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Tree Symbolism

Elm Tree Symbolism and Meaning [With Birth Date Symbolism]

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Written by: Tina Caro

An elm tree: popular in mythology around the world – symbolizing victory, man’s achievement of goals, and more. Let’s learn more about its symbolism, spiritual meaning, and uses.

This sacred tree is associated with life, death, and rebirth cycles. The ancient Greeks believed that the first grove of elms was born around Orpheus. It’s the tree of Hermes, consecrated to Saturn. In Northern European lore, The elm was looked at as the tree of the goblins that guarded the graves of the dead.


Elm trees have been symbolically linked to resilience and endurance throughout history, thanks to their ability to withstand various environmental challenges and harsh weather conditions.

In different cultures, the elm tree has unique symbolic meanings. In Celtic mythology, it represents strength and connection to the spirit world, while in Chinese culture, it signifies peace and harmonious relationships.

Elm trees also hold special significance in astrology, with individuals born under their influence believed to possess traits such as adaptability, empathy, and an innate connection to the natural world.

Elm trees continue to be revered for their rich symbolism and remain an enduring emblem of strength, balance, and the enduring connection between nature and humanity.

Elm Tree Meaning

It is a “feminine” plant according to Germanic mythology, where it went by its ancient name of “Embla”, the elm represents the name of the first woman born.

For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the elm was the tree of Oneiros, the son of the night and God of dreams. The elm was the tree of sleep, dreams, and death for them. Due to this powerful meaning within these cultures, the elm was said to have oracle powers – a psychic tree that was believed to possess the ability to predict future events.

In French folklore, the elm was considered the “tree of justice”. Underneath its branches, judges reflected and received inspiration for how they would rule.

The elm was also considered the tree of justice in France; under the branches of this tree, the judges received inspiration for their sentences. There was a saying that went a long with before sentenced, “wait under the tree of the elm”.

Elm Tree Symbolism in Different Cultures

The elm is a widespread tree in Europe, Asia, and North America. It belongs to the Ulmaceae genus and is popular for wood production.

But in the old days, the elm was considered sacred. For ancient Druid priests, the elm was associated with the Goddess, representing the divine feminine. In Heraldic symbolism, the figure of the elm was used to represent friendship, protection, support, romantic love, and the love among all people.

StrengthThe elm tree symbolizes strength and resilience.
ProtectionIt represents protection and the ability to shield against negative energies.
Connection to NatureThe elm tree symbolizes a deep connection to nature and the earth.
WisdomIt is associated with wisdom and knowledge.
IntuitionThe elm tree is often connected to intuitive abilities.
Table 1: Elm Tree Symbolism

When Christianity came about the Gospels spread, the meaning of the elm took on new powerful meanings. The vine has become a symbol of Christ, who in the Bible states, “I am the vine and you are the branches”. It relates to the blood of Christ, especially concerning wine, obtained from the fruit of the vine. This wine is used to celebrate Mass, drank by those observing as a symbol of the blood of Christ.

Due to its roots in Christianity, we’ve seen it extend to other organizations such as the Knights Templar, who would add “…of the Elm” at the end of their church’s names.


In the Scottish region of Midlothian, the local legend goes that there is a legendary Knights Templar treasure buried and hidden “between the oak and the elm”, further strengthening the elm’s association with the Knights. An old saying goes, “twixt the oak and the elm tree / you will find buried the millions free”. The entire region is dotted with elms and oaks, which share similar symbolic connotations to the elm.

The Knights Templar look upon the elm as being a prophetic tree. Virgil displays the elm in the center of the atrium to access the cave of the Sibyl Cumana. It’s a tree of a clear vision, divination, and prophecy.

Cave of the Sibyl Cumana

The tree also represents our aspirations and intuition. To the ancients, the elm signified dreams was dedicated to Morpheus, and in France “the tree of justice” where judges received inspiration for sentencing. In Scandinavian mythology, the first person was born from an elm; a female tree.

In popular culture, it is the tree that brides turn to ask for fruitfulness. The elm has always been used to support vines, as partners in marriage and friends support each other, it is seen as a symbol for romantic love and the bonds of friendship.

It is firmly anchored into the earth, thanks to its strong roots. Because of this, the elm is a symbol for strength and longevity, whose leaves are made into a bed for children – strengthening their bones and joints. The elm is a magical tree, bringing order to chaos, courage to the fearful, and solutions to those facing difficulties. The elm is a great protector, exorcising evil, it’s seen planted in front of churches and houses as a good omen. The elm is the tree where people gathered to meditate under.

The tree of dreams and dreams being a divine gift, the elm guides us in our asleep state’s journey. It serves as a great liberator as well, freeing us from our past, old beliefs, limitations, and touching our hearts – helping us to expand in consciousness and grow into something greater than ourselves. This is all made possible when we allow the elm to guides us in our dreams.

The elm is the purifier, protector, and liberator – leading us to self-realization. Through the great elm tree, all of our fears and limitations are put to rest as we know our true potentials in this continuous cycle of birth and rebirth.

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Elm Tree and Birth Date Symbolism

It symbolizes those born from January 12th to the 24th and from July 15th to the 25th. This tree serves as a birth symbolism for nobility and open-mindedness.

It gives natives of this tree the ability to understand and communicate with others.

Those born under the elm tree symbolism are elegant people, geared towards decoration and design. Natives to the elm symbol are considered gentle and refined.

The elm gives its natives the ability to plan in great detail, making them quite cautious, and even indecisive at times. This quality of the elm pushes its natives to work independently, not fairing so well to any kind of authority at work.

This tree makes those born under it honest, loyal, and generally loved by family, friends, and associates. If you are a native of the elm tree, tradition would recommend keeping three small elm leaves with you.

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