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What Spirit Animal is a Cancer? [Zodiac Totem Series]

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Written by: Tina Caro

As you might already know, each zodiac sign has a special spirit animal to connect with. What’s the spirit animal for Cancer? Let’s find it out together with this article!


Cancer’s spirit animal is the opossum, representing adaptability and resourcefulness, just like the creature’s ability to play dead when faced with danger.

Opossums symbolize the importance of self-protection and utilizing one’s unique talents to navigate life’s challenges, reminding Cancer individuals to trust their instincts.

To harness the energy of Cancer’s spirit animal, one can practice self-care routines, embrace their intuition, and explore their artistic and creative sides.

Opossum symbolism encourages emotional healing and learning to let go of past hurts, reminding Cancer individuals to embrace vulnerability and express their feelings authentically.

What is Cancer’s spirit animal?

Cancer’s spirit animal is an opossum! Those born under the Cancer sign can adapt to their surroundings, just like their spirit animal.

They are versatile, able to cope in any situation. They prefer solitude to crowds and often stay up late into the night because, during those hours, they can concentrate better on work.

Opossums are known to avoid interaction between humans and other species, just like those born under the sign of Cancer. However, they are also very loving and caring towards those they love.

This is the sign of motherhood, tenacity, deep feeling, melancholy, and a short temper. People of this sign are very emotional and have a strong sense of protection towards their family unit. However, when confronted, they are generally shy and hide. They have a strong memory and collect all kinds of things worthy of importance.

It is a difficult and sometimes mysterious sign. Cancers live between two worlds, the external one is seen as dangerous and feared, and the internal one, full of memories, fantasy, and feelings. When reality becomes too unpleasant, they take refuge in tomorrow, hoping that their dreams can become reality. Tomorrow is their protection. The bond with their mothers is very strong for this individual.

The family (especially of origin) and the children will always be his reality. So, if he gets married, he does it mostly to lay the foundations of a family unit. The family will always be more important than the partner, especially for the Cancer woman; she will always be more mother than a companion.

Even when she does not marry, the woman tends to assume a maternal behavior towards the family of origin. Under apparent phlegm and imperturbability, these people hide a taciturn but restless and reflective character. These people love to travel, especially by sea. Cancer has a great love for their home, their surroundings, their slippers, and their music.

His sensitivity is extreme, he is always afraid of being ridiculed and can become very, very touchy. His shyness can lead him to show off unusual aggression to defend himself. The ambition is there but it is secret, it often achieves what it aspires to in the second half of life. Distinctive features of the sign are a great sweetness, loyalty (towards friends mostly), great intuitive skills, great culture, and exceptional memory.

The changing character is proverbial; it’s typical for them to be metamorphic and unstable like few others.

Cancer, the Crab, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

People born under the sign of Cancer are characterized by their great fidelity; they are honest, loyal, and put so much trust in life as much as in others. They are naturally positive and can be very grateful.

Just like their spirit animal, the opossum, their company is very pleasant, they know when it’s time to joke and have fun, and when it’s better to be quiet. They are never intrusive and, in case of need, you can always count on their availability.

They are, in fact, people who find it hard to give “no” as an answer; they are always ready to give help and comfort to others, often putting the needs of others in front of their own needs. So, they sacrifice for those they love, never asking for anything in return.

The symbolism of this spirit animal explained

This totem animal specializes in strategy, but when his aims are unsuccessful, he pretends to be dead, so as to confuse the animal he is running away from or against which he is fighting. The opponent actually gets quite confused and usually leaves him alone.

It is usually difficult to see an opossum fighting tooth and nail despite being equipped for it; it prefers to pass for dead or escape through this clever tactic than risk losing life unnecessarily; they can even smell like a corpse just to pass for dead.

The teaching of the opossum is the use of rationality and intuition united in a single weapon in order to find solutions to the problems and vicissitudes of life.

Even a warrior manages to gain from the wisdom and technique of the possum by using the element of surprise and confusing the enemy in a special way when the latter thinks he is outnumbered or in strength.

Victory ultimately depends on the best strategy, and the opossum shows just how important it is to also hone the ability to pretend and surprise.

For the populations of subarctic territories, the opossum is a totem animal and symbolizes the family. This cute mammal takes care of the family and courageously protects them.

Just like Cancer, he is all about protection. The opossum teaches you the strategy of immobility when you need to protect yourself from unwanted external influences. With its marked theatricality, it defends your inner child and helps you to play down. With a strong spirit, the animal looks for nests and makes them welcoming.

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How to work with the energy of Cancer’s spirit animal?

  • Use it as a totem to bring harmony to the family and the community.
  • As a talisman, it helps man to fight for the needs of the family. As an amulet, it protects us against family divisions, dangers towards children, and distractions in family affairs.
  • To honor Cancer’s spirit animal and use it to guide your life, use it as a talisman to protect yourself and those around you. Don’t be shy of this side of yourself and celebrate this connection with people dear to your heart.
  • Respect the slow pace of living.
  • Take some time to decorate your home and make it comfortable for you and your loved ones.


Cancer is a complex sign, but when he can open himself up to others, he gives all his heart and soul! Knowing more about Cancer’s spirit animal is a great way to fully understand all sides and nuances of this zodiac sign to connect with him on a deeper level.

Tina Caro

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