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Tree Symbolism

Lemon Tree Symbolism and Meaning Explained

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Written by: Tina Caro

The lemon tree is ripe with meaning and symbolism. So let’s learn more about its symbolism, spiritual meaning, and uses.

It is a magic tree used in esoteric rituals to call in good energies and clear out bad vibrations. In these rituals, the tree’s properties are recognized: the lemon, the juice, the peel, and the leaves.


Lemons have been associated with various esoteric and mystical beliefs throughout history, symbolizing purity, cleansing, and spiritual enlightenment.

Lemon trees hold magical significance in various cultures, often used for protection and harmonizing rituals, with their leaves, branches, and fruits playing key roles in these practices.

Lemon tree rituals and spells are commonly used to ward off negative energies and promote harmony within a household, making them a popular choice for those seeking spiritual protection.

Lemon flowers are a symbol of fertility and abundance, making them a powerful addition to rituals and ceremonies centered around love, prosperity, and new beginnings.

Lemons in the World of Esotericism

It is one of the most used fruits in esotericism. While not a widely cultivated fruit in ancient Greece and Rome, it was recognized as a symbol of well-being and positive surroundings.

Even today, it is still used to attract good luck and clear the air of negativity.

MediterraneanIn Mediterranean cultures, the lemon tree symbolizes love, fidelity, and good luck.
ChineseIn Chinese culture, the lemon tree is associated with longevity, purification, and spiritual growth.
GreekThe lemon tree has ties to Greek mythology, representing rebirth, purity, and the goddess Hera.
VictorianIn Victorian symbolism, lemons and lemon trees are associated with friendship and loyalty.
Table 1: Cultural Meanings of the Lemon Tree

Magical Uses and Symbolism of a Lemon Tree

Some spiritual schools view a lemon as a feminine fruit embodying a lunar essence. In Christianity, the image of a lemon can be seen with the Virgin Mary, due to its sweet fragrance, pleasant shape, rich healing properties, and as remedy against poisons.

The color of the lemon, yellow, represents the light of the sun’s rays that nurture the lemon tree’s growth. Because of this fact of nature, it is given positive attributes, even used as a superstitious object to remove demons from homes.

VitalityThe lemon tree is often associated with vitality and energy, symbolizing growth and rejuvenation.
PurificationIt represents purification and cleansing, both physically and spiritually.
AbundanceThe lemon tree is a symbol of abundance, representing prosperity, fertility, and fruitful outcomes.
RefreshmentIt symbolizes refreshment and rejuvenation, bringing a sense of invigoration and renewal.
Table 2: Symbolism of the Lemon Tree

Throughout the year, you can see it bloom and bear fruits. It’s often associated with love and fertility.

Below are some traditional recipes used in the old days for magic rituals.

For Harmony and Protection

Take three hairs from your head, each from different head points. The hairs should be soaked for 3 days in a row in oil, whale fat, chopped garlic, and ten drops of blessed wine.

The container in which the ingredients are soaked is to be covered in red cloth and left on the window sill for one week.

After one week, you will add crushed licorice root powder. You will add three drops of lemon for three straights immediately after the clock strikes noon. Take a small diamond and add it to the mixture.

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Protection Rituals

In the old days, it was common for people to perform rituals to set protection for themselves and their families. Protection rituals added in the well-being of peoples home’s, keeping clear the bad energy and inviting in peace and harmony.

All you need is a bowl, saltwater, lemon peel, and olive oil. Add together and let sit overnight. The next day the home is cleaned using this water.

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Lemon Flowers

Lemon is a relatively common table fruit. In the Mediterranean, it grows without much effort. But beyond the tables and into the sacred, it has secured its place in ancient history as a fruit ripe with symbolism.

Its juice may be good for you, but the taste, on the other hand, will have you making funny faces. Surprisingly, this sour-tasting fruit as many sweet meanings with its symbolism.

For instance, it represents the love of fidelity, which is the opposite of sour. Like the one we love, this fruit goes easy on the eyes.


Due to its pleasant appearance, the lemon is given as a gift for visual reasons.

Its sweet scent is something many people favor as well. Lemons, on good years, will be seen blooming year-round. If you look closely at the its tree’s petals, you will notice its edges are violet.

Its flowers can take on this violet color completely if they come from the lemon Meyer, or citrus meyeri, a sweeter variety of lemons.

They are grown as much for food as they are for healthcare and other products. They are a popular ingredient in essential oils.

In the old days, the entire fruit was used and never discarded. Traditional medicines used it as an antiseptic among other things.

Dreaming of Lemons Explained

Since ancient times, dreaming of fruits has been seen as a sign of good fortune, usually pointing to prosperity, well-being, and harmony. But when analyzing a dream properly, we must break it down and go in a little further.

Dreaming about lemons has been linked to our decisions, our past decisions or ones we must make in the future.

This is especially true for decisions that have left a “bad taste in your mouth”, so-to-speak, comparing it to the taste of it.

An example would be a child makes a mistake, drops and breaks a plate perhaps, the child may then have a dream about it. While the moment and the feelings accompanying it might be brief, they still leave a mark on the brain’s hippocampus where the brain projects it into the dream state as a lemon.

This type of brain/dream activity can be noted in people facing important upcoming decisions that they spend a great deal of time thinking about. But it’s important to note that the meaning of dreams will vary from each person since our lives and situations are all unique.

To see a tree in your dreams is a good sign. Seeing it means good fortune in business, health, and social lives. This is our subconscious mind’s way of letting us know it believes prosperity will arrive soon.

Dreaming of Yellow Lemons

Most of them are yellow, so this is pretty common actually. But yellow, cheerful and vibrant, is generally recognized as a positive color. In dreams symbolize wealth, happiness, and joy — either currently present or on their way to the dreamer.

On the other hand, they could also mean that you are arrogant and self-centered and believe that the world revolves around you.

Dreaming of Green Lemons

Green lemons in your dream are a hopeful sign. It relates to accomplishing goals and points to the dreamer’s optimistic outlook. It can also mean that you will have to make some decisions more maturely than you’re accustomed to.

They could also be serving as a warning sign about somebody close to you who is a bad character.

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