What does ‘Mote’ Mean in a Spell? (Why is it Important?)

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you were working on some magic and suddenly you found the word “mote” in a spell, there are a few interesting things you need to know about this word, how to use it properly and why it is so important to have it in your magical practice. Today we are going to learn what “mote” means in spells.

Definitions of “mote”

A small particle or speck“Mote” can refer to a tiny particle or speck, symbolizing the focused essence of energy.
A fragment or traceIt can represent a fragment or trace of a specific intention or magical energy.
An element of invocation or conjurationIn spellwork, “mote” is often used to invoke or conjure the desired outcome.
A manifestation of spiritual or elemental energyIt can embody the spiritual or elemental energies being channeled in the spell.

What does mote mean in spellwork?

The word “mote” was originally a Saxon verb and it meant “must” or “may” and dated back to Ancient English. You would find in a at the end of spells in the phrase “So Mote it Be” or similarly at the end of prayers and as you might be guessing now, it means “so must it be”.

Focus and ConcentrationIncluding the term “mote” in a spell helps to focus the practitioner’s energy and attention on the desired outcome.
Precision and ClarityIt adds precision and clarity to the intention, ensuring that the energy is directed specifically towards the intended goal.
Symbolic Representation“Mote” symbolizes the concentrated essence of energy and serves as a potent representation of the magical intention.
Ritualistic and Traditional SignificanceThe use of “mote” in spells has a long-standing tradition in magical practices, adding a sense of authenticity and ritualistic significance.
Connection to Ancient and Folklore PracticesIt connects modern practitioners to ancient and folklore magical traditions, invoking a sense of continuity and lineage.
Table 2: Uses and Importance of “Mote” in Spells

It’s mostly used in Wiccan tradition and practice but you can also see it in other magical chants, invocations, and spells. “Mote it be” is a short, powerful sentence to seal a spell or prayer and to state to the universe and the deities your intentions.

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The power of words

“Words were originally spells, and the word has retained much of its ancient magical power to this day.” (Sigmund Freud)

I believe we would all think more carefully about what we said to one another if we treated words as if they were spells. Fear of doing harm would lead you to use them sparingly. Studies on the physical world and metaphysics are pushing us more and more to discover the energetic current that moves in space. By space, I mean everything that surrounds you and everything that travels in your body.

Space is subject to continuous frequencies moving in all directions. When we use thought we create a very subtle frequency.

When we speak we create a stronger frequency in space. Imagine the sound of your voice as a spark that creates a sort of energy wave that hits the person, the object, the city, the country. Anything is subject to absorb and react to the energy waves that arrive.

Think of those people who always complain that their love life is not good, that they are not good enough, and so on. They condemn their very existence to remain in the condition of discomfort by contributing to it with their complaints.


Using the right words in a spell or a prayer can make a huge difference to the outcome. After stating what we would like and what we are willing to do to make it happen, the magical sentence “So mote it be” can help us close the spell and let the magic take over. All this gathered in one short but powerful sentence, how amazing is that?

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Where does mote come from?

Today “So Mote It Be” is a short powerful formula for witches to seal their practices and to cast their spell like one final step to close it and let the magic do its work. It’s a projection of the witch’s intentions into the universe so her will might be fulfilled and manifested.

It’s like saying: “I did my best for this spell, the spell has been casted, my intention has been set, I am ready and open to watch it manifest.”

That’s how we use it today, but actually, the “mote” was something connected with an ancient sacred oath. Back in the days, in ancient times, some very primitive courts were established and summits took places in the forest under an oak tree.

The Mote was the name of the court and it was very important for the people connected with that to state their honesty in the court.

It was a way to say: “I meant what I just said, I am here being completely honest and with an open heart I am here to be respectful and faithful to what I just stated. “

Now imagine all this happening when casting a spell. We know how powerful words can be and when we do our magic we need to set our intentions in a very clear and powerful way.

After a spell, prayer, or any other practice that involves setting our intentions and relaying them to deities, stating “So Mote It Be” can be a perfect and powerful conclusion to help your spells come to fruition.

Tina Caro

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