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Nutmeg: Correspondences, Magical & Healing Attributes

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Written by: Tina Caro

Easy to find and fantastic to use, nutmeg is something that should not be missing on a witch’s shelf! Let’s learn more about Nutmeg Magical Properties and why it is so good for our craft!


In the realm of magic, nutmeg is particularly associated with enhancing one’s chances in job hunting, increasing luck in lottery endeavors, and drawing a man’s affection.

Beyond its mystical properties, nutmeg is known for its healing attributes, offering relief for conditions like rheumatism when used as a remedy.

Nutmeg’s magical attributes include correspondences with various elements, planets, and zodiac signs, making it a versatile ingredient for spellwork and rituals.

In the kitchen, nutmeg is a versatile spice that adds depth and flavor to a wide range of dishes, showcasing its dual role as a culinary and mystical ingredient.

What is Nutmeg?

Originally from Indonesia, nutmeg is a perennial plant whose fruit produces a hard grain covered with a membrane.

This grain is the spice we use so much in the kitchen, which is enough to scratch and add to any dish to give it a subtle and enjoyable taste.

However, the most crucial part of it are its various health benefits.

The name nutmeg is of medieval origin, dating back to when not knowing the background of the spice it was commonly called walnut with the scent of musk.

The first mention on the plant dates back, to the first century when Pliny the Elder in his writings spoke of a tree that had two distinct aromas – hot and spicy aroma and aroma that’s similar to a mix of cinnamon and pepper.

pliny the elder
Pliny the Elder

Although it was widespread in Arab markets for centuries, it became more popular in the sixteenth century, becoming one of the most sought-after spices in Europe.

In fact, so much so that it was the subject of bitter hostility among Western countries, which tried to win the trading monopoly.

Esoteric and Magical Uses of Nutmeg

Ruled by the planet Jupiter and the Fire element, nutmeg was considered to provide money, health, loyalty, and, therefore, has been widely used in good luck and health spells.

  1. An ancient spell indicates that to avoid and combat rheumatism, colds, neuralgia, and eye styes, it was necessary to make a necklace with nutmeg and star anise, and a person should wear it at all times.
  2. Even a nutmeg hanging on a thread around a child’s neck was believed to help him/her in the teething process.
  3. According to an old method used by European witches to cure warts for male patients, a woman should give them nutmeg, and vice versa. The patient should place the nutmeg in his/her pocket, taking it out occasionally to nibble on it. Over time, both nutmeg and a wart should get smaller and smaller.
  4. To increase your well-being, spread a pinch of crushed nutmeg on a green candle and then light it when there is a crescent moon, and it is in the astrological sign of Taurus.
  5. According to some gypsies, spreading some nutmeg on a lottery ticket, loading it for a day and one night will increase their chances of winning.
  6. The next spell, if done correctly, will keep the loved one away from cheating.With the leaf of your consecrated athame, split a nutmeg into four pieces. Offer a piece to Mother Earth, another to the winds, and another to the Fire element. Boil the remaining piece in a fully filled cauldron with water and then. Once cold, consume the water and carry the piece of nutmeg all the time as an amulet.
ProsperityUsed in money spells and abundance rituals to attract wealth, prosperity, and financial opportunities.
LuckCarries a reputation for enhancing luck and good fortune. It is often included in luck-related rituals.
ProtectionAssociated with protective energies, it is used to ward off negativity and provide spiritual defense.
Love EnhancementUsed to increase passion, romance, and love in relationships. It can be added to love spells or charms.
Mental ClarityNutmeg is believed to enhance mental clarity, concentration, and memory, making it useful for studying.
Digestive HealthTraditionally used for digestive issues, nutmeg is believed to aid in digestion and relieve stomach ailments.
RelaxationKnown for its calming properties, nutmeg can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and encourage restful sleep.
Healing RitualsNutmeg is used in traditional healing practices to address various ailments, including pain and inflammation.
Table 1: Nutmeg Magical and Healing Attributes

Special Spells with Nutmeg

For Good Luck (mainly if you’re searching for a job)

You should use three pieces of nutmeg, a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of cod liver oil, six tablespoons of honey, and a liter of water.

Add all ingredients to the water and boil it. Boil for 20 minutes on low heat.

Bathe with this preparation before an important appointment such as a job interview.

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To Attract Prosperity

If you want to attract prosperity to your home, grated nutmeg and a good amount of ginger should be placed inside an empty beer bottle.

Also, before leaving home, you can make a dip bath, to which you should add a little grated nutmeg.

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For Lottery

You must grate a whole nutmeg and then store it in a yellow bag which you must carry with you every time you place a bet or buy a lottery ticket.

If you are playing a lottery, you must write down the number on a piece of paper and then place it inside the same bag. It would be best if you did not separate from this bag when you sleep.

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To Attract a Man

If you want to attract a man, you can also use nutmeg together with two tablespoons of almond oil and the petals of three red roses.

The rose petals must be squeezed in a vessel containing 1 liter of water.

Then add the almond oil and ground nutmeg, boil for 15 minutes, remove from heat, and let it cool down. Bathe with this preparation just before meeting the man you want to attract.

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For Rheumatism

To make rheumatism (especially in the hands and feet) more bearable, do the following procedure.

With a ground nutmeg, seven cloves, a white bar of soap (natural, no smell), three cups of orange blossom water, two tablespoons of brown sugar, the juice of a lemon, and two egg whites.

Grate the white soap and place it inside a pot.

Then put the rest of the ingredients in a pot.

Mix everything and wash the body with that mixture (focus on your hands and feet) early in the morning.

Dawn’s Thoughts on The Nutmeg

The spice known as nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is the seed of an evergreen tree that is native to the Banda Islands of Indonesia, also known as the Spice Islands.

The covering of this same seed yields the herb Mace. It is now grown in parts of Malaysia, India and the Caribbean as well.


Nutmeg trees can be grown in Zones 10 and 11 as it prefers temperatures remain above 55 degrees F. It can be grown from seed, provided the seeds are fresh. They should be placed in a well-drained situation to prevent water-logging, but need to be watered frequently and not allowed to dry out.

A male and a female tree are necessary for the female tree to produce fruit. The male tree will not produce fruit but can fertilize several females.

It is impossible to tell whether a nutmeg tree is male or female until it reaches sexual maturity. It takes about 6-9 years for a nutmeg tree to begin fruiting and about 20 years to reach peak production.

The nutmeg tree bears small, fragrant yellow flowers closely followed by a peach-like fruit which splits and falls from the tree when it is ripe. The yellow skin can be used to make jams and jellies.

The bright red, lacy, waxy covering around the seed is laid out to dry in the sun and used to make mace and the seed itself must be cracked free of its protective shell and then grated to produce the spice nutmeg.

Nutmeg is best stored in a cool, dry place inside its shell. Stored this way it will keep for up to 30 years. Stored without the shell it will stay fresh for about 3 years. Ground, it begins to lose flavor immediately.

Obviously, it is impractical to attempt to grow nutmeg in most places, but it is readily available at the grocery store.

Magical Attributes of Nutmeg

A whole nutmeg seed can be carried to bring luck during all games of chance from cards to Bingo to roulette. This effect is greatly enhanced by creating an amulet of the seed by drilling a hole in the nutmeg and filling it with Mercury and then stopping up the hole with wax or glue or by carrying the seed wrapped in green cloth (or both).

Nutmeg can also be carried as a charm to encourage a favorable decision in court cases and success in other legal matters. Wrap it in a purple cloth or string it on a purple string for this purpose.

A Nutmeg in the pocket will also help to ensure good luck while traveling.

An old Creole spell suggests that sprinkling nutmeg in a woman’s shoe at midnight will encourage her to fall madly in love with you. Other ways of using nutmeg to encourage another’s love is to share a beverage flavored with nutmeg with them, or to wear a fragrance featuring nutmeg oil.

Nutmeg can be added to beverages drunk before meditation and divination to enhance clairvoyance and clear sight and to encourage visions. A massage oil containing nutmeg essential oil or nutmeg butter may also be rubbed into the temples for the same purpose.

Nutmeg essential oil is an ingredient in Money Drawing Oil which can be used to anoint candles and other items during spell work aimed at bringing money to the household.

Powdered nutmeg can also be added to money drawing powders which can be sprinkled over coals, candles, and other items during money-drawing spells.


  • Element: Air
  • Planet(s): Jupiter, Mercury
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Gender: masculine
  • Sabbat(s): Yule
  • God(s): Lugh, Danu, Cerridwen

Complementary Magical Herbs

  • Alfalfa, 
  • Allspice, 
  • Bayberry, 
  • Chamomile, 
  • Cinnamon, 
  • Irish Moss, 
  • John the Conqueror

Complementary Minerals


Household Uses of Nutmeg

Nutmeg butter can be extracted from the seeds. Simply break them up and cover them with water and simmer on a very low temperature overnight- a slow cooker is useful for this.

Then strain the liquid into a container, allow to cool and skim off the fat that rises to the surface. Use this as you would cocoa butter or as an aromatic balm, but be sure to test some on your skin first to make sure you’re not allergic.

Healing Attributes of Nutmeg

Use caution with nutmeg as it can cause hallucinations if used in large amounts and can be toxic. Doses larger than 1 tsp are not recommended. Pregnant women should not use nutmeg medicinally.

For the stomach: Nutmeg encourages the appetite and aids digestion. It reduces gas and excess acid and eases cramping associated with diarrhea, relieving many sources of stomach discomfort.

Nutmeg is calming and can help ease you into a gentle sleep. Try it sprinkled into a cup of warm milk sweetened with honey.

Nutmeg butter may be added to salves for the relief of minor skin irritations and for rheumatic rubs.

Complementary Healing Herbs

  • balsam, 
  • bay laurel, 
  • cinnamon, 
  • cardamom, 
  • cumin, 
  • lavender

Nutmeg in the Kitchen

Nutmeg is the nut of the nutmeg tree while Mace is the red covering of the nut.

Mace can color whatever food it flavors a bright orange. It has a subtler flavor than nutmeg.

Nutmeg has a stronger, sweeter flavor than mace. It is best purchased whole and prepared fresh with a nutmeg grater. One nutmeg will yield about 3 teaspoons of grated nutmeg and will stay fresh for about 3 years.

Nutmeg is popular in baked goods, particularly pies and is delicious in recipes featuring eggs, dairy products and yellow vegetables like squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes and also spinach, particularly if it’s creamed. Nutmeg should be used sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Nutmeg and mace are both used in haggis.

Nutmeg shells can be placed on the BBQ coals to add flavor to meats.

Nutmeg rind, often only available in tropical areas, can be used to make jam or jelly or sliced thinly and crystallized to make candy.

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