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What is a Pendulum Used for Spiritually? (Exploring)

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Written by: Tina Caro

A pendulum is often used to ask questions about our future, our life, and our relationships, but a pendulum can actually be used in many different ways. Today I want to talk about what a pendulum is used for spiritually. Let’s learn more about the topic together, shall we?


A pendulum is a versatile tool used in various spiritual practices.

It serves purposes such as divination, energy work, and communication with higher beings.

Users employ pendulums to gain insights, balance energy fields, make decisions, and connect with their higher self or spirit guides.

Additionally, pendulums can enhance meditation, mindfulness practices, and rituals, making them a valuable asset for those on a spiritual journey.

What is a pendulum used for spiritually?

A pendulum is used for checking our chakras and noticing if they are in balance and in tune with ourselves.

There are various means to check the state of a person’s chakras, to obtain information on the energy of a place or a person, or to answer a simple question;, one of these is the pendulum.

It is smart to resort to the pendulum with caution, as its application drains the energies of the aura, which is why it is good to make intelligent use of it, avoiding asking it futile questions.

It is also good to know that, like divination methods or other esoteric practices, the use of the pendulum (radiesthesia) puts us in contact with deep and hidden parts of our psyche, leaving us open and vulnerable even to influences that are not positive for us.

It will, therefore, be good to resort to the pendulum when we are at a maximum physical, mental, and emotional form (any imbalance could generate inaccurate or “controlled” answers) and in safe environments (where we do not feel discomfort, for example).

It is also advisable to avoid resorting to the pendulum in the evening, as it can often attract low-level entities, such as astral larvae.

DivinationPendulums are commonly used for divination purposes, allowing practitioners to seek answers to questions or gain insights into various aspects of life. By asking clear and focused questions, the pendulum’s movements can provide yes/no responses or convey deeper insights, aiding in decision-making and self-reflection.
Energy HealingPendulums are utilized in energy healing practices to detect and balance subtle energies within the body and environment. Practitioners can use pendulums to scan the energy field, identify blockages or imbalances, and facilitate the flow of healing energy to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
DowsingDowsing is a practice where pendulums are used to locate objects, substances, or energetic fields. It has been traditionally employed for finding water sources, underground minerals, or lost items. Pendulums can also be used for map dowsing to locate specific places or to detect the presence of energetic ley lines or geopathic stress zones.
Intuition DevelopmentWorking with a pendulum can aid in the development and trust of one’s intuition and psychic abilities. By regularly practicing with a pendulum, individuals can strengthen their connection to their higher self, receive intuitive guidance, and refine their intuitive skills in various areas, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience.
Clearing and CleansingPendulums can be used for clearing and cleansing spaces, objects, or energies. By using the pendulum’s movements, practitioners can identify areas or objects with stagnant or negative energy and guide the pendulum to transmute and clear the energy, creating a harmonious and energetically balanced environment.
Table 1: Pendulum Practices and Applications

Since, as previously indicated, resorting to the pendulum tends to use a lot of energy, it is recommended for the first several times (even a couple of months) not to exceed a time of 5 minutes with the pendulum.

We will talk later on how to develop the aura and strengthen it in anticipation of the use of the pendulum, but for the moment it is good to know that the peripheral chakras of the hands and feet must first be strengthened.

As for the hand to use, there are various theories about it: for details, I refer you to the specialized texts, however, I recommend that you adjust with a very simple method that I have personally adopted.

How to do it?

It is important to clear your mind first (you can help yourself with some simple visualizations, but don’t focus too much on the details or you will get the opposite effect. For example, visualize a black screen (like a blackboard), then stretch your arms and unlink your fingers in order to prevent muscle tension from compromising results.

Close your eyes, then bring your attention to a point between the eyebrows, exactly at the root of the nose (6th chakra): the activation of this chakra will allow you to greatly amplify your perceptions.

If you have crystals, purify a part of them by placing them on a table spaced apart, then hold the tip of the chain between your thumb and forefinger, letting it swing (not too close) above each crystal.

Do not expect any precise movement and do not try to force the results even if they do not arrive, it is important to initially establish a relationship with your pendulum that is absolutely spontaneous, as it constitutes a channel between you and your unconscious.


Knowing which crystals have been purified and which have not, you can check how you interpret positive or negative responses (if you don’t have crystals, do it on the palm and back of your hand—the back should be negative and vice versa).

There are usually three types of reactions:

  • positive energies (or positive response): the pendulum swings vertically, obliquely to the right, or turns clockwise.
  • negative energies (or negative response): the pendulum swings horizontally, obliquely to the left, or turns counterclockwise.
  • inactive, undefined energies, absence of answers: the pendulum does not move.

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It is often advised to check the type of energy we emit: we swing the pendulum on the palm of our hand, left and right to check if our energy is negative or positive (which has nothing to do with good or bad as much as yin-yang, so to speak) and in the case of negative energy, the common polarities are reversed so the left emits energy and the right receives it (while usually, the opposite occurs).

Before asking a question of the pendulum or to verify the energy of an environment or an object, immerse yourself in the usual bubble of white light and ask 3 simple test questions of which you know the answer; in this regard; it is good to clarify that the pendulum can answer only binary questions (YES / NO); however, the possible answers can be provided through the use of particular graphics called quadrants that we will see later.

As for the pendulum material, I personally recommend hyaline quartz, though you can choose the models and materials that suit you best. Keep in mind that exaggerated prices are not worth the purchase ($15-20 maximum in the case of modeled crystals; in case of other materials, except for precious ones, the price must be much lower).

For the shape, I personally recommend the simplest shape, but also, in this case, I recommend following your instinct; it is you who must get in tune with the pendulum.

You can find a few good ones on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Can I use a pendulum to contact the dead?

No. It’s better to use each magical tool as per its usage. So, use a pendulum to unveil the future, have more guidance, and explore your spiritual persona and rely on something different to contact the dead, like a Ouija board.

Contacting the dead is already a dangerous, dark kind of practice, don’t mess up by using a spiritual tool like a pendulum and try to avoid opening your spirit to dark entities and the unknown.

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Additional tips

Keep in mind that the results are also influenced by the phases of the moon, so do not be discouraged if you do not always have results.

Remember that the pendulum will become a part of you (you will have to treat it as if it were a split personality, an entity in its own right), so avoid allowing it to be used or handled by other people.

When you finish a session with the pendulum, inhale and exhale deeply (through your mouth) all the air from your lungs: you should feel that sense of pressure at the root of the nose vanish (indicating that the 6th chakra is open and that – in this case, it must be closed for safety).

Finally, it is good to remember that the pendulum must be purified and placed in a wooden container or a fabric bag in order to preserve it as much as possible from external energies that could contaminate it (especially avoid electromagnetic sources).

Dawn’s Thoughts on a Pendulum

A pendulum is a weight, (often a ring, coin, a needle, a conical piece of stone, metal or wood or indeed any pendant will do), affixed to the end of a cord or chain that is used for divination or dowsing.

The pendulum is generally dangled and observed. The nature of the pendulum’s swinging gives the user the answer to their questions.

How it’s Pendulum used?

Often, a pendulum is used to answer yes or no questions. To establish initial communication, a series of questions are asked of the pendulum, the answers to which the questioner already knows and the pendulum responses are observed. Or, the questioner may ask “How will you swing to indicate yes?” or similar, etc.

Some people create a pendulum board with Yes or No, or perhaps different answers in a circle and read the pendulum by hanging it over the center of the board and observing which marks the pendulum swings over.

When trying to make a decision, a list of choices can be written down and the pendulum hung over each line in turn to determine which is the right choice.

Alternative uses

When trying to find a lost object, a pendulum can be dangled over a map or the sketch of the layout of a building to determine the location of the object.

One of the most common uses of the pendulum is to predict the birth of a child by swinging the pendulum over the belly of a pregnant woman. If it swings in a straight line, it’s a boy. If it swings in a circle, it’s a girl.

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