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What Incense to Use When Working With Circe? (& How)

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you feel connected with Circe and you want to connect with this goddess and you don’t know how you can do so with incense! You are right if you don’t know which would be the perfect incense for her!

Read this article and find out with me which are the best incenses for Circe!


When working with Circe, a sorceress associated with magic and transformation, you can choose incense that aligns with her energies.

Consider Mugwort for divination, Wormwood for spiritual journeys, Lavender for enchantment, Cinnamon for seduction, and Jasmine for sensuality.

Rosemary and Patchouli can provide protection and grounding, while Sandalwood aids in focus.

Approach Circe with respect and clear intentions, tailoring your incense choices to your specific goals and practices within your tradition.

Utilize incense to enhance your connection with her mystical and enchanting nature.

Who is Circe?

Circe is a goddess of witchcraft. She is also considered a goddess of fertility and learning. If you want to learn more about her, check my article about her!

Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus. Oil on canvas, 1891.

Other incenses when working with Circe

These are some of the best incenses for Circe. Choose the one you prefer!


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Rue incense is created from its grass. It was considered that the grass could chase away and remove fear and that’s why in magic you put a rue twig in your pocket when you have to face situations of fear to feel braver and stronger.

According to popular belief, the houses in which rue incense is burnt are privileged and more open to absorbing certain notions and energies, making you experienced and highly skilled for what’s next.

If you burn incense sticks or grains in the corners of gardens, mice, snakes, and negative energies, such as witches and evil spirits, are kept away.

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Honey incense is all about abundance and sweet feelings. Its golden color evokes all sorts of things related to wealth and prosperity.

When we burn honey incense, we get ready to open ourselves up to sweetening the relationships in our life while we let positivity and nurturing vibes take over.

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Any green herb incense!

Circe was a green witch so you can rely on whatever incense you want as long as it comes from traditional herbal sources. This allows you to play around with natural green incense’s incredible energy and properties!

Why should I use incense for Circe ?

You should use incense to connect with her but also to let her energy and magic guide you during your practice.


Circe is a goddess of witchcraft, so using some incense in her name is helpful for your practice, as she will guide and support you. It can be any practice you like and you can choose any kind of herbal incense for this one!

Casting fertility spells

If you want to cast a fertility spell, make sure you use honey incense. This will help you a lot and bring all the right energies to your spell.

When studying magic!

Circe studied a lot! She educated herself in many different ways during her immortal life and gathered all the info she needed to create her own magic! If you are a beginner exploring magic, you might consider using peppermint incense to boost your focus and absorb all the lessons you will learn!

To customize your practice

In pair with using incense for Circe when studying magic, you can also use incense to boost your creativity when customizing your own spells and practices!

To cleanse and protect yourself

If you feel you need some protection, Circe can help you create a magical shield around you and your house. For this one, you might want to burn rue incense. Perfect to keep any negativity away!


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When to use them?

The incenses for Circe can be used whenever you need to cast a spell or do your witchy craft. Burn it on Monday, the best day for apprentices and to learn new stuff! Otherwise, if a certain spell or a ritual you want to cast needs to be cast on a specific day or lunar phase, go for it and burn it right before casting that spell or performing that ritual!

How to use incense?

Burning incense for Circe is pretty simple. You can choose the kind of incense you like and then you can light it and let it burn when chanting a prayer for Circe or when doing your witchy practices!

Sticks or grains?

I love sticks and for me, they work just great! But you should find your own favorite format for incense! So, if you want to use grains, you can definitely go for it. There is no right or wrong. You can do whatever you want!

Do I need a burner?

It depends! If you are going to use grains yes, an incense burner can help you burn your grains safely, but if you are going to use an incense stick, you only need an incense holder. I love wooden holders, but you can also use ceramic ones!

A prayer to chant while using incense for Circe

Prayers are so powerful, but to make them effective and to make sure Circe hears it, say them out loud with an open heart and mind. Commit to this moment of connection. Don’t be shy!

If some of these words don’t resonate with you and your relationship with Circe, that is fine!

You can create your own prayer if you like. I highly recommend for you do it as your personal touch would be very appreciated by Circe, as she spent her whole life creating new, personalized magic.

“Goddess Circe,
My guide,
My support,
Help me learn all I need to know to master the craft,
Let your energy be mine,
Let me become a master of the arts,
A powerful witch,
A vessel of Mother Nature to manifest its magic into the world,
Blessed be”

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How to get rid of sticks after a session is done?

After using incense, you can blow the ashes away or you can bury the ashes in a field to let the incense get back to earth. Do what you like and what makes you feel comfortable after closing the magical session!

Where can you buy incense for Circe?

I know that the first option you might consider is buying your incense online! Yes, you can find some great stuff online but watch out! Some products might seem amazing but then when you use them they simply won’t work! The incense may not be entirely natural, and it’s too processed to let the real energy for that resin or herb work.

I am not saying you can’t shop online! Just make sure you learn about the products and how they are created. If they are natural, go for it! Another option is to refer to a trusted herbalist of yours. They can guide you towards the best product for you and your witchy craft!

Tina Caro

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