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What Incense to Use When Working With Morrigan? (& How)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Morrigan is a powerful goddess who can help us connect with the strongest part of ourselves. I love her energy so much! If you love incenses and you feel a connection between you and Morrigan, read this article and learn which are the best incenses to connect with her.


When working with Morrigan, the Celtic goddess associated with war and transformation, you can use specific incense to align with her energies.

Suitable options include Dragon’s Blood for transformation, Myrrh for spiritual connection, Frankincense for communication, Patchouli for protection, and Rose for aspects related to love and sensuality.

Be cautious and do thorough research when considering the use of more potent substances like belladonna.

Always approach Morrigan with respect, set clear intentions, and tailor your incense choices to your specific goals and practices based on your tradition.

Who is Morrigan?

Morrigan is the Celtic goddess of war, death, and destruction. If you want to learn more about her going a bit more in-depth into her myth, her origins, and her magic, read this article!

“The Great Queen / Phantom Queen”

The most effective incenses when working with Morrigan

These are the best incenses for Morrigan. Check their properties and main features and choose the one you prefer that can help you strengthen your connection with Morrigan!


*I tried to find this one on Etsy, but I couldn’t find them… So let me know if there’s any reliable online shop selling them! 🙂

The original name of Nightshade is Atropa Belladonna, which derives from the “parca Atropa”, the one who had the task, in Greek mythology, of cutting the thread of people’s lives.

From it the substance called anthropine is obtained, used as an ointment from the name the whisper of the witches, on the occasion of the Sabbath, also it was used whenever a coven wanted to summon the devil. Nightshade incense is great for those who want to connect with the underworld and the afterlife.

Dragon’s blood

You can buy them on Etsy

Since ancient times, it is believed that by burning this precious red substance, it is possible to exorcise evil, and attract love, and have good luck. Dragon’s Blood incense, in fact, has always found its greatest use in magical-religious rituals. In India, it is still used as ceremonial incense.

In witchcraft, it is indicated to increase the power of love and sexuality spells but, paradoxically, it is also used in compounds intended for abortive use. In Hoodoo, a type of African American witchcraft, like in New Orleans Voodoo, is used to attract money and love, but also to purify places and homes.

It is considered useful for protection during astral travel or simply during sleep. Dragon’s Blood incense is suitable for purifying environments before a ritual, as protection during summoning and invocation, and even exorcisms.

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*I tried to find this one on Etsy, but I couldn’t find them… So let me know if there’s any reliable online shop selling them! 🙂

Blackthorn incense embodies two different natures, lovingly intertwined with each other in a single, intricate design. Brightness and darkness, joy and pain, life and death, come together and entangle tightly in a perfect harmony of opposites, an intimate union that the ancients loved to examine. It was widely considered a representation of the completeness of being.

They probably saw the truth hidden beyond the appearance of forms, a truth that Christian preachers, having reached a time of profound change, did not know, and therefore considered diabolical. This is probably one of the reasons why the wild plum is remembered above all for its dark aspects, which made it a tree dear to witches, ambiguous and dangerous.

The dark color of its fruits, their sour and bitter taste, together with the impenetrable and tangled darkness of its branches, made it a disturbing and threatening shrub, similar to a creature of darkness, twisted and skeletal, which captured the unfortunate who they got too close, dragging them into the unknown darkness of its thorny recesses.

Witches were believed to use their long thorns to pierce fetishes and wax dolls, causing pain, disease, and, in some cases, death to their chosen victims.

A great incense stands as a symbol of Morrigan’s destructive power.

Other incense correspondences for working with Morrigan

Incense TypeCorresponding Energies
Dragon’s BloodProtection, Power, Strength
PatchouliTransformation, Renewal
MugwortDivination, Psychic Abilities
FrankincenseSpirituality, Devotion
MyrrhPurification, Healing
RosemaryCleansing, Protection

Why should I use incense for Morrigan?

You should use incense when you feel your energy needs some external booster from a powerful, strong deity like her! Plus, these practices have their effects boosted by incense!


If you are going to cast a spell dedicated to Morrigan and explore the dark arts and want to boost the energy around it, you can use Nightshade for black magic spells.

When wanting to win a fight or want revenge

Are you always losing arguments lately? Are you struggling to gain the upper hand in debates? You might burn Dragon’s blood to enhance your positive energy and defeat any opponent you have in your daily life. This is also a great option if you are dealing with magical interference from another witch and want to win the fight so your energy can be the predominant one!

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Contacting the dead

If you want to connect with the dead you can use blackthorne and ask Morrigan to guide you into the Underworld. She can help you connect with the souls you are linked to and prevent you from bumping into negative dangerous spirits.

When wanting to become a “warrior”

If you feel a bit of a failure lately (I’ve been there and I know how bad this feels!) you can burn the Dragon’s blood incense and let its energy spread all over while journaling about how you feel and how strong you would like to become to handle any tricky situation life brings to you. You can also use this incense while meditating.

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Cleansing before a ritual or a spellcasting

Use Dragon’s blood to purify and consecrate your space and your magic before casting a spell or performing a ritual. Its cleansing energy is all you need to get your practice started without worrying about any energetical interference.

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Incense Rituals and Offerings for Morrigan

Ritual/OfferingIncense Type
Devotional OfferingFrankincense, Myrrh
Warrior’s RitualDragon’s Blood, Patchouli
Divination PracticeMugwort, Rosemary
Ancestral ConnectionFrankincense, Rosemary

When to use them?

If you can, burn the incense on a Thursday, the day connected with Mars and its warrior energy. If you are going to use the incense for Morrigan as part of a spell in her name, you do so on the spell’s suggested day of the week or you could save the prayer for the next Thursday.

Do what you feel is the best option for you!

How to use incense?

Burning incense for Morrigan is so easy and it’s a beginner-friendly practice for newbies and baby witches as well! You can choose your favorite incense for Morrigan and then light it and let it burn when chanting a prayer for Morrigan or doing something honoring her name. That’s how straightforward it is!

Sticks or grains?

It’s your call! You can choose sticks or grains. I like sticks but it’s a personal choice. If you are into grains, use them!

Do I need a burner?

If you are going to use grains yes, an incense burner is a useful and important tool to burn your grains safely, but if you are going to use an incense stick, you only need an incense holder.

A prayer to chant while using incense for Morrigan

If you are into prayers you can chant these words out loud to let the incense for Morrigan enhance the energy between the two of you and absorb the vibes and the magic of the Goddess. You can also recreate your own prayer if you don’t feel in tune with this one!

“Morrigan, goddess of war
Your strength, your determination, your power
Might they bless my way
Might they bless my soul
Might they guide me towards the most powerful version of myself
You are the mother of all warriors
Make me become one
Blessed be”

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

When you are done using incense, you can dispose of the ashes in two ways: you can blow the ashes outside in nature or bury them in a field to let the incense get back to earth, which is its natural original source. This makes the final part of your ritual a chance to thank the earth for its gifts to you and your practice.

How beautiful is that?

Where can you buy incense for Morrigan?

You can buy it wherever you like, either online or at an herbalist shop. However, make sure you always choose natural, organic incense so its natural properties are intact. Burning low-quality incense can harm your health, so for the sake of your magic and your health, make sure you buy organic!

Tina Caro

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