding everything we need to face the incarnation without damaging the planet and its creatures: e.g. natural cures with herbs, crystals, breathing, and ancestral traditions. They are the memory of the masters of the past, the instinctive wisdom dormant within each of us.

Orpheus playing for the animals

When they manifest themselves as animals they use their form to indicate their specialty (e.g. strength, loyalty, ability to care, clairvoyance, etc.) while avoiding falling into anthropomorphism: they are guide spirits and not ghosts of dead people.

I’ve written a lot about spirit animals here.

Is it possible to find out what or who is our spirit guide?

Absolutely! There are some practices you can try to find out who your guide is, connecting with it and finally having the chance to honor it with some presence on your altar, a ritual, or simply having a figure or a picture of this guide with you for special support.

If you think about it, when you say a prayer, it makes more sense to pray to something that you can picture, right? That’s why this awareness process is so important.

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My favorite ways to learn what your spirit guide looks like


This is my favorite way to connect with my spirit guides. I know this might sound a bit complex and too hard for someone who is new to the practice of meditation but trust me, with the right approach and with the proper tools this is very effective and useful!

I met with my spirit guides throughout meditation! I often used some guided meditations, especially at the very beginning of my journey, and it was great. Here is a useful link you can listen to in order to start meditating and know what your spirit guide looks like.


Dreams are another wonderful vessel to unveil your inner self, your spirit, and, of course, to connect with spirit guides. You have to really focus on your dreams and do things like journaling about them to notice if some recurrent patterns or elements show up over and over again.

First thing in the morning, you should write everything down and see if you can unveil who or what is trying to contact you.

If, for example, you think that someone close to you who passed away is your spirit guide try to ask them, “Are you my spirit guide? Come to my dream. Show yourself. I am ready and open to receive your guidance.” And see if you dream of this person and how you feel about it!

A walk in nature

If you feel a deep connection with nature and natural elements seem to resonate within you, try to go for a walk in nature. See if any animal shows up or if you are attracted by some energy or some flower, tree, or even a place.

A spirit guide can be an elemental guide too! Just open your intuition and listen to your connection with the world around you and within yourself!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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