Here’s How to Reverse the Spells [When, Why & How]

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By: Tina Caro

Have you tried one or more spells, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore? Do you think you’ve got the wrong target of your spell or have you just realized that what you wanted to accomplish is not really what you need? In these cases it is important to know how to reverse the spells!

Personally, it happened to me several times that I have had to reverse a spell, especially once when I tried a spell to let two people I knew. I was trying a love spell for them to be together. After casting it, I realized that I was making a big mistake! So I tried to run for cover.

Today I want to show you all the ways to reverse the spells. You will notice that these are really simple and easily practicable methods even for all those who are beginners with in our world of magic.

When should you reverse the spells?

I honestly believe that a spell must be lived from start to finish to work and for the message to be sent to energy and the universe. Often we decide to reverse the spells when the opposite of what we have asked for and what we want begins to manifest.

You might even realize that you did not perform the spell with the right commitment or that what you were doing seemed like a stretch. This can happen when you follow spells literally without personalizing them or carrying them out correctly or fully, without thinking about it too much and without really feeling the energy.

Finally, and not least, among the reasons that lead to reversing the spells there is also the possibility that the spell is no longer needed. In all these cases, perhaps it is the case of reverse the spells.

Before we continue

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How to reverse the spells?

I usually burn parts of the spell or the remaining ingredients. This is one of my favorite methods because I strongly believe in the purifying power of fire.

When I realize that I no longer want to continue and keep my commitment to the spell and I intend to reverse it, I perform this simple ritual.


  • White candle
  • A bowl
  • The remaining ingredients or parts of a previous spell you cast

How to perform the ritual:

The process is very simple.

Light the white candle and, with the flame, burn what remains of the spell and the remaining ingredients.

For example, if the spell included a note on which the name of the loved one was written, or you used rose petals for a love spell or something else, you can proceed by burning everything with the flame and letting it burn until it disappears and becomes ash in the bowl.

I recommend being careful when you burn these things and carrying out this procedure near a sink or have water at hand to avoid unpleasant accidents and consequences!

After the ritual, I go to the window with the ashes obtained and blow the ashes away in the air to release the energy and intentions that I had tied to these ingredients when I had decided to cast the spell. You can add a phrase like:

I undo what I did. I release the energy. I know so mote it be.

What if you change your mind about a spell you cast?

This is old magic my grandma practiced when she wasn’t sure about a spell she cast. It’s a great way if you are not that convinced about the spell or about your commitment to the practice but you don’t want to take any final permanent decision yet.

It’s very easy to do it! If you have any remain from the spell like candles, herbs, papers, sigils, and more just take a freezer bag, put everything inside and freeze them! This will pause your spell and will give you the chance to have some extra time to think about it and decide what to do next!

reverse spell bag
Freezer bag

You can keep things like that for up to 5 days, Then you should decide if you want to get rid of everything used in the ritual I listed above or, if you want to keep going to resume everything and maybe even performing the spell once again to establish and set your intuitions back again.

How to undo a spell?

This easy ritual is great to undo a spell if you think things are going bad for you and the energy is not working in your favor.

Things you need

A lot of white candles

Time: Start when there is a full moon, continue throughout the waning moon, until the new moon … Every day these gestures must be repeated:

You have to light the candle at the same time.

Leave an offer in a park, under a tree, to “cancel” and cancel the ritual performed.

Ask the Goddess to return things to their initial state, as they were before the rite.

Compose a small poem, simple, nothing special and repeat it three times in a row, every day. An example could be this:
“Goddess of heaven, the rite I made a mistake and now I understand it! The spell is canceled! Return Peace and Love to All Creation! “

Let the candle burn out, then throw it in the trash.

Check how things are going, then repeat for the next three waning moons.

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How to avoid drawbacks from a spell?

It happens very often to miss a spell, perhaps because of the haste to get results, because we were too angry, or because we have not assessed the consequences…

You also want everything immediately without knowing the other person’s real feelings.

Well, we said that no magic is done when:

  • we are sick
  • we are angry
  • we act for a pure profit
  • we want the person who is already happy with another

Then, the result will certainly be a great failure or there will be a serious return blow!

So it is better to think well, evaluate the pros and cons and do a round of cards, to ask the Universe if it is appropriate to do the ritual.

Often, what is good for us, it is not said that it is good for others. Keep this in mind, Keep it up the good work and embrace the more hidden intimate side of magic!

Tina Caro

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