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How to Get Rid of Demonic Spirits? [Important Tips]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Do you think you are dealing with demonic spirits and you want to get rid of them? Read this article and learn all you need to know about how to handle these draining entities and find peace and positivity once again.


Demonic spirits are believed to exist in various cultures and belief systems, often associated with negative energy and malevolence.

To protect yourself from demonic entities, use tools like protective crystals, herbs like sage, and symbols like pentagrams as defense mechanisms.

Getting rid of demonic spirits involves a multi-step process, starting with cleansing your space and yourself through rituals or smudging.

Maintain a positive and light-filled environment to repel negative energies, as demons are thought to thrive in darkness and negativity.

Prayer can be a powerful weapon against demonic entities, invoking divine protection and support to banish them from your life.

Demonic spirits around us

Sometimes it seems we are not ourselves. We act in a destructive or self-destructive way, we hurt the people we love or we lose patience uselessly with those we don’t love, we end up feeling bad… and it’s all due to exhausting anxiety and emotional instability. It’s all amplified and out of control.

It is so.

Sometimes we are right. We are not ourselves. Literally. We are prey to forces apparently greater than us. Let’s see what they are and how to get rid of them!

When the light is maximum it creates a very dark shadow.

It is when the forces of light take over that the forces of darkness are unleashed.

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Around us, a very subtle breath divides us from the most celestial realms as well as from the underworld. The afterlife is full of dirt. I am not an explorer of the dark, but I’m interested in knowing how it works. You have to know both the dark and the light. Without one, you cannot understand, find, or frequent the other.

astral projection demons

Andean shamanism speaks of heavy energies. There are subtler, lighter, more pleasant, and beneficial energies. And there are energies that are heavy, heavy to bear, and intoxicating.
Nature is made up of opposites that dance together.

Never before have human senses been open and spiritual communications are frenetic and at 360 degrees.

Everything is available to us, any kind of energy. Energy moves by resonance, by affinity. Every form of life has both light and shadow in it.

The war between good and evil on a cosmic level also occurs within each of us. Each of us actively participates in it, whether we know it or not.

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Protection tools and techniques

Protection Tools and TechniquesInterpretation/Explanation
Holy waterBlessed water used for spiritual purification and protection
Salt and sage cleansingPurifying space and removing negative energy
Protective crystalsCrystals with energetic properties to ward off negative entities
Sacred symbols and sigilsPowerful symbols or markings used for protection and banishing
Ritual banishing ceremoniesRituals performed to remove and banish demonic spirits

How to get rid of demonic entities?

The very first step: cleansing

Cleansing is the very first step to take to get rid of negative energy and make some room to start creating fresh, new, positive energy. You can cleanse your space with sage, you can smudge it, you can do cleansing rituals and cast protection spells. Do what’s best for you and for your specific situation.

Check out my articles about cleansing and smudging to learn how to do it!

Shed light by being positive

Treatment is simpler than a diagnosis. You may not be sure if you are free from interference. But, in any case, there are foolproof methods and do-it-yourself techniques to prevent and to cure.

The secret of these destructive forces is that they are stupid. Dealing with them is simple.

To push a state back from its borders would take bloody, endless battles. To evict those who have settled in our house would need some kind of exhausting and expensive procedures. To displace entities and spirits, it is enough to make the territory inhospitable.

If they no longer find any food there, they go to look for it elsewhere. Their food is negativity.

The concept is simple; the realization is not immediate and certainly not without costs and efforts. If we have parasites it is because we are keeping them.

Everyone has their own way. Unhealthy physical habits: smoking, drinking, taking drugs. Unhealthy emotional and mental habits: fear of the future, anger, egoic attitudes. Even communication with the spiritual spheres generally makes us vulnerable because spirits will try to make fun of our greed for knowledge and/or power and continually mislead us and make us unstable, anxious, and dependent.

As in the case of any disease, it is not necessary to remove the effects but it is essential to remove the causes and radically reclaim the land by changing ourselves, our worldview, ourselves, and our attitude.

It is not easy and requires willpower and clarity. In this case, it requires more of it than any test of life because the will and lucidity themselves are compromised. We must, as often happens, produce and pull out of ourselves resources that we do not have in abundance.

This is what darkness is for: to produce light.

Any dysfunction is a lack of love and light. The only method to prevent and to cure is to let love and light enter and let love and light come out of us. Be users and producers.

Dark has no hold on the light. It is not the darkness that obscures the flame of a candle but it is the fire that dispels the darkness.

Darkness is always in the service of light. And the will follows.

And coincidentally, according to many esoteric and medical traditions, fire is associated with the heart and love. It is the heat that generates life.

The flames of hell are cold, said Stuart Wilde, who, in life, had the hard task of exploring them, in astral travels and visions, in order to be able to talk about them with good reason.

Love has infinite forms and can be cultivated in infinite ways. In social commitment as in mysticism, in erotic love as in that for children or animals or for art or for nature.
Everyone has their own preferential ways and will feed according to their nature.

For your health and your balance, it would be good to practice several.


However, it seems that the most powerful and regenerating light is that produced by the invocation of the Spiritual Source which we feel as the highest power if we love it with all our heart.


Prayer, any kind of prayer, has an aligning and enthralling effect. Bring everything into the light. We rise towards the greatest good from a base of humility and goodwill, through a path of peace. Any darkness can be transcended, pushed away, or even transformed.

You can pray to God, to the Universe, to the Mother, to a saint… just send your prayers to a spiritual entity that makes you feel safe and that represents light for you.

You can even send your prayers to a spirit guide, to an angel, to someone you lost but you still feel next to you when needed.


If you do all this but you can still sense a demonic spirit around you and you need some help, don’t forget I can cast a cleansing and protection spell for you!

The combination of these two spells can be the best option to send negativity away and protect you from negative energy attacks.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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